Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Hump Day, Bill works and Patsy Slacks Off

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
On Wednesday, Feb. 12th, we were up out of bed just after 6:30 to greet the day. Bill was in bed with me last night at 10 pm. Neither one of us could keep our eyes open any longer. As far as I know, we both had a good sleep. Bill had his coffee while I published yesterday’s blog post. Shortly after 7:30, we were headed out the door for a brisk, cool walk. 45F/7C maybe sounds warm to our friends and family back home but here it is still cool. Remember, our daytime highs range between 60 - 75F.

My sunrise picture did not turn out
so this is the first picture you get
These types of transportation always intrigue me
I was bundled in layers and had my hood up. We dropped Oreo’s bed off at Keith’s site and carried on walking. Just over a mile today, it was c-c-cold. We stopped at the clubhouse and Bill got some information he needed and we saw that they were advertising a potluck on Friday night for Valentine’s Day. That doesn’t really appeal to either of us but we’ll see what the rest of our group thinks.

I had my tea back home and settled in to reading blogs. It is looking like a lovely day headed our way today. Can you say warm? 68f and then warmer again over the coming days. I may get back in the pool over the weekend! We lingered a bit this morning after dishes, me with my book and Bill was involved with some banking and other little things. We had set up an appointment with Roberts RV & Wash for the end of this month to get both vehicles done. Since the truck accident, we’ve decided to cancel so Bill called this morning and took care of that.

Oh-oh, my first slipper project is showing wear
I've been wearing them for a good part of the last year so I'm not surprised
I'll be getting some wool out soon for a new pair
Around 11:15, I walked up to the puzzle room to see if the puzzle was finished. It wasn’t and surprise, surprise, Carmen was in there again. She was again biding time before heading out for the ladies’ lunch. Every Wednesday whoever wants to join the group, signs up and they go to a restaurant in the Yuma area. It doesn’t interest me. When I go out to eat, unless it is with close girlfriends, I would rather go with my hubby. That’s just me.

The completed puzzle
This was a challenge
Aha! It is not a sailboat! teehee
I told Bill that if the puzzle wasn’t finished, I would not leave until it was. And that is what I did. Kim popped in to pick up a book and we chatted for a bit. It sounds like Ken enjoyed himself as much yesterday as Keith and Bill did. That’s nice to hear. I walked back home around 1 and found Bill replacing the front right tire on the Suite with our spare. The spare tire has never been used before so even though not ‘new’, it is in excellent shape and within the 7-year date recommendation.

Bill was just finishing up with the installation of the spare tire
When he finished that, he crawled around and topped up the tire pressure on the other 3 as well. Before he finished and put things away, he got out his new battery tester from Harbor Freight and tested our two oldest Suite batteries. They needed a bit of water so he added what was necessary. Finally, he could relax and it was around 2:30 when we moved inside. The sun was quite warm outside on the patio so when Kim texted about H.H., we invited them down for 3:00.

He did a fair bit of crawling around checking things out
Around the same time, Keith texted to see where and when so we’ve got him on board for our afternoon meetings. Conversations were all over the place, as usual, but always a good time. We made some plans for tomorrow and said goodbye around 5. I had planned burgers and fries for supper but we waited until 6 to start cooking. It didn’t take long and we were eating our meal. I probably ate more than I needed but it was just the mood I was in. A fast food meal made at home. The fries were very good, done in Rosy, our air fryer.

Supper and it was good
Good night!
We watched some of our prerecorded programs and before we knew it, this day was soon done. I finished my post and enjoyed the rest of the evening with Bill. This was a quiet but good day for me and Bill accomplished a few things on his list. I hope you have had a fine day too.

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Your first picture reminds me of a friend of ours. They would go south every winter in their motor home. They pulled a full size truck. He built a lift/platform that lifted his boat to set above his truck. He was a very ingenious man.

  2. So I'm not the only one doing all these repair things! Your burger looks pretty delicious!!!

    1. Nope, you're not. And I'm just a spectator, on hand in case he needs my help. He seldom does!

  3. Good idea putting on the spare. Love the puzzle, does look like it would have been hard but very pretty in the end. Dinner looks yummy, gotta love a good burger! Sounds like a good day for you and a very productive one for Bill. :)

    1. It was a nice quiet day for me and Bill got a lot done. He was happy too. :)

  4. Funny, we had burger and fries for dinner last night. Oven baked fries for us. We had temperatures just above the freezing mark on Tuesday so I had planned to grill but something else came up so I didn't. Last evening it was -24C so no grilling either, just the fry pan.

    Temperature is definitely relative. While I would think 47F would be lovely especially this morning when we're sitting at -29C with windchills near -40, I'm know after a few days of heat it would feel chilly to me too.

    Have a great day!

    1. Burger and fries are still good even if the 'grilling' is done inside. Just messier! :)

  5. Just catching up on your posts. Sorry about Black Beauty but its only metal. They say the first dent hurts the most. Hope you get your tooth fixed successfully without having to spend all of the kids inheritance. Keep on having fun!!

    1. Thank you Lorne. It is only metal and fixable. Black Beauty has been in the shop before, our first year someone loved her so much, they drove into her in a parking lot down here! LOL
      Thanks for the good dental wishes, trying not to worry about it.

  6. Easy day and warming up as well. Glad you two have put your worries away for now and just relaxing. Black Beauty will one day be as good as new and tires are made to be replaced. All is good in the world as long as you have your health. Enjoy the day.

  7. I'm sitting in the airport in Phoenix and thought I would check out today's blogs since I have missed the last two weeks. Of course I was curious what I had missed when you said you were not going to get your truck cleaned because of the damage. How sad and although these things do happen, we have seen many trucks with damaged rails because of dropping fifth wheels, it's not easy to take when it happens to you :-( I am so sorry and sure hope it all works out well with your insurance.