Sunday, February 9, 2020

Lazy Day #2, Early Laundry, Puzzle Work, Forgoing Happy Hour

Winterhaven, CA
Bill and I were up out of bed at 6:30 on Sunday, Feb. 9th. I was awake at 5 and couldn’t stop my mind from running through, over and around things from yesterday. We talked so many things over regarding the unexpected costs this winter. It sure makes you question if you are doing the right thing by coming south each year. Those of us who chose this lifestyle, whether for a few months or longer, have had to weigh the pros and cons many times. 

Good morning!
Living in an rv fulltime means you need to make adjustments regarding where you are spending the winter months. We need to keep warm so we choose where it is warm and no snow! Our plan for the moment is to stick to what we’re doing and focus on some favourable luck. I sorted the laundry and Bill drove me to the laundry room at 7. FIFO = first in first out. I learned that working at the school board warehouse. He drove back and I walked the park before settling in the puzzle room.

The moon was holding on, not wanting to leave us this morning
The morning air was wonderful! 58F/15C when I was out walking. Gotta love that! The sun made a splash of colour as it broke out through the clouds on the horizon. The winds were gusting a bit before we got up but had calmed considerably for the most part of the morning. Bill joined me to help fold and we drove back together. With our two loads done, I had my tea and we dawdled on the laptops.

As you can tell, I couldn't decide
 I did some rearranging under the bed so we could tuck the gifts away, hoping they won’t be in the way until we get home. The couch is now available for sitting when we have company in. I wasn’t feeling anywhere close to hungry so suggested Bill grab something. I don't like doing that because his options are cereal or toast, neither one the most fulfilling. I think he forgives me the odd day for missing a good breakfast. 😊

After our coffees, Bill and I walked together as far as Ken and Kim’s. He visited with Ken and discussed what he’d found regarding tires and I carried on to the puzzle room and worked away for a couple of hours. When I walked back, thinking I needed to get something to eat, I was surprised that it was 1:30! I remembered ice cream Sunday and when I walked in the door Bill said “going for ice cream?” Ha ha, great minds.

Bill's new poncho got washed today
and hung to dry
We don't have my clothesline up (yet)
I got our dishes ready and we walked up to meet with K & K. Keith and Oreo were out on the dunes so we knew he wouldn’t be joining us. He’d taken a lunch today so that’s good. They had a good day yesterday with tons of riders out there in the sand and many wanting to capture photos of Oreo in her goggles. I don't have a picture or I'd show you. She is a pretty special dog! So, just 4 of us went up together but we were disappointed to see a sign on the door indicating no ice cream today. Bummer!

I guess someone noticed me outside this afternoon
Bill and I have a ½ carton of Tillamook Caramel Pecan in the freezer so we offered them some free stuff. Kim said they’d never tried Tillamook so was keen. I forgot to get a picture but we sat inside and finished our 2 scoops each. Tomorrow, we’ll have to cash in on the deal at Del Sol, 3 for $10. That is an excellent price! I rinsed the dishes and we opted out of Happy Hour today. I guess we’re still feeling a bit down, although better than yesterday.

Ken and I had a bit of a 'bet' going on about this picture
I thought it was a sailboat at first glance
He started the puzzle and thought I was 'out to lunch'
which apparently, I was!
We’d had a nice little visit and once we heard from Keith that they were back safe and sound, we just ‘chilled’ for the rest of the day. It wasn’t as warm today but still very nice at 70F/21C. The 10-18 mph winds were cooling it down a bit. I took my book and sat outside in the sun for a while and dozed. Puzzle making can be tiring! My brain was occupied so it was a good exercise to get my mind off other things.

When I arrived at noon today

2 hours later, this is progress
(the sails are done - ha ha )
It was very nice sitting out on the patio and I managed to get a few chapters read. I’ve never read any of Atwood’s books and my daughter told me it was slow moving when I asked her if she thought I’d enjoy it. She liked it and I am loving the author’s writing style. I’ll be able to add her to my readers’ list. I came inside around 5 and sat with Bill for a little bit. Supper would be simple; we had some leftover pork tenderloin and I added veggies on the side.

Supper was half leftovers and the rest was vegetables
It turned out great and we were cleaned up after before 6:30. The whole evening was open to us. None of our programs were on tonight because of the Oscars so we got comfy and watched the stars. I may not be able to name a lot of them but I sure recognize their faces. I like the ‘costumes’, which to me that is what they are, and some of the speeches are touching. It was a nice quiet evening.

