Friday, February 14, 2020

Summer Weather Returns, Bocce Ball, Black Bear

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
It was a lovely morning on Thursday, Feb. 13th when we got up and moving. It seems 6:30 is about our ‘normal’. While Bill had his coffee, we read blogs and caught up with what our friends were up to.

Good morning sunshine
After our walk around the park, Bill informed me that he wasn’t going to play Bocce Ball this morning. He had things he wanted to do instead.

Good morning Oreo!
She is usually outside when we walk in the morning
and she waits for a pat
 It was a pretty nice morning with full sun, little breeze and about 54F so when he hopped in the shower around 9, I wandered up to see who was there. There were 8 of us to start and within minutes, by 9:30 we had enough for 2 courts of play. Gordon and Barb were back; they were away for Monday's game (which was cancelled due to weather anyway).

Still a few lingering puddles
I did well today, just happened to be on the winning team twice. The games were slow, although, I think we managed to play 5 in 2 hours. I enjoy the game and I very much enjoy the people who play. Allie made me feel pretty good, hoping I was playing Poker Pool in the morning. “It isn’t as much fun when you’re not there”. That was very nice of her to say and I told her that my plan was to go tomorrow. I mostly goof around to make the ladies laugh because I sure can’t shoot worth a darn!

There were enough for two full courts of play
16 people
Bill stayed home and puttered around. He went to the Chevron at the corner and filled up my 5-gallon RO water bottle for $1. Then he spray-painted his model outside. No wind so it was the perfect time to do it. He wasn’t done yet, he was replacing a light on his mud flaps for Black Beauty when I returned. I moved inside and started lunch. Mini sausages and scrambled eggs today. Hoping that fills us until supper.

Heading into Yuma
I had my shower after I did the dishes and then swept the floors throughout the Suite. Sometimes, we just don’t like getting the vacuum out so in between those good cleanings, I use the broom. Our home looks better and both Bill and I feel better after long hot showers. We have plans for the afternoon so Bill rested after completing his jobs.

Meeting at Jim and Sharon's site
Sharon, Ken, Kim, Keith, Jim, my chair, Bill
 I put a little colour into my outfit today since we were going out for supper. Not a fancy place at all but still supper out. We haven’t been out to eat since Lin’s a week ago so why not? Black Bear Diner is our destination after a stop at Yuma Lakes to visit with friends we haven’t seen for a couple of years. We were looking forward to seeing Jim and Sharon again and introducing them to our friends. I rode my bike up to the puzzle room and started a 1000-pc. puzzle, just biding a few minutes until it was time to leave.

Dave and Cheryl were surprised to see us
Hugs and hand shakes all around
At 2:30 we picked the ‘kids’ up and headed to Yuma Lakes RV Resort. Jim and Sharon were easy to find with our knowledge of the park and their site #. It was so good to see them again. It was 2017 when w efirst met them AND when we saw them last, in the same park. After introductions, everyone hit it off as we sat in the warm shade of their awning. We all got tours of their beautiful American Eagle motor home and used the facilities before we moved on around 5:30. Time flew by.

This guy floated overhead while chatting with the McMechan's

Leaving Yuma Lakes, the sky was pretty in the palms

Yuma Lake
Also, in the park, our friends, Dave and Cheryl, had set up camp for a couple of weeks. We drove around in the same area where they were parked in December until we saw the Cedar Creek and Alberta plates. Dave came out very surprised for the visit and Cheryl not too far behind him. With hugs all around, we didn’t take a seat but instead stood and chatted for about 20 minutes. Soon, we were off to the Black Bear Diner.

I should have stopped walking to take the picture

They do have interesting menu papers

Lots of food choices
They should have left the papers with us while we waited for our food

It looks very good but I'd give it only a 5 tonight
There was a 20-minute wait for a table and then we had a long wait for our meals to arrive. It just wasn’t the experience Bill and I expected it to be. We’d had meals at a couple of other B.B.D.’s and they were worth bragging about. Tonight’s supper wasn’t up to par for me. Bill had fish and chips, which he enjoyed and I had chicken parmesan with sweet potato fries in lieu of penne pasta. The veggies were hard, the chicken overcooked but the fries and free‘we’re sorry for the delay’ offering of corn muffins were delicious.

Driving into Yuma, more pretty sky
 Bill and Keith ran into Sam's Club for some milk before leaving the lot. It was a ‘later than expected’ 8:30 when we returned to the park. We dropped our friends at their sites and came inside. We watched some tv together but I was too tired to finish my posting. I downloaded the pictures and finished writing. The rest will be done in the morning. This was a fun day and wonderful to see Jim and Sharon again. We need to do that more often!

Kim and Bill noticed the sun dogs
Good night!
Thank you for your visit!


  1. A day of visiting friends and eating out. Can't beat that. Too bad BBD didn't live up to it's name. Didn't know you were so good at sports but winning proves you are. :)) Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  2. It was a great day. We won't give up on BBD, half the meals were good at least! :)
    I'm not good at sports really, ha ha, just lucky!

  3. I hate it when the veggies aren't cooked enough. Happens a lot at Applebees too. Makes it even worse when you have to wait that long for bad food!!!