Saturday, February 22, 2020

Boys Day, Girls Day, Clouds, Wind and Sun

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
On Saturday, Feb. 22nd, we dragged our heels a bit and didn’t get up until 7. Bill hopped in the shower and I went for my walk almost right away. During my walk, I dropped off 5 books at the clubhouse. 3 that we’d read and 2 that weren’t of interest to us. Back home, after my tea, Bill was pretty much ready for his day. He went out and washed Black Beauty’s windshield (I was going to do it) before Ken picked him up at 8:30 to go to the Yuma Aeromodelers RC show.

This morning's sky to the east
 Since the boys had fun things to do, Kim and I planned a fun day of shopping. Well, a fun couple of hours at least. I could drive B.B. as far as the Yuma Palms Shopping Centre. After I got cleaned up and ready, Kim and I first met at the corner to walk back to get our tour of the White Lion. I’m sure Doug was anxious to show it off to the ladies! 😊 He is parked in the row behind ours so we didn’t have far to walk at all.

Looking to the west
He was sweet enough to put Yuma on his leash at the back of his rv, remembering that Kim is not too fond of big dogs. Our first step in was a positive one and we were both impressed with such a beautiful motor home. When I walk into Kim and Kens’ Journey, I feel at home and I feel that I could live in it full time. (don’t worry guys, I’m not moving in!) and when you walk into the White Lion, it has a similar feel. The solid wood and manufacturing of these older units just make you feel comfortable.

Doug and Yuma on pack up day
Lots of floor space to walk on, lots of seating and most of all lots of counter space. It is quite nice and they will be very happy travelling in it, no doubt. There’s lots of room for Dolly too when she visits or travels along. Kim and I took a picture of the two of them before we left and I told her I’d be around to pick her up in a few minutes. I sure didn’t need the double layers I had on so changed my hoody (which was still too much) and drove out to meet Kim.

A closer look
Even Yuma is posing
I think it must have been before 10 when we left the park. It was going to be a warm day and the threat of rain has dissipated. It did rain overnight but lightly and that was what the smell in the air was first thing. Wet desert, which isn’t a bad thing in my opinion. As Kim and I left the park and drove down Hwy 8 we were smelling something totally different. It was smoke although none was in sight. Closer to Yuma, it was strong and then nothing. There had to be a fire somewhere, it wasn't a garbage burn this time.

I guess I took more sky pictures today than anything else

 I got us to Yuma Palms shopping mall easily and found a parking space away from the ‘maddening crowds’ (of which there really weren’t any). Getting to and from safely with no accidents is one thing. A parking lot accident is something different but happens far too often. We went into Ross’s first. The prices were great and the selection seemed to be never-ending. You just need time to pick through as they aren’t big on having the same item in different sizes. You may find a one-of-a-kind there, which I love to do, but you want to hope it is your size.

It is rare to get a picture looking this way without seeing vehicles on the highway
The line up through check out wasn’t terrible when we left but it was quite long when we walked in the doors. We came out feeling happy with our finds and then I drove further down (with Kim’s coaching) to Hobby Lobby. I picked up the 4 balls of yarn I needed at 30% off (yay!) for my pattern and then we drove back to Target/CVS. We had such success at Ross's that we really didn’t need to shop anymore but I wanted to pick up some Omega 3 and they always have a deal at CVS.

The mountain across the highway with low clouds
No sunshine to light it up today
Today being no exception, I got 1 bottle at regular price and 1 at 30% off. Cha-ching. We were done for the day. Kim’s word was ‘famished’ and that was it exactly. I hadn’t eaten anything yet so was ready for something. Kim and I were excited to see the sign on the clubhouse window is up for Ice Cream Social tomorrow! Yay! You can’t hurt ice cream, I guess, so hopefully (Chatty Cathy – our food complainant) does nothing to change that.

I was hopeful to see this clear sky rise up 
Back home, I had some cottage cheese and remembered my omelette quesadilla from yesterday. That was the boost I needed and all I had to do was warm it up and add some sour cream. I thought about going to the pool because I felt warm but there were still a few heavy clouds. Also, it was already 1:30 and that really was just enough time to stop at the puzzle room for a bit. I put things away and walked up for a look-see.

Bill was waiting for Ken to pick him up
There were still quite a few pieces that needed to be placed so I sat and worked for about 45 minutes before I gave up. I wasn’t making much headway at all. Bill had texted me that they were home, about 10 minutes after I left the Suite. At 2:45, I walked back home and decided to make a Miami Vice for our Happy Hour drinks today. We were hosting but with the few drops of rain plus the strong 18 – 25 mph winds, it could possibly be indoors.

