Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Men’s Day Out, Sunshine Returns, Oreo Gets a PlayDay

Winterhaven, CA
Bill was up out of bed on Tuesday, Feb. 11th as soon as his alarm sounded. I heard it but rolled over, grateful not to have to get up yet. It was only 5:45. When he was done in the shower and had moved downstairs, I got up and joined him. He would be leaving for the day at 7 and I didn’t want to miss seeing him off. It was a very windy morning and although mild at 51F, I felt chilled and turned the heat pump up a couple of degrees.

After a day's rest the sun came up for the full day
Bill, Ken and Keith were driving to San Diego, CA today for a tour of the USS Midway museum ship. The Midway is an aircraft carrier that was in service for 47 years before being decommissioned in 1992. They’ve all talked about going and decided to make the 3 ½ hour drive (- hour CA time) today. When they started talking about it, I thought of the long day and that meant Oreo would need company. I offered to look after her, here at home. Bill had some cereal and walked up to Ken’s site to catch his ride.

Our site dried up nicely
I was going to go for my walk but waited until 8 after the sun was up and warming up the land. There were still a few large puddles I needed to avoid in the park but I managed to dodge them and get a mile and a half walked. On the way back home, I stopped and picked up Oreo’s rope so I could tie her up outside on our patio. She loves the outdoors which made it easy for me to offer dog-sitting. I’m glad the weather is favourable today or the scenario would be different.

Look at this pretty face

We walked into the desert
It was around 9:30 when I walked up to get her. She was on their bench in the 'Lunar Landing' (Keith’s name) and was very gentle when I clipped her leash on and brought her out. She was excited, naturally, and curious. 

Even the sand showed signs of a heavy rain
(Oreo left her footprint too)
Taking care of business, she was walking very nicely with me so I took her through the gate to the desert and around the park to the front entrance. She behaved so well that I wouldn’t hesitate  taking her for a stroll again.

I moved her bed around a few times
to where she wouldn't get tangled in it
 Once back home, I sent Bill a couple of pictures so Keith knew she was in good hands and had a nice walk. I clipped her to the rope at our step and after enjoying the grass under the Suite she laid down on her bed in the sun for a good part of the morning. Oreo doesn’t bark at other dogs and she doesn’t tug at her tether when activity takes place around her. She just watches the goings on quietly like a good dog. This was an easy responsibility today and I was getting familiar with Keith's best friend.

Loyal and Mary were trimming trees all around our site
they were back and forth within 25 feet of  where Oreo sat
 With my post started, I made a coffee and then warmed up a bit of oatmeal with an apple for brunch. It was 12 noon already! I’m quite enjoying this Margaret Atwood book, surprising myself. It is sometimes hard to break from the norm so my head isn’t always in the best place to try new things. I’ll watch for A Handmaid’s Tale next as it is high on the recommendation list. Around 1:30, I paid some attention to Oreo and then walked up to the puzzle room.

 Oreo showed no sign of disturbance
They were 'ho-hum' to her and she'd lay her head down again
I know she’ll be fine as Keith often wanders off when she is outside. I worked away for an hour with Carmen and we got along well, staying out of each other’s space. Occasionally she asked for my help to find a piece, which I obliged. 😊 She said, “you just point to the piece and I’ll put it in. That way I’ll feel like I’m accomplishing something!” She’s a nice lady and we got a lot done before we left.
Oreo loved the sunny spot
Kim texted around 2:30 and asked if I was up for a visit. I needed to get back and check on the ‘baby’ as Elva fondly called her anyway so told Kim to come along. Oreo was fine and happy to see me. That meant more jumping up than I like so I had to be firm to keep her down. I’m not as good at that as Keith is but not for lack of trying! She got a couple of small treats and then (and only then) would she accept the dish of water I offered her. Smart cookie, she is.

I took this sunset picture from the doorway
When Kim was on her way, I went out to hold Oreo from jumping on her. Because I knew she would settle down if we were out of sight, we sat inside. The wind was a tad cool anyway and Kim only had a light sweater on. We had a nice visit, just the two of us, and it was around 4 AZT/3 PT when Bill texted to say they had left the museum and were looking for a place to have ‘supper’. It was close to 5 when Kim left and I walked with Oreo outside the fence around the park once more.

Supper by myself tonight
but it was very good
Bill and I had pie after he got home
She deserved a couple more treats and a nice drink of water. I left the outside door open and she really wanted to come inside. Her Daddy wouldn’t be too much longer. Inside, I filled my water bottle and sat with my book. Supper for me would be simple. Leftover beef stew with some cauliflower and a bun. Since it is Tuesday night, our tv night, I made sure to have the satellite dish turned on so recordings would take place. I probably will watch This is Us.
My favourite picture of the day
Supper was good and after cleaning up dishes, Bill texted that they were 2 + hours away. I'd decided to take Oreo home to her own bed before it gets dark so around 6:30, I walked her up. She went in easy, up onto her couch bed. I said goodnight to her and closed the door. That’s when I heard her jump up on the bed. I popped the door open again to turn the light off and there she was up there, cute as a button. From there I walked to the puzzle room and was surprised to see Carmen walk in ahead of me. She was going to play horseracing in the clubhouse and was biding time.
I took this close up from our bedroom window

The puzzle is coming along nicely

Walking back home in the dark
I'm glad the park has street lights

Red horizon

We put even more pieces in and now I’m going to have to go up in the morning to work on it before it is done. When it comes to puzzles, I don’t concede well, in case you haven’t noticed! When I stepped out, the red sky was resting on the horizon and it was dark. That happened fast so obviously I’d taken Oreo home just in time. I walked back home just in time to watch my program. Bill walked in the door around 8 pm and had had a good day too. We watched some tv together after discussing our day.

A dark picture of the Suite with Bill's lights
Good night!
Thank you for dropping in to see what we got up to today.


  1. Oreo is a cutie and sounds like you both had a nice day together. Loved the Midway when we went after Seth's graduation. Glad the guys took the trip! There's way too much to see! Dinner looks yummy! How fast the sun sets!!

    1. We all had a great day, Oreo included. :)
      The guys really enjoyed the Midway. Kim and I just want to see the beautiful scenery of San Diego!

  2. Oreo is a good dog, I'm sure you enjoyed having her around too. Have a good day!