Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Let’s Do It Again!

Winterhaven, CA
Tuesday, Feb. 4th it was almost a repeat of yesterday. The temperature drop was about the only thing different. It was a chilly 43F when I headed out for my walk around 7:30. Can you say ‘brisk’? It felt good though, I know there is no snow on the ground to slush through and no ice. The winds were 6 mph but I was bundled with a neck scarf and my hoody up over my ball cap. I’d washed and put my face on before coming downstairs so I was almost ready for our adventure today.

Today, was another trip back to Los Algodones for Bill’s next and last appointment. This time, we will be five. Kim and Ken are joining us this trip so that will be fun too. We each had some cereal, brushed our teeth and were out the door by 8:30. I opted to wear my long heavy coat this morning because of the coolness. 

Dr. Jose Hernandez and Dr. Eva Urena's courtyard and offices
We parted ways with Bill and he went to see Dr. Hernandez and the rest of us wandered. I was on another mission for more goodies and so was Kim. We had fun! Even Keith walked away with things ‘he doesn’t need’. 😊

Kim and Ken in the courtyard
When it was close to 10, we walked back to see if Bill was done and sat outside in the sunshine. One of the best parts of the day was when Bill walked out of the endodontist’s office. He told us that he didn’t need a crown on the new root canal tooth. Yippee! That means a savings of $300 for us. 

Keith after a morning of shopping
I did a little jig and we all decided to go to the Yellow Courtyard (we don’t know the name of it) for lunch since it was almost 12 o’clock. We got a table in the sun and soon warmed up, being protected from the wind.

Menu choices 

Omelette with Ham, rice and beans
After we finished our omelettes, mine with ham and Bill’s with bacon, I walked over to the salon and got a 2" trim. Ken joined me at the same salon but he wasn’t pleased with what the barber did to his hair. I was pleased with the gal I had and gladly paid her $6 fee plus a tip. It felt better and I’m sure looks much neater too. My only requirement was that it was long enough for a ponytail and that turns out to be the case.
The 'required' hair cut picture
We made our way back through the vendors and lastly said goodbye to Andy, our ‘greeter’. No problem at the border, as usual, after about 40 minutes in line and we walked back to Black Beauty together. We were home lickety-split and Ken and Kim invited me along for their trip into Yuma’s Goodwill store. Today is senior’s day so I was game to go. They picked me up soon after and Kim and I perused the dvd’s, books and kitchen ware. I found a package of Magic Bullet accessories and knew that I would use the larger 2 (3?) cup sized container. Miami Vice? 😊

In the line up to cross back into the U.S.
We had invited the gang back for an indoor Happy Hour again because of the wind and I told Keith that Oreo was welcome. She had a harder time settling down today but likely because she’d been alone all morning. Understandable. Eventually, she let Keith know that she wanted to go outside and she was calmer, tied to the truck bumper. This was quite a conversation, from antique and vintage sales, to old sayings we learned from our Dad’s to former work-day grief. We’re all grateful to be retired.

Keith had 2 license plates painted from the silhouette
picture I took of them flying
He gave one to Bill as a thank you for helping him this winter
Marlon is so talented
They left around 5:30 for supper, although most agreed it would be a small meal. Bill and I will be having leftover chili on toast. I may skip the toast but I may not. Bill discovered that because of the State of the Union on tv tonight, none of our programs are new tonight. That’s okay, I have a blog to finish and we have a few recorded shows to watch.

This day was another busy one but I wouldn’t change it for the world. A little more warmth is on its way tomorrow. Have a good night!

Good night!
Thank you for stopping in!


  1. Ok Ok I got the dig about the REQUIRED hair cut photo. I will not forget the next time. Nice hair by the way. Awwwww what a nice thing to do with the licence plate. Continue having fun ok?

    1. Ha ha good!! Your name ALMOST got mentioned under the hair cut photo but I was trying hard to be nice. :D

  2. Your hair looks great and for $6? That's awesome! The license plates are really cool and what a nice gift. I do love their rice and beans. How come it's so different than what we can get here??

    1. Thank you Nancy. Amazing what a little trim does!
      The plates look really good and it was very nice of Keith. :)
      I love their omelettes and you get salsa and chips plus toast or tortillas all for $6 as well. LOL

  3. Good tip on Goodwill Tuesdays for Seniors! I'll have to remember that. I've found some good buys there.
    I love the license plate, what a wonderful keepsake! Such a nice gesture from your friend.
    Great news for you and Bill of "No Crown Needed"!!!
    Nice hair cut. Our friend went to one of the barbers while in MX on Monday. He wasn't very happy with his either. When I saw the large bare spot just below his ballcap in the back I could see why. I'm not sure how they did that but it was bigger than a quarter sized spot. Too bad it wasn't under his ballcap since he wears one all the time.

    1. Bill won't go to that barber and now Ken won't either. The lady who did mine, did it last year and did Bill's. She does a nice job on men's hair too.

    2. Bill won't go to that barber at all. Rob got a bad haircut last year and now Ken. My gal is who Bill chose last winter.
      Goodwill has a lot of stuff and is pretty well organized (except the books and dvds! - not in alpha order which drives me nuts!)
      It was a very kind gesture for Keith to give Bill the plate. :)

  4. That license plate is gorgeous, what a sweet thing of Keith and kudos to you, you took the picture. I remember Keith saying how much he liked that picture! Us too! Sounds like a great day and then over to Goodwill! I love looking through the stuff. Your hair looks awesome, of course it always does :)

  5. That license plate is wonderful! You have a great group of friends.

    Enjoy the warmer weather.

  6. Sure glad you started the day with your face on. :)) lovely gift for Bill. Such nice friends. If I make it out next year I'll have a passport. Love to go with you guys to Mexico. It would be fun. And hopefully keep me out of trouble.

  7. Nice hair cut. Looks like Keith was having a great time. Wonderful idea of the photo painted on the plate, very nice. Looks like you all had a great time. Hopefully it warms up again soon.