Thursday, February 6, 2020

Different Kind of Day, Zombies at Happy Hour

Winterhaven, CA
Thursday, Feb. 6th brought us a change in temperature, a change in winds and a change in luck. We were up by 6:30 (ish) and Bill was on the phone almost right away after making his coffee. He took care of voice contact (yesterday’s was by email) with our insurance company, our dealer to make an appointment and then with the claims department. While he did all that, I slipped out for a nice walk.

Good morning!
It was cool, at only 47F but with no wind, it was very nice. Back home, I made and drank my tea while Bill had his shower. When he was done, I hopped in for mine and we each had some Cheerios. 

I took the time for a selfie this morning

And then time to get a picture of Oreo stretching
By 9:15 we were walking to the gazebo area for Bocce Ball with Gordon and Barb. There were 16 of us which meant two full courts of players. That was perfect! Their second court is a little rough around the edges and inside but it worked very well.

The ladies at one end, in fine form
Barb throws, Ali in checks and Diane in red

For a first game, we did pretty good on this throw
surrounding the pea ball

We switched alternately back and forth with the same 8 people until 11:30. That was fun and even though we all layered up against the cool morning temps, we had all de-layered to t-shirts by the time we left. We were back home for half an hour and a change of clothes. Bill drove around picking K, K & K up. We had a date with Lin’s Chinese Buffet for 1 o’clock. Keith had never been, so for the price, we all had a great lunch.

The group of players before we were split up between courts
Always too much food but no complaining because it will tide us over until morning. Maybe a little snack later, we’ll see. We stopped at Harbor Freight for Bill to pick up a furniture blanket (cheap) to wrap the tail gate in. We need to get it home. We have opted to have the work done on the truck by our reputable body shop back home in Hanover. If there should be any problems later, we want to be close by.

Lin's buffet
The place was busy
Plate 1
Kim and I wandered through the .99¢ store where not everything is ONLY .99¢. There are gimmicks everywhere, aren’t there? Returning to the park, we were all very zombie-like as we met for a Happy Hour on our ‘new’ site. It was probably one of the quietest H.H.’s we’ve ever had. Oreo was entertaining us with a rock she’d found, trying to get Dad’s attention to throw it. Something to chase. As Keith says, she is ball crazy. So much so that you don’t say the word in her presence. 😊

I had a smaller plate full before I had this dessert plate
When everyone left, we came inside and I had to start writing today’s post. I didn’t do too badly eating my 2 plates of food today with my tooth, choosing mostly soft foods. The seafood casserole was just as good as ever and I even had a piece of cherry banana for my buddy, Pat. They are good but not my favourite so I stuck to soft fruit, tapioca pudding and Jell-o. There won’t be any supper tonight, so this blog will be finished early.

We were in good spirits leaving Lin's
Looks like Ken is ready to run the block
A hot Happy Hour on Site 79
It was a great day and we are looking forward to another venture out in the morning. I’ll call Dr. Eva’s office in the morning. Bill finished the Baldacci book and moved on to James Patterson's Cross Country. I need to update my list of what we've read.

No upsets today, just good times with friends
Good night y'all!
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  1. Yikes I miss a day and I miss a lot. So sorry to hear about the accident but it seems that all will be taken care of when you get back. Good luck with the tooth.

    1. Thank you Maebeme. Yes, things will be taken care of back home. We just have to not think about it for now! Black Beauty has sad dents though. LOL

  2. I missed the accident too. I'll go back and catch up. Been real busy and have gotten behind on reading. In fact Deb told me what happened when she came over this morning to help transfer my belongings. Beautiful restaurant. You guys are eating in style. :))

    1. I think you have been far too busy with your new White Lion to be reading! Glad you are having help get settled. You'll move things a few times and may even have to buy stuff to fill the cupboards!
      Lin's is a nice restaurant with good food and pricing.

  3. I haven't been to Lins yet ... it's on my bucket list! LOL
    I think you're smart to have the work done in Hanover. Better to have someone you know will do a good job. In the meantime, enjoy the warm because snow is in our near future ... at least mine!

    1. You would enjoy Lin's for sure, Nancy. :)
      That's what we think too. The boys in Hanover replaced our bumper our first year when a lady drove right into B.B. in a parking lot. LOL She's a tough gal. (Black Beauty, I mean)
      Yikes! snow?!

  4. Another great day in the southwest! Looks like Lin's has some awesome food! Don't normally do buffet because of the msg in Chinese buffet but I also see other choices! YUM. Another nice Happy Hour but sounds like you were all too full to talk a lot..but you don't need too! We agree with having the work done close to home for sure! Hoping you don't have to wait too long to get the too taken care of!

    1. A busy day.I'm getting tired! I don't know what foods have msg in them, I should read up on that. I tried to make good choices with seafood, chicken and lots of mushrooms! :)
      Sounds like Apr. 6 they will look at the truck so that is within days of our return.

  5. Wise to have the done back home so they are more apt to guarantee their work.
    Not wise to play catch with hard objects for Oreo. Someone threw a Bocce Ball and broke one of Sanford's canine teeth.
    Visiting Lin's is an experience that you waddle from.
    Good luck with the tooth.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Keith doesn't use stones for Oreo to catch. Oreo plays with them by himself.
      We enjoy Lin's even with the waddle. :)

  6. 47f?? I thought you took off south away from us because it was so much WARMER down there! Clearly its our personalities up here :P Nice turtleneck! It was 7C up here last week .... I wore a t-shirt and light jacket. xxx (Your loving daughter).

    1. +7C yes, but what were your morning temperatures? At 7:30 our 47F/+8C is cool compared to our daytime highs of 70F/21C. I think I'll continue to come south where our temps are much warmer. Aren't your early mornings hovering around -7C/20F? Ohand I'm not wearing a turtleneck, silly, it is my cotton buff. :D I do hope your lovely personalities keep you warm until I return. xxx :D