Monday, February 17, 2020

Taking Care of Business, Bocce Ball, Visit with Friends, Quiet Evening

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
I was up out of bed at my normal time on the holiday Monday, Feb. 17th. I sat quietly downstairs with my book until Bill came down for his coffee. It was mild overnight so no need for heat this morning. At 7:30, we went for our walk. The daylight is starting earlier now which is a sure sign of longer days. It was a warm 57F with little to no wind as we walked the perimeter of the park. Back home, my creamy tea tasted very good.

We headed out along the back row past the White Lion
There were no issues with my gums overnight but I will continue to pop the antibiotics until they are done. I don’t want any problems by stopping too soon. We sat at our laptops and I read blogs while Bill checked out the prices of a new toilet online. Camping World is the best deal although it means ordering one in and waiting for it. Being a Good Sam member helps a lot and we got $30 off the sale price. So, we ordered it and will hope it is delivered here sooner than the suggested delivery date of Feb. 25. 

Sunrise today
Today is Monday, bocce ball day so at 9:15 I walked up to play. Bill was undecided when I wrote this so I left without him. It was a gorgeous day, the nicest yet at this time of the morning. There were16 players plus Gordon and Barb, the scorekeepers, so we switched between two courts. I think I only played 3 games this morning, not a winner on any, but at 11 I was ready to go home. I needed to take one of my pain pills as I was feeling a bit of discomfort in the socket.

Across from the park, another view of the sun
Back home, Bill was reading outside and when we came in, I made us sausages and eggs for lunch. At the same time, I boiled 6 eggs in Madame IP – 5, 5, 5 – and let them sit in ice water for the last 5 +. After dishes, I blended my cream cheese and heavy cream and added it to the raspberry Jell-o that I made up yesterday. We needed some no-cal, no-sugar desserts in the fridge again.

Lunch went down very nicely
Bill went upstairs to lay down and I sat in my chair with my book to let the pain meds work. After Bill got up to work on his model, I wanted to see Doug’s White Lion so wandered down the back row to his site. I also wanted to tell him that we wouldn’t be around for Happy Hour today. As it turned out, he must have got results from his phone calls about a bad tire. The White Lion was gone but his Jeep was still there. That can only be good news for him.

Ocotillo with some lingering blooms
on the top tendrils
I walked around the park a bit before heading back. I sat outside with my crochet bag and worked away on my slippers. It was very hot but it still felt wonderful. Around 2, I came inside and we put our drinks in a cooler. Bill had our bag chairs in the back of the truck already and at 2:30, we drove to pick Kim and Ken up with their chairs etc. Today, we drove to Westwind RV Resort in the Yuma Foothills to visit Jo-Anne, Bob and Higgins.

Higgins was just as cute as ever and very good today
They were expecting us and Jo-Anne and Higgy were waiting outside. We all had a nice catchup chit chat until 5 and talked about our plans after Yuma. It sounds like we will all be going together as far as Lake Havasu and that will be fun. We drove back the long way, stopping at Fry’s grocery store for fuel. For some unknown reason, Bill wasn’t offered the discount on fuel but at least it wasn’t a full fill so it wasn’t too disheartening.

Happy Hour this afternoon
Ken, Bob, Bill, Kim, my chair and Jo-Anne
Higgins sleeps in the middle
 Back home, we stopped to make arrangements with Keith for an outing tomorrow. We will be gone for the full day but you’ll have to check in tomorrow night to see where we’re going. For supper, our original plan went out the window as it was 6 pm and neither of us felt like cooking fish tonight. Instead, Bill had a toasted grilled cheese and tomato sandwich. I needed something softer so had rye bread fried in butter with cheese, onion and tomato. It was delicious!

It was nice seeing this little guy again
We've been seeing a lot of these lately
 There was a bit of apple crisp left that we polished off with a tad more ice cream. Now it is gone. While Bill did dishes, I made up some egg salad sandwiches. The eggs turned out perfectly, very easy to peel. I sat at my laptop and worked on my posting for today. We had a few programs to watch tonight so Bill went to work on the pvr. We decided what to watch and what to record for later. We settled on watching America’s Got Talent Finales. No reveal here though. I can say that we're happy with the results.

And the sun prepared to drop below the horizon
as we were driving home
 It has been a good day, playing some bocce ball to start and visiting our friends in the afternoon. Slowly but surely, my mouth is improving. I hope you’ve had a great day. Tonight, I’m going to sit with Bill and enjoy the evening.

Looking out our door at the sunset
Good night!

Thank you for your visit!


  1. Sounds like you have been having a good time enjoying the days as they go by. Nice to get out and visit friends. Glad to read that your tooth extraction went off without a hitch and seems to be healing nicely. Sorry to read about your toilet, hopefully it arrives sooner then predicted. Take care.

  2. Ahhh Higgins is such a cutie. Love seeing him in the hammock. I'm glad your tooth is doing well. Keep taking those antibiotics until they are completely gone!!! The good news is I KNOW Bill can install the new toilet, so saving you bucks there!! Enjoy the warm weather!

  3. Excited to see what your outing is today! How great to go over and visit JoAnne and Bob! Before you know it y'all will be heading east, so it's great to be enjoying it all now! It is too bad about the toilet, but at least you don't have to pay for the install. Glad your mouth is doing ok and soon will be back to normal. Cute pic of you and Higgins :)

  4. FYI - I don't know how close you looked at your toilet before purchasing - specifically the seat. We had to replace ours two or three years ago. Our new toilet had a seat with several small sections all around the bottom that make it difficult to clean in comparison to what we had, and also does not have the support that our original seat had. One of those thin little plastic sections has already broken a bit. If it's not too late you might want to check that out. I hope yours is much better.
    We've looked many places to try and find one to replace the entire seat and lid, with no luck - due to the way they attach to the back of the stool.

  5. Sorry I missed your visit, but you're right I had very good luck with getting the flat tires fixed. Only needed stem extensions replaced on the rear inner tires and I was out the door. Glad you were able to visit friends across town and give that little Higgins some sweetness. Such a cutie! Good luck with the delivery. Hope it goes quickly and smoothly.