Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Sightseeing Day, You Gotta See It and We Did (Collage Day)

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven CA
On Tuesday, Feb. 18th Bill and I had planned to go to see a few things in California. Slab City, Salvation Mountain and make the trip around the Salton Sea. We informed Keith a few days ago and he thought it would be a good day as we weren't the only ones who said 'you gotta go there'. We were up at 6:30, Bill had a shower and we each had a nibble of Cheerios for breakfast. We left the Suite at 8 to pick Keith and Oreo up. There was no reason that she couldn’t come along.

No sunrise this morning
but a collage of our views down the road
To make it brief, it didn’t quite turn out as planned. We DID get to see these things but my gps wouldn’t connect and Bill’s couldn’t find either place so we kind of did the ‘wing it’ thing. Poor Keith, I feel bad when someone is with us and things happen. We made a  couple of travel errors and missed a turn here and there. Drat! But we did find Salvation Mountain and I thought that was pretty cool. We couldn’t walk on the Yellow Brick Road as it was due for some repairs, but Bill and I walked around and up the dirt path for pictures. 

Niland and arriving at Salvation Mountain

Lots of things to take pictures of at Salvation Mountain
They don't do it justice though
We drove around Slab City, which is what you do, and got a different view of how some people, down and out, are living. It looked different than both Bill and I had expected but it was a ‘must-see’ off our check list and we're glad we went. From there, we drove further on CA111 to Bombay Beach and took a walk down to the Salton Sea. Some smell, yes, but not unbearable. Bob and Ken had mentioned the creative display someone put up on their private property so we drove around town to find that and take a picture.

Slab City
It's best to visit it yourself to form your own opinion
Bill and I are glad to have seen it now
We mentioned taking Keith to Borrego to see some of the sculptures but he wasn’t overly keen so we just drove to the northern tip of the Sea, connected to #86 and came down the west side. On the way west past the Hot Springs at Holtville, Bill tooted and we waved to our friends, Lori, Roland, Oscar and Judy, but I don’t know if they heard. It was a long day. Oreo was the best puppy! She laid down in the back seat with her Daddy and other than a few soft nuzzles on my neck, she hardly moved.

Bombay Beach and the Salton Sea

A private artist, created this at Bombay Beach
We’d stopped where #111 and #86 met, in the Denny’s parking lot for our lunch since we’d all taken sandwiches. The day was a hot one, 81F this afternoon. Close to home we texted Ken and Kim to see where they were at and invited them for Happy Hour. I hope Doug wanders and finds us as we don’t have his phone #. Around 3:30, or was it 4?, he did exactly that. He was walking by with Yuma. We chatted for a bit before he moseyed on home, wishing us a good afternoon. He's pretty worn out, still.

It is hard to see Keith and Oreo in the collage above so here they are again
Oreo would snuggle on my shoulder
Kim, Ken, and Bill sat mostly in the shade although I did enjoy the sunshine during Happy Hour. When Kim had finished her drink, I brought her out a teaspoon with Vanilla Bean ice cream to taste. She liked it! Around 5, we said goodnight and they walked back home. Bill and I sat inside until almost 6 before starting supper. I felt worn out and while he worked on his model for a bit, I know I read a couple of chapters and then dozed in my chair. I had 3 haddock filets out, almost thawed now.

The drive home
Bill wanted fries with the fish so that was his job. He opened the Fry Daddy box and I added 4 cups of e.v.o.o. The rest was up to him and I heated the oil in a fry pan at the same time. I used Fish Crisp to coat the pieces and everything was done at the same time. Supper was very good and we cleaned up the mess from frying inside. Bill found the movie Notting Hill and while our regular programs were recording, we watched it together.

As we turned at Holtville, I tried 3X to get this water tower
on the bumpy roads
Bill got his Fry Daddy this week and is all smiles

Pretty much perfect fish and perfect fries tonight
The rest of the evening went quietly. We had a pretty good day today and saw some things we’ve not seen before.

I had to close with these cute pictures of Oreo
What a good girl she was today in the truck
Good night!
Thank you for stopping by to see what we’ve done. Your comments are always welcome.


  1. I'm glad you three and Oreo got to see Slab City and Salvation Mountain. I never tire of walking through Salvation Mountain. Just beautifully done. Great picture of Keith and Oreo at the Salton Sea. Sounds like you had a long day of sightseeing and those always make special memories.

    1. It was an item off the bucket list and Bill and I really enjoyed the day.

  2. These are places I've read about for several years now and ones I hope we can see when we get to the area. Thanks for the great info and pictures.

    1. We still believe it is worth a trip. Borrego Springs too to see the sculptures would make it even more worth the longer drive.

  3. I do believe Slab City and Salvation Mountain are the most interesting places around. Cell phone and GPS don't always work well there. Everyone should go at least once!!
    I do love Tillamook vanilla bean, especially when it's on pie!! Glad Bill got his Fry Daddy. There's nothing better than fried fish!!!

    1. We were keen to have seen those interesting spots. Keith said we saw it 3X. First, Last and Never Again. He wasn't as keen. :)
      The ice cream is yummy and so was supper.

  4. Fry Daddy..... I thought you had an air fryer. Slab City looks very interesting and could be a bit creepy at the end of day I would think. Did you see any people while you were there or do they all hide inside when strangers come acallin.;-)

    1. The air fryer is fine but Bill missed his deep fried french fries. LOL He's wanted one since last winter so we found one.
      The residents don't hide, they are very proud of what they have and where they live. I didn't take too many pictures, some are living in squalor. It was early so not too many out but they are very friendly. Usually a lady offers peanut butter sandwiches so they don't have much but will share. :)

  5. Thank you for the visit...not really someplace Ken and I want to visit, but love seeing the pictures through other peoples eyes! Dinner looks yummy. Congrats Bill on your fry daddy..reminds me of George :) Oreo is a cutie! Hoping to see you for Happy Hour in the next day or so :)

    1. It isn't for everyone, but we had it on our list. :)
      Seeing you for H.H. would be wonderful!

    2. We're hoping Thursday..I'll be in touch!! :)

  6. We visited Salvation Mountain, Slab City, and the Salton Sea a couple of years ago. Would we go again probably not but we are still glad we did. It is one of those things you need to see yourself. It is a long day and reading your post reminded me of just how long it was when we did it. That Oreo is certainly a good puppy.

    1. Exactly! it was a long enough day for sure. :)
      Oreo was so good.

  7. I agree with Ken & Shirley. Not some place we'd want to visit but I've always enjoyed the photos other post. Makes it seem like I've been. Haha. Oreo looks so happy to be included. The Salton Sea is something that has to be experienced. Glad you folks had a great day.

  8. Thank you, we're glad we went and I'm happy to post the pictures for those of you who prefer not to go. :)

  9. if never seen before, yes, salvation mountain and slab city is a must. lol