Sunday, February 23, 2020

Chore Day and Ice Cream Rewards

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
Sunday, Feb. 23rd was another funny morning. I was awake at 4:30 and then 5:30 but dropped back off. Bill was in bed those times when I woke. Then, next it was 6:30 and he was downstairs and had pretty much finished his coffee. Just when I thought I'd not get any more zzz's, I was asleep again. I didn’t go downstairs right away, instead I pulled the dirty clothes out of the bag and began sorting. I wanted to get up to the laundry room at 7 for a good run at it.

Many people have left the park which was probably the main reason that the laundry room was all ours for the whole 2 hours we needed it. We drove up, loaded the washers and drove back together. In 30 minutes, I made my tea then and walked a bit around the park on my way back up to switch the 2 loads over to dryers. Then I worked on the puzzle next door with Carmen until it was time to fold. I walked back to say goodbye to Keith and saw Bill with the truck already there.

outside the laundry room, there is a nice open court
area to wait (if you're not a puzzler)
Even a pretty place for the birds
We folded the clothes together and drove back home to put things away. Big sigh. It isn’t a hard job but it is a nice job finished for another few days. I’ll do sheets and towels on Friday before our departure from here. This will be a busy week; we’ve planned it that way with our friends but hope to squeeze a quiet day in there somewhere. Bill made himself a second coffee and I started my post before hopping into the shower.

Keith is getting ready to leave
And as he drives by on his way out,
we caught a picture as we waved
Bill got out the vacuum after sending an email to our gal, Peggy, back at CanAm, regarding the toilet replacement. We had mini sausages and eggs around 11:30 after I’d gone up to finished the puzzle. Carmen kindly left me the last 15 pcs. in the area I was working. I know she did that on purpose. 

This was the last puzzle I chose but I didn't do too much on it
after the border
I got another one out to work on this week in my spare time. Hahahahaha. After we’d eaten and done dishes I rode my bike up again to work on it. K & K were doing their own laundry so took turns coming into the puzzle room. Ken helped, Kim chatted. 😆

This is the new one I chose today
Looks like fun!
I made some progress in a short time
On the way back home at 1:45, I picked up a schedule from the office and was reminded of ice cream today at 2. I’d forgotten so I pedaled fast to get home and get our bowls. Bill didn’t remember either but we were keen on going for our last one. Barb, Mary and Gordon were there, as usual, but they would not let us pay. The single scoops turned into huge ones with all the toppings. We tried to leave a donation but they said they had ice cream to get rid of. It was a very special gesture for our last Ice Cream Sunday.

Happy Hour
We walked back for a few minutes and then put our drinks in the cooler to take for Happy Hour. Just pop and water for us today, the ice cream has filled us up. It is a windy afternoon again but not as bad as it was earlier. We aren’t complaining at all, that full sky of sunshine is so warm. Doug met us at Kim and Ken’s and we had a nice visit until 5 o’clock. I was feeling sleepy for some reason and so we broke up the ‘party’ and walked back home. Keith, you were missed today, just so you know.

This was 1 scoop - Barb got very generous
Bill turned the final 45 minutes of a movie on so I took my book upstairs. I need no distractions when starting a new book especially. I read the prologue and chapter 1 of Trial by Fire and then my eyes drooped. I rolled over on the bed facing the window and dropped off for a few minutes before going down and starting supper. Tonight, it is spaghetti and meatballs in Madame IP.

I had to go the bedroom window to catch tonight's sunset
over the trailers in storage
I sautéed the meat, added liquid, added halved noodles, mushrooms and sauce on top. I did not stir. After 8 minutes of cooking, I did a Manual Quick Release and lifted the lid. The smell was awesome all through the time and when I lifted the lid, it was even better. Let me remind you that when I made supper with these Italian meatballs before, Bill wasn’t a fan. I cooked them in the air fryer and they were spongy.

Tonight's supper was wonderful
The meatballs were cut into 4 pieces
Tonight, cooked in the sauce, from frozen, they almost doubled in size and tasted so much better. Supper was wonderful and we have enough left over for one more meal. We cleaned up the dishes while watching American Idol, which was very entertaining. This was a pretty good day. The laundry got done. The Suite got vacuumed and we had a fun afternoon with our friends at the social and at Happy Hour. I even got some puzzle time in!

Remember I told you that Donna had a nice visit with Mom yesterday?
Here she is, telling her babies to go to sleep
I love this picture and feel much better
Thank you everyone for the prayers, we've realized that Mom
will have many ups and downs these days

Good night!
Thank you for popping in.


  1. What a cute picture of your Mom. So special. I hope she is doing well.
    You have so many good ideas for Madam IP. I gotta try some of them. Thanks for sharing.
    The crowd is dwindling at HH. Hope your last week there is fun.

    1. Thanks Dave. That picture is an 'aww' one for sure! :)
      I just google what I want to make and then copy/paste it to a document in a recipe file. If it doesn't work, I either change it or delete it! haha
      Yogourt has been my only failure and that was because I didn't pay close enough attention to the details! lol
      The HH crowd is certainly smaller, surprising that we still find so much to talk about!

  2. I haven't tried spaghetti in my IP yet. It sure looks delicious! Sad everyone is leaving, but I guess it's getting to be that time of year already. There's so much more to see!! Those puzzles you pick look crazy hard to me. I actually do them on my phone. I don't lose the pieces that way.

    1. I have better success in my IP than I ever did in the oven so I'm thrilled!
      It sadly is getting to be that time of year. The last puzzle was crazy hard but this one is much easier.
      Rob does his puzzles on his phone daily too. :)

  3. I love that puzzle, would look so nice framed and hanging on a wall. Can't wait to see what you have planned with friends this week :) Love the pic of your mom :) Ice cream looked yummy too. I'm sure you guys will miss Keith. Haven't had spaghetti and meatballs in a long time, but yours looks awesome! Some days are like that, a nap is needed! Enjoy

    1. Isn't that a pretty campfire picture? It is huge so would look great on a large wall.
      I love Mom's picture too, a keeper. Bill will miss Keith especially, we will see him at Lake Havasu so that is good.
      Supper was good even though I had the noodles.

  4. It's so good to hear that your mom is doing better and the picture of her is awesome! We haven't had spaghetti and meatballs in the IP for a very long time. I need to get a bag of those meatballs - they are a treat. I love the "boatyard" puzzle.

    1. Thank you Cheri. With her dementia Mom doesn't even know she has 'bad' days so that is a blessing, really.
      The puzzle has larger pieces and will be done in no time but I like pictures like that to work on.

  5. Your Mom looks very happy with her babies. It really is hard to see our loved ones get older and have so many issues. There is always a puzzle on a table up at the clubhouse but I'm terrible at finding even one piece that fits.

    1. Mom looks so pretty in her pink too. It is hard to know she is failing and then in a pix like this, hard to believe she is 'sick' at all.
      As you know, I love the puzzles almost to the point of addiction. "One more piece before I go back!" haha

  6. Good to hear your mom is still caring for her babies. That's quite the scoop of ice cream!

  7. A thousand piece puzzle to do in one week will keep you busy for sure. Hope your mom will hang on and have many more happy days in the retirement home and for you to go visit her. Guess they know at PK your love of ice cream and rewarded you.