Too lazy to run over to the fence tonight
The sunset from our bedroom window
Good night!

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  1. Sorry you two are concerned with the unexpected costs, but it will soon pass and be forgotten. I'm sure you would never contemplate not coming down. Sure envy you on your organizational skills. I seem to always be rushing at the end of the day to get dinner ready by 8 o'clock. I need to rethink my priorities.

    1. Thank you. We do actually contemplate how to handle things for a winter if we needed to, hopefully we won't have to do that for a long time.
      For us, living in an rv fulltime requires some organization. You'll get the hang of it! I think of supper meals by noon hour or at least have an idea of the options. :)

  2. There are always better days ahead and a light at the end of the tunnel. You guys are doing what you love and where there is a will there is a way! You both have your health and many, many friends. That counts for good luck in my book ;-).

    1. Thanks sis. You are absolutely right. We are a bit bummed right now but we do have luck in health and our friends and family. :D

  3. Worst case, you can always boondock for a couple of weeks, saving lots of $$$ for your deductible. The weather is changing up nicely to warm for the next ten days. I do love your parking spot since you have so much more room. By the way, puzzles keep your brain moving and aid in brain health. And it's not a sail boat! LOL

    1. Yes, that is one of the changes we are considering for next year. We'll see. this has been a rough year is all.
      Sure looks like a sailboat to me!! haha

  4. One of my favorite sayings is "This too shall pass". It will pass and at some point, it will be just a blimp in the big picture of life. It's difficult when one big thing happens, but two or more does rankle our thoughts. Hang in there. We are all pulling for you.
    I can see why you first thought it was a sailboat in your puzzle. I do miss doing puzzles. My daughter bought one at Christmas and I sure enjoyed spending a good part of the day working on it with her.

    1. Thank you Cheri. Chin up, right? :) We'll get there and appreciate the words of support from everyone.
      thank you! It does look like a sailboat at first glance. :) I love working on the puzzles too.

  5. Those unexpected costs can bring you down, but like the others have said it will be just a blimp in life a little more down the road. Still it can weigh heavy on the brain, especially when they come so close together. Ken's going to DMV this am to register the Mansion...that's going to hurt because NV taxes you on MSRP (which no one ever pays) not what you actually paid for it. Donna's have your health and many friends that care about you two! Keith seems to be enjoying himself along with Oreo. Glad he took lunch, you just never know out in the desert. Bummer about the ice cream, but glad you had Tillamook you could share :) Awesome ice cream for sure! Hugs...

    1. Thanks guys. Sometimes I need a pat on the cheek to remind me of the good things. It just got us down this year, too many 'bummers' in a row. We'll get through it and we sure do have a lot of friends for support!
      Keith is having a great time with Oreo and Bill. :)

  6. Lazy Day #2 sounds wonderful...:) Reading about the tires certainly is not. When we had the Jeep issue recently I said to Tom, did it hear we had some extra money this month and it decided to help us figure out what to do with it. There are days when I think seriously...why???? Yet, like you we love what we do so we learn to cope. At least the weather is better then in the frozen north...:); even today with the dark cloudy sky, wind and promised rain. A two scoop Tillamook Hour sounds pretty Happy! Take care.

    1. P.S. Great sunrise "pop" picture and I like the sunset through the trees...:)

    2. I know we've all had down days and things happen that can't be helped. I'm trying to see the positive and there are a lot even though a few negatives crept in. Thanks Deb for your supportive words. Yay for ice cream!

  7. Sadly unexpected expenses come up, no matter where you live. You're living the life you want to and that's priceless. I know it's worrisome - gosh, do I know that - but as others have said, this too, shall pass.

    Hope you are having a better day today. Love the 7:24 shot, just beautiful!

    1. Good days ahead for sure. Money is money, made to be spent, right? haha
      Thank you Maebeme, today was a good day.

  8. Unexpected costly repairs sure can put a damper on your mood we all know about that. So hold your head up high and hope for the best. As it was previously mentioned, enjoy what you have and can do. This lifestyle does come at a price but as long as we all can enjoy to head south for the winter, we got it made and are envied by many.

    1. We're holding our heads up now because we have such supporting friends. I'll stop whining, I promise! :)
      We are living the life we want and hope to continue to do it.