Saturday, February 8, 2020

A Do-Nothing Day, Puzzle, Sun-Sitting, Can You Spell L-a-z-y? Ouchy!

Pilot Knob RV Park, Winterhaven, CA
We were up a couple of minutes before 7 on Saturday, Feb. 8th. It was looking like a lovely day coming our way. Bill had his coffee and by 7:40 we were out the door for our walk. There was a wee breeze but that was it so it was a very enjoyable walk. It was a pleasing 51F this morning. We had a brief chat with Jim and Lori while petting Storm, just around the corner, and back home for a tea and coffee.

Another lovely morning
Bill was outside after that to finish setting some things up. He’d put our string lights around the tree and I love that nighttime look. He also got the duct tape out to repair our patio mat that had got caught in the riding mower this past summer. Sometimes it takes a while to get to the little jobs, but eventually we get them done. I’d also gotten the duct tape out yesterday and used it to pre-repair my lounge chair.

This is a cute little corner outside the clubhouse but look at how
the geraniums thrive in Arizona weather
The chair is special to me as it was a gift and being old, it is showing the beginnings of some cracking in the webbing. It is easier to use tape than to replace the webbing later. It may not look great but I did it as neatly as possible. Today, I planned nothing, nothing at all. There is a puzzle in the room up there that Ken started, there is the pool and there will be lots of sunshine to sit in. We’ll see what I find to spend my time on. I have a few choices.

On our walk, we noticed the state patrol stopped a speeder
Love the stance on the cop as he chats with the offender
While Bill found small jobs to do outside, caulking being one, I walked up to the clubhouse and dropped off 6 books that we’d finished. Well, I’d finished and it didn’t look like Bill would get to them for a very long time. They weren’t authors that he has read before and we don’t need to cart them around for the time being. Upon my return, I found 4 more of Lee Child’s and David Baldacci’s that we haven’t read.

Bill does some caulking, a job he's had on his list for a while
I stopped in the puzzle room and put a group of pieces in for the next hour before coming home to make our breakfast of sausages and an omelette. After eating, I offered to do dishes so Bill could carry on outside. I sat at my laptop then and updated our Contact Information. Talking to Keith the other day, we agreed since we are kind of traveling together, it is a good thing to let each other know where, in our units, to find the info – just in case. Things do happen and we want to be prepared.

See how the white webbing is fraying?

For now, the gray duct tape fixes a few spots
that may have let go otherwise
Our neighbours beside us pulled out after chatting with Bill. They have a fifth wheel and pull it with a Volvo tractor transport that was converted in Alberta to carry their Smart car. Quite the set up! Bill took a couple of pictures. They are headed up to Julian with it for more camping. 

Then, Bill finished and came inside just as I was finished printing off a copy of the information I'd typed. My sweetie did not have a happy face when he came in and sat across from me. 

Now this is a big load
Following up on a mention by our friend, Dave, in the Q, Bill crawled around and checked our tires. For sure, at least one, possibly two are not in good shape. Already at only 2 years old we are going to have replace them. What next? This just isn’t our winter. We sat and discussed options and with no sure resolve, we decide to wait to talk to our friends. Bouncing ideas and accepting suggestions is a good practice.

A 2 year old tire should not be showing these signs of damage
I took my blanket and book outside to enjoy some of that glorious sunshine. It was 71F at 1:30, so a beautiful day. Within an hour, I was pretty much roasted and had read a few chapters but had also just dozed in the sun. I came inside just in time to stretch out in my chair beside Bill and receive Kim’s text. She is our Happy Hour reminder and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We invited them here so I moved our chairs and little tables into the shade at the back corner of our site. 

Our seed bell is popular today
There was some sun there if we wanted it and at one point, I did move my chair to get more. Shade can mean a drop of about 3 - 5 degrees. Bill discussed the situation with the boys and Ken had a recommendation for a Yuma shop. We weren’t as happy during this happy hour but it was nice to have listening, supportive ears with helpful suggestions. We have some options and some research to do. 

The tenderloin pounded out

Booboo - Bill said "you and knives" so I was happy to tell
him that i was using scissors this time LOL
Keith, Ken and Kim left around 5 ish and I came inside to start prepping the pork tenderloin for supper. I butterflied the two pieces and pounded them down to about ½” thickness before stuffing them with dressing. I used skewers to hold the rolls together but in the process, while cutting one almost cut my knuckle off! I'm such a klutz today. Bill helped me bandage it up so we could finish prepping the meal. 

After sauteeing, the stuffed meat goes on the trivet  with
a cup of water in the bottom
With Madame IP, they were sautéed and then cooked for 4 minutes with a NR of 15 min. They turned out perfectly and I had homemade apple sauce. We had salad on the side with a bit of the dressing that didn’t fit in the tenderloin. 

Easy gravy in the same pot on saute
Supper was good and we topped it off with the last two pieces of the lemon cheesecake from the freezer. It was soft, because I’d taken it out an hour ago but it was still good. 

Perfect results

Everything was easy to chew with the exception of the crunchy bits in
my salad (the things I enjoy most)
Keith had stopped by on his way to and from Yuma for groceries and fuel. He kindly picked me up a quart of half and half cream so that will save us running in for a couple of days. We cleaned up dishes and just hung out in front of the tv. Today was beautiful and as warm as we like it. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day.

In place of sunset, which I missed tonight, you get to
see the last gooey piece of cheesecake
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Gosh I can't figure out why your pie didn't set up other than maybe beating it more. Cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk, lime juice, whipping cream. Mine is so hard from the freezer I have to let it sit for at least an hour before I can even get a fork through it. Dinner looks amazing by the way!!! And lazy days are good for the body!!

    1. Hey Nancy. sorry, if I didn't say it right. My pie was very hard in the freezer and it did take about an hour to soften.I couldn't eat it right out of the freezer either. :)
      Love the lazy days!

  2. Sorry about those tires. But I'm glad you discovered the issue now rather than having a blow out on the road sonewhere. Did you get to check out that moon last night?

    1. I missed the moon last night, we are on the wrong side of the park.
      But it was huge this morning. :)
      Thank you J & S.

  3. I quit using trailer tires several years ago on our fifth wheel. we now put on truck tires and next time we get new ones we are going to buy only Michelin truck tires for the trailer. Hope you get them replaced ok. enjoy your blog!

    1. Thanks Doug. We do have truck tires and replaced all 4 two years ago. This is painful! We will be checking them out in Yuma on Monday.
      Thank you for reading and for leaving a comment! :)

  4. Oh Patsy that's too bad about the tires..darn! They still had tons of tread too. The rest of the day sounds great through. Duct tape the cure for all things! Dinner looks amazing and dessert too. The geraniums are gorgeous, I just kill mine :(

    1. Thanks guys. Keith suggested rotating them during the summer so we'll consider that. It makes sense!
      Dinner was great and I'm looking forward to getting some pretty duct tape when we get home. The geraniums are so pretty!

  5. Perfect day for being lazy. You're out the door at 7:30 and I'm still laying in bed at 8:30. I'm the lazy one. Sorry to hear about the tires. Hopefully it gets resolved. Probably means buying new ones. Bummer.

    1. Ha ha, so we're both lazy! :)
      Thank you, yes we will be replacing two at the very least here and two when we get home.

  6. Dog gone it - no more issues for you two! I hope it's all good from this point on.

  7. What a shame about the tires. I hope you're able to get some repairs to ensure they last a little longer. Can you go back to the business that sold them, to address the issue with the manufacturer?

    On to read your next post...I'm behind in reading again!