Wednesday, February 19, 2020

A Day Off, The Pool, Bill Helps a Neighbour, Lazy Times

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
Wednesday, Feb. 19th already. Where has this month gone? Well, we should know, we’ve been busy enough! Bill woke and got up ahead of me today and it was closer to 7 when I joined him. We sat together and read a few blogs. I was biding time to go walking while he finished his coffee. At about 7:45 we went for our walk. It was later than usual which means I was getting hungry (well, thirsty for my fat-filled tea).

I know the sun is in those clouds somewhere

This was the kapop I was looking for
We stopped to chat with Keith’s park neighbours, from Wasaga Beach, Ontario and it was a nice chat but after 15 minutes, I was impatient and whispered to Bill “Let’s go”. We didn’t finish the full gamut of our walk because at that point, I just wanted to get home. Such a party pooper, eh? Once I got my tea and took my vitamins and other pills (I feel like I’m taking a lot right now), I was good to go.

Bill worked on his model car for a bit
Around 9, Bill had gone out to fly with Keith but I didn’t follow. I sat and read my book, finishing my tea. At 10:30, I started breakfast of bacon and eggs and we both took care of cleaning up the dishes. We’d noticed that our slide out tray under the buffet cupboard was getting really stiff. A few days ago, 3 of the small ball bearings dropped out of the track so we knew something was up. Today, Bill pulled the drawer out completely and began to see what the problem was.

The drawer has been removed, as have all the ball bearings
This tray holds our toaster, Keurig and Madame IP and there is an outlet on the back wall to plug a couple of things into. It is a fair-sized tray and built of solid cherry so it isn’t that they are too heavy. 

These are the items that go on the drawer
I chased a couple of bearings around the floor with my handy extension magnet and Bill realized by that time that the metal track was bent. He’d gone out to get vise-grips when he heard the lady across the lane call out ‘fire!’ He wasted no time in running over, asking the appropriate questions and unplugging their fifth wheel from power.

I cleaned the drawer off and Bill replaced it
With some bending and ball bearing replacement, Bill worked on the track

Jim also hurried over to offer assistance. An electrical cable from the slide-out got caught, causing a short, hence causing it to spark. The owner was grabbing the fire extinguisher but didn't know how to operate it. Bill did that for him. Luckily, not much was required. Jim and Bill did some quick thinking, changed a couple of things so it shouldn’t happen again, and they were on their way. They were in the process of hooking up so we know what that is like when you have a plan. They were very appreciative and Bill left them with one of our cards.

The fire is out

Jim and Bill stepped in to help our an rv'ing neighbour
Back home, Bill finished bending the track and between us we replaced the bearings and the drawer now works great again. The track was indeed bent and that is why the bearings came out and why it was stiff. All better now! I had had my shower when he was flying and had put my bathing suit on when I dressed. At 12:30, I headed up to the pool for a couple of hours. It is a perfect day for it. 81F in the forecast and it was already 73F. Yes! (hand pump in the air)

This is the kind of week we're in for
Before going into the pool area, I stopped to see the puzzle. Carmen and whoever else have been working like crazy. A lot has been done and I was sad that I’ve missed doing it. I sat and put in about 15 pieces before slipping through the gate into the pool area. Can you believe it? I was the only one using the pool today. There were a couple of people, who I have dubbed Mr. & Mrs. Chatty Cathy, sitting in the shade on their laptops using the park’s free wifi.

I wasn't kidding, there was no one else in the pool
Nothing wrong with that but once the ‘missus latches’ on to you for conversation, it is hard to get away. So, I chose my chair and pretended I didn’t see them. I wasn’t being rude, persay, just indifferent. They were busy anyway. I sat for a while until I was hot and ready for a dip. The water was lovely and after a few laps, I stretched out in a lounge chair. That’s the first time this winter when I didn’t feel chilled after getting out of the pool. 😊

Around 2:15, I walked back and Bill and I got our Happy hour cooler prepared. We met at Kim and Ken’s where Doug and Keith joined us on cue, or so it seemed. We covered ground on many things today but I won’t mention them. Sometimes what happens at H.H. stays at H.H. We had a good time, visiting with each other until around 5 or so. I think it was closer to 5:30 when Bill and I left after we made plans to go along with K & K to the AZ Market tomorrow afternoon.

Happy Hour, fun in the sun
Back home, Bill didn’t feel hungry, yet I knew I needed to eat something. It was easy to make a grilled cheese, tomato and onion sandwich so that was what I had. Fried up in the pan made it mostly soft but crunchy around the edges. I’m okay now with chewing some harder food items. The gap in my mouth is fine but I seem to be nipping the inside of my mouth in that area. I need to be more careful and continue to chew on the other side for a while longer.

Quick, easy supper for me
My sandwich was good and by 7, Bill felt like something simple too. There was egg salad left so he made himself a sandwich too. We each had some ice cream but only a scoop for me with choke cherry jelly. Yum! We watched some of our recorded programs while I wrote today’s post and he worked on his model. This was a good day and the weather was perfect. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day.

Good night everyone!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. I am envious of your perfect pool weather. It is, however getting nearer, and nearer to spring. Bring it on Mother Nature! We had a cold windy day today with some new snow falling. We really can't complain. Our winter hasn't been that bad.

    1. You know me, love the heat! It's true that your winter isn't that bad and only a month until the official arrival of spring - whatever that means in Ontario!! haha

  2. So I'm wondering if our "fires" happened at the exact same time?? LOL Lucky for them you guys were next door!! I do know the Chatty Cathy type ... I would have done the same thing. Lucky you guys can enjoy the warm. It's still chilly here, enough for jeans!!

    1. That's weird about the fires! Yes, Chatty Cathy has turned into more trouble than I first thought. A story for another time. LOL
      We are enjoying this heat.

  3. Good thing Bill is very handy around the house. Nice that they were able to help the people across the way with the fire. Your grilled cheese looks very yummy and so does the ice cream! Beautiful temps yesterday afternoon, haven't seen that warm since last summer. Sorry we were late getting in and missed HH. Hopefully this afternoon. I sent a message on FB :) Enjoy your day!

    1. Thank you for the comment. We've sure had some lovely hot weather. I'm glad you are getting it too. :)

  4. That's the nice thing about the RV world, people are willing to jump in and help when you run into trouble. I'm glad you were able to sit around the pool and enjoy yourself without Mrs. Chatty bothering you :-)

    1. Thank you, yes, we are all in this together, aren't we?
      The pool sitting was wonderful!

  5. Such a nice day for a dip in the pool. I think we all have days when being alone with our thoughts is much more relaxing than trying to be a part of a conversation. You handled it well. :)) Another very warm day is upon us and hope you have another enjoyable and relaxing day.

  6. Ah, the pool! It sounds like a lovely way to spend a couple of hours. Enjoy!

  7. Good that Bill and Jim were able to help. Always nice to know what you're doing with a fire extinguisher.
    WE too have a drawer with less than the optimal amount of bearings. I have the replacement slides waiting to be installed in the next day or so. Glad you were able to enjoy the pool.

    1. Hopefully our slide drawer holds until we can purchase replacement slides. Like back home, hopefully. :)