Okay, so they don't look like Miami Vice on my
first try but they sure tasted good!
Kim and Ken came around 3:30 and we immediately decided to move inside. It was about 45 minutes later when Keith and Oreo arrived. He said “It’s nice out” so we moved out to the patio. Or so I thought. By the time I joined them, they had moved the chairs to the front corner of the Suite but it didn’t make any difference. It was windy and cold. Kim and I were clearly not comfortable and after 10 minutes, we made eye contact and moved inside again. We all have choices, ours was to be comfortable and warm. 😊

Don't those clouds look dusty ?
Around 5:15 the boys were done outside and they said goodnight to Keith. I’m sorry I didn’t get to visit with him but it just wasn’t a good day to sit out there. I’ll see him in the morning, he is pulling out around 9. We will be reconnecting in a week or so down the road. When Kim and Ken left, closer to 6, I got Madame IP out and sautéed 3 links of farmer's sausage. I prepped rice in the inner pot and set the IP for 11 minutes, hoping that would be enough.

The sun dropped below the blanket of clouds
At 6:20, I ran across to the fence with my camera. There were still a few drops of rain but the sky was worth it. The clouds sure looked like they were full of dust and it made me think of Doug and Yuma out there in the open on blm land. I hope they’re doing okay. At least the ground is solid and mostly gravel so there shouldn’t be sand blowing around. Maybe the bit of rain we got dampened some of it today. Bill said that across Yuma at the air show this morning, they received close to an hour of rainfall. We got next to nothing. Strange.

Looking back over at our friend, Ali's site, the flags are evidence of the wind
On the side, I made a salad as it needed to be eaten up. It wasn’t going to last another day. Supper couldn’t have turned out better. With a 6-minute NR, I pushed the MR and served it up. The sausages were perfect and juicy, the rice perfectly cooked and the salad, well, the salad was just fine too. We had our jell-o for dessert right away so we could load the dishes in the dishwasher tonight. It was time to have it run again.

This was a wonderful supper!
The rest of the evening was typical. Bill watching tv, Live PD tonight, me finishing my blog post and then joining him. Outside, the winds were calming down a bit and I think the rain had stopped. We were looking forward to a nice day tomorrow. We have some standard chores to take care of so why not pop in and see how the day goes?
And one last sky picture
Good night!

Thank you for checking in on our Saturday. You can leave a comment if you’d like, I enjoy reading them.
One quick note: Thank you all for the prayers for Mom. My sister visited her today and she was all smiles. The nurse was able to get her to take her pills and her Resource drink. Hopefully, she ate some lunch. Thanks again. 


  1. Wonderful your Mom is feeling better. Makes for a good day. Enjoyed your and Kim's visit this morning. Proud to show the White Lion off. It was windy today but no sand around here. Sorry, I missed HH, but had lots to do and it wore me out. See you tomorrow for sure and it should be a nicer day. I hate being cold too!

    1. Thank you Doug, she will bounce up and down a lot so I need to get used to that.
      We enjoyed the tour, you have a lovely rv.

  2. Glad to hear Mom is doing better. Hey, there's nothing better in my book than shopping!! That's a nice mall you have there. Everything here is WAY too expensive! I'm curious about your rice recipe. I hear about so many rice failures in the IP, I've never tried it.

    1. Thank you. I love that shopping mall too.
      As for the rice recipe: I just followed the instructions on the bag but did it in the inner pot on top of the meat. I don't use the Rice feature, just Manual. :)

  3. Glad Mom is feeling better, hopefully just a little blip. Oh you know I love Ross, got the cutest pair of shorts there last year there. Wish I would have had time to go shopping there too :) Nice you got the tour of the White Lion, very impressive isn't it?! Yeah I'd have moved inside too. Googled your Miami Vice, sounds like a great treat!!

    1. Thank you Shirley. It may happen a lot but as long as she has good days when she eats too, that is all we can ask for.
      Doug's 'home' is awesome and the Miami Vice was special.

  4. It was an enjoyable morning shopping with you.... and a fun Happy Hour!

  5. Good news about your mom, hopefully she continues to improve :-) We think the desert rain smell is mesquite and creosote, I love the smell.

    1. Thank you, I hope so too.
      Funny about the rain smell, but yes we like it too.

  6. Sorry to hear your mom isn't doing. I hope she is able to rally for awhile yet.