Monday, February 24, 2020

Last Mexico Trip, New Location for Happy Hour, Hot Weather

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
On Monday, Feb. 24th we were up before 7 and I went for my walk almost right away. It was 50F/10C so similar to the weather our Ontario family and friends experienced yesterday. I didn’t need to bundle up other than my hoody and windbreaker. The winds were almost non-existent. Bill had his shower while I was walking and when I returned, I had my tea and got washed up myself. Bill had a bowl of cereal as we were going out for the morning.

A collage of the sun rise today
My walk around the park this morning
We picked Ken and Kim up for one more adventure into Los Algodones this season. It would be the finale trip and it was all for pleasure today. First thing, Bill got his haircut and a good one for $4 plus a beard trim for $2. Boy, he is looking spiffy now! Some cuts are better than others and she didn’t have much choice but to make it a good one as his wife was watching – closely. She did great and asked my opinion when she was finishing. 😊

Bill saw this little birdie behind us playing in the sprinkler
Taking those last steps into Mexico this season
Ken and Kim had been shopping, picking up last minute gifts for home and then we trooped around, doing the same thing. We exchanged cards with Andy, our tour guide and greeter, before saying ‘goodbye, see you in December!’. He is a very nice man and always makes us feel welcome. 

If you have never been to Mexico, this is a bit of what you're missing
The colours of Los Algodones are beautiful
It was around 11 when we were done gift shopping and headed for the Paraiso open court restaurant for lunch/breakfast and – say it with me – M A R G A R I T A S!! Ola!

We had to go once more for strawberry margaritas
Bill, Ken and I ordered breakfast from the menu and Kim opted for a lunch meal instead. They were all good and I was hungry for it. We stopped at the Purple Pharmacy so I could get a couple of bottles of my shingles pills and 4 tubes of cream. The sun was hot and we all agreed that it was a perfect day for our last trip over the border. There wasn’t too much of a line to cross back into the U.S. and it was moving quickly Half hour later we were at the truck. We dropped our friends off and scooted home.

We go for the shopping, the food and the fellowship
Kim is a trooper and posed eating her tostada for the camera
Plans were to meet and drive to the blm behind us to Doug’s for Happy Hour. He hasn’t hosted before so we thought that was a good idea. He was keen for that. While Bill did some online stuff and took a nap, I rode my bike up to work on the puzzle for an hour. Ken offered to drive and picked us up around 3. Doug was ready for us and we settled on his patio with the sun at our backs. He offered for us to move to the north side of the White Lion for shade but we stuck it out in the heat until almost 5.

Happy Hour at Dough's site
Yuma was kept inside until we were settled
This is a really nice spot, facing south
where no one else should be parked
Back home Bill and I just chilled until 6 when he lit the Weber Q to grill burgers. I got the condiments out inside and we were eating by 6:30. The burger was good and although I reheated the leftover shrimp to share, it wasn’t that great. We each had some ice cream and I added crushed walnuts to mine. We got the dishes out of the way while watching the first episode of The Voice.

The pretty bougainvillea along the fence as we waited
to cross back into the U.S.

What intrigued me was how ironic: a beautiful flower
fighting through a barbed wire fence to survive
Bill and I like his new trim
The compulsory hair cut picture
This was a fun day. The morning in Mexico finalized things we needed over there and then a new location for Happy Hour. Doug was too shy to invite us so we invited ourselves!

The weather was perfect with just enough wind, occasionally to cool us down when we needed it. The high temperature today was 81F/28C and you can’t beat that.

The sunsets over the fence and our tree lights come on to light up our patio
Good night everyone

Thank you for your visit!


  1. Bill's haircut and beard trim do look nice. I think I better start looking for a barber. :)) Thank you again for having your HH at my place. Yuma and I both enjoyed the great company. I will make sure Dolly and I have passports next winter and ya'll can give us the grand tour of Los Algodones. Can't wait!

    1. This gal at L.A. did a nice job on Bill's hair. Not all of the barbers do.
      We enjoyed the HH yesterday. :)
      It would be great if you got a taste of Los Algodones, first timers get accompanied. :D

  2. Nice trim Bill. I do enjoy standing on the corners in Algodones and talking to the "guides". They really are friendly, very funny and nice to talk to. How's our tooth doing? Hope it's still good. Those margaritas should help!!

    1. Bill says thank you. The guides are really very nice and helpful.
      The tooth is no longer missed, I used a straw yesterday with no issues. :)
      The margaritas were delicious as always.

  3. Love the colors of Mexico! Those Margaritas look amazing along with the food..yum! Bill's haircut really does look good along with that smile of his :) Nice to invite yourselves over to Doug's. Ken's really good at inviting himself places too Sounds like a wonderful day all the way around!

    1. Me too! Bill's hair cut will be his last for a couple of months at least, it is nice and short. Doug was too shy to ask us over so I just barged right in! He said he couldn't believe he invited himself to your place for supper the other night. :) haha

  4. Looks like a perfect day sharing it with friends as you get ready to leave the area.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.