Friday, February 7, 2020

Arizona Market, S/W Exchange and Dentist Appointment Made

Winterhaven, CA
I can’t believe that I slept in until 7:30 on Friday, Feb. 7th! I knew I saw 5 am but then nothing for an hour and a half. Bill was already downstairs drinking his coffee. He greeted me with “Good morning, sleepyhead”. I deserved that but I must have been tired. The night and early morning was filled with dreams, I just can’t remember details.

My first picture today is of the Arizona Marketplace sign
We were there by 5 minutes to 9
There was no time for a walk this morning so after my tea, we left the Suite at 8:30 to pick the ‘kids’ up. We were all going to the Arizona Market today. I guess it is true, there IS no rest for the wicked! Ha ha Once at the market, Kim and I wandered together and left the guys to do their own perusing. I didn’t buy much but I did pick up the bicycle basket I’d seen before. It was a great price and I couldn’t pass it up. It will have to come off each time we pack up to move but it just slips over the bars. No need to screw it in place.

The kitchen store is in this mall
Kim found some sweet deals and came home with some nice things in the clothing category. 😊 She is so petite that anything looks good on her, in her colour tones. I’m sure she’d look great in my shades too but ‘it isn’t me’, she says. When we left the market, Keith with a chair under his arms and Bill with new wheel covers for the Suite, we drove to Southwest Exchange. I wanted to kick up their 20 cm copper frypan that I’d seen for under $10. Got that and I was a happy camper!

When we returned, we noticed the couple from across the lane
were packing up to leave
We'd really just gotten to talk with them a bit ago
Bill and Cheryl live in Elephant Butte, NM and were heading home to
some nice weather
Hopefully, we'll meet again next winter
Lastly, Kim and I took a saunter through the Kitchen Store (although it isn’t called that). It is very pricey but fun to walk through anyway. The owner is an elderly gentleman and a very polite one. One last stop at Fry’s for milk and we were headed home. It was 12 noon when we pulled in and I immediately shed a layer and walked up to the clubhouse to sign us up for 5$ burger night. 

Brunch in the new copper pan
I used my new frypan to cook bacon and eggs and after dishes, we crashed. Bill stretched out in his chair and after starting my post, changed into shorts and took my blanket for the lounge chair and book outside. Aaah. Beautiful day! No wind and a lovely 68F/20C going up to 75F today. I relaxed outside and an hour later, I had to turn my chair so as not to face the sun. It was hot! It is amazing how 72F feels more like 80 down here.

My new bike basket
At 3:00 we walked up to the Wilson’s site for Happy Hour with our cooler of drinks, our chairs and our dishes for supper. Keith arrived a bit later and we chatted it up in the partial shade until it was 4:30, time to walk to the clubhouse for Burger night. I had ordered a hot dog tonight and took a chance on getting the bun. I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to eat it on the left side of my mouth so took a knife in preparation of having to cut it up on my plate.

5 of us waiting for our table number to be called
As it turned out, I did fine. After a couple of bites, the rest was easy. They had macaroni salad, not my favourite, so I passed on that. Instead, I had lettuce, pickles and tomato on my plate and then a chocolate brownie for dessert. It is never too much food, but enough to fill us at the same time. We walked back together and said goodbye to Keith and then Ken and Kim on our way.

Another nice $5 meal
At home, I sat and worked on my blog post. Bill and I found an interesting program last night about a Dr. who helps people with skin problems. It isn’t pleasant but it is reality and for the time being, we are caught up in it. It is pretty amazing what can be done with deformities. 

Walking back from the clubhouse
The rest of the evening was pretty quiet between tv and our books. This was a great day with more relaxing than the previous week. We are happy that tomorrow and Sunday are days with nothing planned. I’m hoping to just get really lazy.

Over the fence, the sun sets

And the sunset through the fence
I like this picture better
 I have my appointment made for Dr. Eva and have a week to bide my time before I go. I just want to baby it a bit until then, by chewing on my left side. I hope many of you’ve had the nice weather in your neighbourhood too. There is more coming!

Our site from the west
with the moon in the clear blue sky behind us
Good night!
Thank you for your visit today. We are doing great!


  1. It sounds like you enjoyed two fun days. The weather was very nice and the sun wonderful I actually moved inside at one point for a bit because I felt to Much better then moving in because of the cold...:) I am with you a lazy weekend sounds wonderful. Enjoy!

    1. We did but we're not young anymore and I'm feeling kapooped! :)
      I agree, better to move inside because of heat that cold.
      Lazy bones, here I come!

  2. Relaxing sounds so inviting. I hope your tooth holds up till your doctor's appointment. Soon, every day will be warm and I think I'm ready for it.

    1. You've been really busy too, you'll be needing a rest soon.
      Loving the warmth for sure. Talk of rain early in the week but we'll see if it pans out.

  3. I love love my copper pan. I'll have to find that kitchen store next time I'm there. Hope your tooth gets fixed quickly and painlessly!!!

    1. The copper pan was so inexpensive and I needed a small one.
      Thank you, hope not to have an issue with the tooth this week.

  4. We had beautiful sunshine yesterday and I always an reminded why we are here and not in Montana. Love desert sunsets. Goid luck with that tooth.

    1. Isn't that sunshine wonderful?! Yes, we're sure glad we're here too.
      thank you!

  5. Too bad you've got to wait until later in the week :( She must be a busy dentist which equates to good dentist! Love the bicycle basket, perfect! Your new pan looks wonderful too, especially with those eggs in it LOL! Your dinner looked yummy too, that's one big hot dog! Enjoy being lazy!

    1. That's okay, my choice actually because I wanted early morning. I didn't want to get stuck in Algodones in the middle of the afternoon with a sore mouth. :)
      I love my little gifts to myself.

  6. Love the photo of the sun setting through the fence! Enjoy your day.

  7. The bicycle basket is a great find. Last year I too bought the copper frypans. I think it was Ollies where I got them or some similar store. If you are uncomfortable with that wisdom tooth maybe Dr. Eva could get you in sooner if you explain? You got some great weather down there. We've had a rollercoaster weather here in Tampa.

    1. thank you. I'm okay waiting with the tooth, I'm sure she would take me on an afternoon sooner but being in Algodones in the afternoon would be brutal. The line up could be very long and I'd be uncomfortable I'm sure. :)
      Our weather is up and down too but mostly up!

  8. Nice weather here today, but probably about 40 degrees colder than you!

    1. I'm glad you are enjoying some nice weather. It is all relative, right? :)