Saturday, February 1, 2020

More Laundry, Winds Pick Up, Pool, Shady Happy Hour

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
Saturday, Feb. 1st we had 2 things on the early agenda. One was to get a walk in together and then nip up to the laundry room and get another 2 loads of dirty clothes washed. The office doesn’t open until 9, officially, but when we drove up at 8:45, Bill was able to get a roll of quarters while I loaded the two machines. I guess they were open because of Saturday breakfast of biscuits and gravy. It was busy in the laundry room already and got even busier within the 2 hours I was up there.

This was taken last night after I posted
Looking our west end window
Bill had walked back to help Keith with something and then joined me to drive back home. I’d stopped to check out the books, according to my list of ‘want to reads’ on Goodreads but they didn’t have any of those. I found a Baldacci book that we haven’t read as well as a Margaret Atwood story. Back home, we put the clothes away, mostly Bill’s jeans and our sheets and then I made our breakfast of bacon and eggs.

On our walk, we noticed these 3 DRV units
2 were Mobile Suites and the furthest one in the picture
is a 44' Houston
Triple axle and huge!
Seems to be a mini convention!
After dishes, Bill drove up to Keith’s with his bigger tool box of screws etc. I brushed my teeth, washed and changed into my bathing suit. Today would be a good day to catch some rays by the pool before the cool down arrives on Monday. So, at 12 noon, I walked up. No one was there! So, I picked the chair I wanted away from where others like to gather and it was then I realized that I forgot my book.

From my position in the lounge chair at the pool
 So, I walked back to where Bill had parked beside Keith and since he was ready to drive back home, I hitched a ride. It meant another walk back up to the pool but I had reserved my chair so took it leisurely. I read quite a few chapters of my book before taking a dip and making a couple of laps in the cool water. It wasn’t actually cool but after sitting in the hot sun, it felt it. After that swim, I hurried over to the hot tub just for a dip. The wind cooled me down considerably.

Woops! Forgive the bare legs but it was hot hot hot!
I had a corner all to myself
By this time, 3 others had arrived. No sooner did I lay back on the lounger than 2 of the men got in the water and began a discussion. It was pleasant but when you are hoping for peace and quiet, men’s voices can really carry and you hear every word. Some women too, I’m not being biased, but these were men. I got smart and plugged in my little ear buds that we bought on the flight home from Cancun. I had about 8 of my favourite songs on my phone so listened to those as I relaxed. Perfect!

Oreo settled down for Happy Hour today
Around 2, Kim texted, inviting us for Happy Hour so I remained in position for another half hour before walking home. Bill was sitting at the table working on his model car and I went about packing a cooler with our drinks to take up to where the Journey was parked. 

Bill did the honours for H H pictures
My watermark is automatic when I download to Picasa
They have a lovely spot and we were able to sit in the shade. I was actually welcoming the shade today! Keith joined us with Oreo and Happy Hour carried on until 5:30 we got out of their hair. I didn’t mean for us to stay that long but we were enjoying ourselves.

Small but happy group
Just 5 of us today, 6 including Oreo
The sun had moved in so Kim and Ken were no longer shaded
Back home, hmm, what to have for supper. Both of us were feeling some effects from our drinks. Yes, I finished off my Iced CafĂ© Rum Chata. Just 2 glasses but it doesn’t take much for me in the heat of the day. I usually stop at one. Bill had a couple of rum which meant he was also enjoying himself. Good thing we don’t do that too often. 

Walking away, I remembered to turn back and take a picture of their site
Back to supper, what to have? I had spinach salad which was filling and quite good. Bill wanted grilled cheese so I didn’t begrudge him his choice.

Bill's grilled cheese
first time in a long time that we've had sliced bread in the house
With dishes out of the way by 7, we sat at our laptops and downloaded pictures while finishing my blog post for the day. Bill placed an order from Camping World for Keith and the rest of the evening was very low key. 

My spinach salad with Japanese dressing
was very good and quite filling
I was in bed last night by 8:00 with my book and asleep shortly after 8:30. I don’t really want to repeat that tonight so will do my best to stay awake. We’ve made some fun plans with the group of us for tomorrow. You’ll have to check back in then to see what’s happening. This was a wonderful hot day to welcome February in with a bang. We’ll take more of it, please!

Good night from the happy gang at Pilot Knob!

Thank you for your visit! We enjoy it when you stop by.


  1. It was a gorgeous day. Why would anyone want to live somewhere other than southern Arizona in the winter beats me. Glad they don't or it would mighty crowded. I did about the same today. Laid in the sun.

    1. I wonder the same thing, Doug.
      Glad to hear you're working in your tan!

  2. You're making us jealous because all we saw weree clouds and white stuff.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Sun.

    It's about time.

  3. I can't believe you are by the pool. It's way too cold here for that!! My oh my that grilled cheese looks good. Haven't had one in AGES! Hope you get to move to that other site soon!!

    1. It was 81f yesterday! Hottest yet!
      Bill enjoyed his sandwich too!

  4. Another great day in the AZ sun. Looking forward to checking some of that weather out as well.

  5. Looks like another great day in AZ! WE had 71 degrees yesterday, so beautiful and then today it's 34 feels like 27 this am and getting colder tomorrow. OH well...I"ll be jealous of the heat there! Great Happy Hour, sure missing those! Spinach salad looks awesome!

    1. Yeah what a change. Just a few cooler days i hope!
      The salad was good and good for me. Haha

  6. Sounds like you are totally enjoying your time back at Pilot Knob. The weather has certainly been wonderful.
    Do you ever think the wash is caught up...LOL
    Say hi to the gang for us. Enjoy!

  7. Good times here and good weather.
    We've done 4 loads and still have towels ro do.