Monday, February 3, 2020

Groundhog Day and a SUPER BOWL PARTAY!

Winterhaven, CA
I think it was a restless night last night for Bill, as when I woke, at only God knows what time it was, Bill was wide awake laying beside me. I didn’t speak. You know, that 'if I don’t talk I will drop off easily' tactic? It must have worked because next thing I know, he dropped off and we didn’t wake up, get up until 6:00 and 6:30.

The sun comes up over the Gila Mountains
Today, Sunday, Feb. 2nd is not only Groundhog Day where a couple of famous rodents predict our spring arrival, but it is also Super Bowl Sunday. Back home for us, Wiarton Willie is ‘the talk of the day’. I did hear by 10 am (AZ time) that it was cloudy and he didn’t see his shadow. 

Is that you Wiarton Willie?
Early spring. Yay! I hope he nailed his prediction for our return. I'm counting on you, Willie, and so are our family and friends back home!

Good morning!
Bill and I are not sports fans. Not in any way. The only sports we are interested in are the ball games and hockey games that our grandchildren play. It is funny what we do for our friends. Or rather, what we find ourselves doing ‘because’ of our friends. Bill  and I are hosting, in very small terms, a Super Bowl party. 😊 Laugh if you will but when we heard that Ken and Keith were interested in the game and neither of them have satellite dishes, Bill offered our tv. The clubhouse tv will be on for sure but it could be crowded up there. 

This is a nicer picture of Ken and Kim's site
The game starts at 6:30ET, suppertime, so we’ve offered to make chili. I won’t be watching the game but it will be fun in here regardless watching the excitement. Oh, and the half-time show is usually worth the viewing, right? Bill and I headed out for our walk around the park for our 1 ½ miles and back home. I had my tea. We read our books, new ones. Bill is reading Baldacci’s The Sixth Man and I’ve started a different one for me, Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin. I’m not sure if I’ll get through it but I’m going to try. The print is really small!

The placemats came clean but I may have to iron them
We had our showers and Bill went out to set the satellite dish up. He’s under pressure now! Keith rode back on his bike, wanting to confirm places that he can go while we are in Lake Havasu Resort and then Bullhead City. He does not have a membership so we’re trying to help him find reasonably priced parks. He would like and we would like for him to continue to travel with us as much as possible. We are enjoying each other's company. He has a few places to call tomorrow and we’ll go from there.

Oreo lay down right beside the truck and hardly moved
She was in the shade and a very good pup
When Bill finished setting up the dish and we found the channel for the game, I made us some breakfast. An egg, cheese, pepper, onion and bacon omelette to be precise. Keith wanted to run into town so I sent Bill off with him and I did the dishes. There were a couple of things they can pick up that we’ll need for supper tonight so that is very helpful. Our two good placements have a couple of spotty stains on them from tomato sauce, so after they left I sprayed those and scrubbed them in the sink.

Hey, hey! The gangs all here!
Then, I cut up peppers, onions and mushrooms for the chili. We all make it differently so I hope the gang isn’t too particular. They can add spices later if they need it to be on the ‘heated’ side. Keith picked up a nice veggie tray, I’ve got popcorn and olives. Ken and Kim will bring corn bread muffins, snacks and pie! I think we have a feast going to be happening this afternoon! 😊

Lots of nibblers
Once I had everything prepped, I left my sleeping hubby in his chair and went for a walk up to the clubhouse. I made a donation to the FREE box in the laundry room and turned around and walked back. It is a hot day and I’m loving every minute of it as I know it is going to change on Monday for a bit. Back home, I began cooking the ground beef and pork. It was ready before our guests arrived around 3:30. We had a lot of snack food and with a 4-hour football game, we nibbled.

This was early in the first quarter
so not too much excitement at this point
San Fransisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs
Kim and I sat at the table and the boys took up the recliners and couch. The game wasn’t really of interested to us gals but it was fun to watch the guys’ excitement over certain plays. At halftime, I turned Madame IP on for 10 minutes and that was just enough to reheat the chili. We dug in and it was very good, if I do say so myself. The game got exciting, even for me, in the last quarter and I was quite impressed with young Patrick Mahomes. 

I was almost finished my chili before I remembered to take a picture
Was the game THAT exciting?
With a couple of minutes left, I cut and dished everyone up a piece of the apple pie the Wilson’s brought. It was very good and a nice treat. Keith had brought Oreo and when there was food on the low coffee table, so I was happy when he tied her up outside for the time being. After we ate our chili, I suggested that he bring her in. She was such a good girl but it was getting dark. She laid on the couch beside her Dad for about the last half of the game and other than being disturbed by Bill’s excitement, she never moved.

Oreo settled down beside Keith for the last half
Everyone left around 8:30, thanking us for the ‘party’. We were very happy to offer a private place for them to watch the Super Bowl and we thanked 'them' for coming. I think everyone had a good time. 

Congratulations Kansas City!
This was a good day with very few pictures taken. The evening was cooling off and we knew we would be experiencing less than average temperatures for the next 3 days. I hope you had a good day in your neck of the woods.

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Looks like a wonderful time at your house! Your chili looks yummy! :) When we were younger and would get together with friends the food was always the best part! Seems people either loved or hated the half time show, what's your opinion..we didn't watch. We're waking up to 17 degrees, feels like 12 going for a high of 35! Saturday is was 72! Crazy weather.

    1. The half time show? Ridiculous. That 15 minutes would have been better spent cutting my toenails!! haha
      Sorry about the cool weather - get back down here!

  2. Nice of you to offer your home (and television) to your friends for the game. I didn't watch - there was curling on instead. :)

    Hopefully your weather doesn't cool off too much.

    1. Thank you, we enjoyed sharing the tv, the food and the company! :)
      We'll get over the cool weather, still better than what you're getting!

  3. Cute picture of Mr. Groundhog. After all the hype about the halftime show we too tuned in to the game and watched the show. Although it was good I think it was overrated. Having a party with friends and good food that would have been my highlight. My neighbour wrote to me that the trees are budding in our neighbourhood, so maybe spring will be early.

    1. I think they should have skipped the halftime show. Jay Lo is talented,vocally, but I don't like her flaunting her body the way she does. Both ladies should have stayed home in my opinion.
      Nice to hear about the budding trees back home but I think they'll get a shock before they get to grow.

  4. Truly hoping the groundhog's prediction is correct. It would be nice to get back to Michigan and find spring weather. Sounds like you all had a fun Super Bowl Sunday. I would have to say it does not sound like anyone should have left hungry...:)