Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Short Visit to Old Yuma, Quiet Day, Friends for Happy Hour, Horse Races

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
It wasn’t my plan to be awake from 4:30 to 6 on Tuesday, Feb. 25th but that is exactly what happened. Bill got up at 6 and then I dropped into a hole of a dream. It was not a fun dream as I was back at work – for a day – before realizing that I wasn’t under any obligation to be there and told my boss that I was leaving and not coming back. I can’t tell you how relieved I was when I woke up!

Good morning!
 Bill and I went for our walk together and were both pleasantly surprised with the mild temperature. It was windy, between 8 – 11 mph, but a nice walk up and down the lanes and around the perimeter of the park. Back home, we each got washed and I had my creamy tea. Some mornings it tastes so much better than others. At 9:30 Ken and Kim drove around and picked us up.

Beautiful bougainvillea in the park
Old Yuma was our destination today for their Tuesday market as we hadn’t been yet this year. I wasn’t that keen on it last winter but was willing to try it again. There weren’t a lot of vendors but still a decent number. They didn’t have covers on their pavilions as the wind is expected to get very high. When one lady said they were all prepared for 35 mph winds, we totally understood why they didn’t have all their wares displayed. That’s too bad for an outdoor market. It took us all of 20 minutes to walk up and back.

Entrance to the closed flea market street
Rather than leaving the area so soon, I suggested that since we were close to City Hall where the City of Yuma (Aeronca Sedan airplane) was on display, they might want to see it. You may be interested to google the story here as we found it quite interesting. We wandered around and took some pictures before taking the drive near the historical Yuma Territorial Prison then over the new Ocean to Ocean Highway bridge for a scenic tour. We wondered ‘where does that road go?’ and were about to find out.

The entrance and lovely courtyards at the City Hall

There is an rv park back in there about 4.5 miles and Paradise Casino which also seems to offer overnight parking. We never knew it was there and now our curiosity is satisfied. From there, Ken got us back onto Hwy 8 to home. It wasn’t a long morning but at least we did what we set out to do and have the rest of the day to relax. Back home, I made us sausages and eggs but really was feeding an appetite that I didn’t have. Some mornings, I'm just not hungry enough to eat much.

Kim pointed out this unusual flowering shrub
Then we learned it is a Baja Fairy Duster from a booklet we picked up
 The winds have already gusted to 24 mph and if things aren’t pegged down, they will be gone. Our Sienna Breeze mat, on the other hand, is one thing that never moves. It seems to stay in place, no matter how strong the winds have gotten. We sure picked the right one 4 years ago. After dishes and some blog catch up, I made my coffee and sat in my recliner. I felt exhausted and I guess that was because of my early awakening. Bill had a nap upstairs and after reading some of my book, a snooze was in order for me too.

Paradise Casino and parking lot
Despite the strong winds, I moved outside to a patio chair and read more of my book. J.A. Jance definitely has my attention with this one and even though the chapters are long, I’m hooked. At 2:30, we started packing drinks for Happy Hour into our cooler. I had enough ingredients to make up one more batch of Beer Margaritas so did that. I poured enough into one of my shaker containers and we pushed into the wind to walk to the Wilson’s.

Happy Hour
Higgins, Jo-Anne, Patsy, Kim, Ken, Doug and Yuma, Bob, Bill's chair
Doug and Yuma joined us from the blm area and then soon after, Bob and Jo-Anne drove in from Westwind RV Park in Yuma. They are enjoying their time there and we are keeping in touch although not together in the same campground. We had a nice catch up visit together. Higgins and Yuma were very good throughout the hour and a half and we wouldn’t expect any less. They are both good dogs. We'd heard from Keith earlier and he is now set up at Emerald Cove RV Park near Parker, AZ.

Higgy enjoying his bed in the semi-shade
 At 4:45 Bill and I got up to head home. We had already agreed to leave a bit early as we were planning ribs for supper. They take some prep time and a decent amount of cook time. I made up the rub and coated both sides before standing the 4 sections on the trivet in Madame IP. Cooking for 20 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot and that is why I did the NR for 20 minutes. Bill lit the Weber to crisp them up after they are done.

Yuma stays close to Daddy
The sun sets, viewed through our door screen
On the stove, I cooked carrots for me and did some mixed veggies for Bill in the microwave. We were eating by 6:15 and the ribs were done perfectly and tasted great! We were stuffed. Bill offered to do the dishes and sent me on my way. Mary and Loyal were hosting Horse Racing, a card and board game. I’d never played before but Mary personally invited me to join the ‘fun’. So, I took the few nickels Bill had saved and away I went for 7 o'clock. 

This was delicious!

Proof of a wonderful rib meal
There were 11 players plus Loyal, who was the jockey moving the horses. The game was explained, the horses in place and soon they were off! It was a fun group, a few I knew from around the park and others were newbies, just like me. Sadly, although I won in the first game, that was it for me. Good thing I had a good time as I walked home with only 25¢. Bill made note never to send me to bet on horses again. Ha ha. Now, I'll have to collect the nickels for next winter.

The group at Horse Racing
Mary in the pink on the left, LaDonna, Loyal, Rod, Charlie
I walked home at 9 and it was a mild night. I’m glad I wore my sweater up though, it wasn’t ‘that’ mild! Bill was watching American Pickers so I sat to work on my blog post. Too tired to post tonight though. This was a pretty low-key day and we still had a great time.

These 3 pictures are from our home spot
The Ridge entrance

A picture from Bill's Hangar facing the Corral

Looking from the point of the Corral up towards our spot
Things to be grateful for - we are not here (yet)
Good night!

Thanks for the pop in.


  1. Good morning Patsy and Bill. Interesting about the Yuma plane. Yuma and I had a nice time at HH. I'm glad he is settling down so I don't have to leave him at home. Those ribs look delicious and I bet they were. Hopefully the winds are gone for awhile.

    1. I'm glad that you are comfortable with Yuma at our Happy Hours and that he is settling in.
      We've had some beautiful days to take advantage of.

  2. That looks like a lot of snow that has to disappear before you head home!

  3. Another fun day with friends complete with a tasty meal.
    Our landscape is presently turning White as well.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We all had an enjoyable day together. The snow has about 7 weeks to disappear. :)

  4. My favorite place in Yuma is the old prison. So much history there. Wind is terrible here today. Don’t get blown away.

    1. Bill and I loved the prison tour too. Well worth the entrance fee.

  5. Those pictures of the Ridge sure weren't taken today! Biggest snowstorm of the winter it appears!

    1. The pictures were taken on Sunday, Feb. 23rd. It was mild and sunny out there.

  6. I had to take a second look at the photos of the Ridge. You're in Arizona so obviously you didn't take those photos.

    Love the colorful plants!

    1. My sister took the pictures on Sunday for us. Sorry for the double take! haha