Friday, February 28, 2020

Laundry, Poker Pool, Pack Up, Happy Hour with Friends

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
It was a cloudy morning on Friday, Feb. 28th but I did espy the sun peeking through the streaks of clouds on the horizon. Looked like a bit of a battle was going on but the telltale sky was an indication of who would be the winner. We drove up to the laundry room and put 2 loads in. First in, first out, the way we like it. Actually, no one else was around again. Bonus!

Good morning
Back home, I made my tea, Bill had already had a coffee before you know who crawled out of bed at 6:30. When I finished drinking it, I walked up to move the sheets, towels etc. into the dryers and then went to work on the puzzle. I don’t think it will be finished today but I’d like to make a good effort. Carmen says I can’t leave until it is finished! Won't she be surprised tomorrow!😊 

Bill joined me to help bring things back home in Black Beauty and once things were put away, I made the bed. Hmmm, nice fresh smelling sheets. It’s not an outdoor smell but instead the fresh smell of Downy from my soaked tea towels. It is almost time to soak them again. At 9:45, after a sink wash, I walked back up to the clubhouse, this time for Poker Pool. There was a good turnout, 13 of us, so we needed both tables.

                                   When I returned from Poker Pool, things were all put away

I played well for the first game but then it went downhill from there. Still, not the only loser again today. Yay! Everyone is very kind when they know someone who has been participating in things is leaving. I received a few great hugs and had to promise that we’ll be back next winter. Yup, all things considered, that is our plan. I was surprised (well, knowing Bill, not really) when I returned to see that everything outside was neatly put away except our patio chairs. Need those later today!

The seating area outside the laundry room
is very comfortable
Bill was busy in my absence and had just nicely finished and made a coffee before I walked in. I made one and joined him. It was almost noon hour so I poached some eggs and made toast. It was nice for a change and since Bill had munched on a breakfast bar earlier, I knew it would be enough. I sent an email to Cheri about us walking over to meet them after lunch and left the Suite a bit after 12:30 to do that. Funny, we’ve never met but it just seemed like the right thing to do – we hugged ‘hello’.

Poached eggs on rye toast
We sat inside their lovely Big Horn and got to know each other better than what the blogs allow us to do. I’d told that I’d help Carmen with the puzzle before I left so we only stayed at our new friend’s for about 45 minutes. We didn’t leave until we’d extended an invitation to them for Happy Hour at Site 166. We walked back to the Suite and Bill stretched out in his recliner for a snooze. He’d worked harder than I did this morning so I guess he deserves it!

Gradually the clouds broke up and the sun was winning
I walked up to the puzzle room and worked away popping pieces in. Carmen joined me a bit later until I had to leave at 2:30. Happy Hour waits for no one! I packed our cooler and we wandered over with our chairs for 3 o’clock. It wasn’t more than 10 minutes before Dean and Cheri joined us. Smiles all around as we all love to meet new friends and fellow bloggers too. After introductions, we fell into a familiar banter as everyone got to know each other.
New blogger friends
Dean and Cheri
Doug and Yuma arrived within another few minutes and it was just like a group of longtime friends rehashing life stories. Cheri made sure that she had Doug’s and Ken’s blog information so she could follow their stories too. The sun was hot and by 4:30, Cheri and I were cooking in its warmth. This weather is the best they have had on their journey so I don’t think she minded it at all on her back. I could have moved but I didn’t. I wasn't about to complain about the heat here. 

Happy Hour
Kim, Ken, Doug, Yuma, Bill and Dean

That's Cheri way on the far side, she was missed in the first picture
When we said goodbye to everyone, I felt a bit sad. We are ready to move on, after a month, but now that we’ve just met new friends who will be here longer, it makes it harder. I’m just tickled that their trip brought them to Yuma, we have never been this close to each other so it was perfect, even if only for one day. It makes a world of difference now, knowing them personally. Ken extended the invite for them to join in the H H for the next couple of days and I thought that was very nice.

There are still RV washes going on in here
For supper, back home, I fried up 2 fish fillets and cooked some carrots for me and corn for Bill. Holy cow, that was a lot of carrots but I wanted them cleaned up so I ate them all. Supper was very good and we had dishes taken care of by 6:30. I caught up on my blog post before taking a walk back up to the puzzle room. One more shot at it and at least I’m not afraid to walk back in the dark here in this park. I feel very safe and know a lot of guests here.

Supper was good
No way could I finish it but I really enjoyed this one
I returned home to my sweetie at 7:45 and the rest of the evening was quiet. With pictures downloaded and my blog done, I sat with my book for as long as I could read without falling asleep. It feels weird that we are moving tomorrow after sitting here for a month. But it is time. We are leaving the Yuma area and heading further north in the morning. Please check in with us tomorrow to find out where we end up. This was another wonderful day.

And a bit of a pretty Arizona sky tonight
Good night all!
Thank you for popping around!


  1. It's always nice when you get to meet blogger friends in person. Safe travels.

  2. Thank you Patsy and Bill for stopping by, and for inviting us to join Happy Hour with you and your friends. We had a great time and hope we have the chance to meet up with you again, somewhere down the road.
    Yes, even though we had never met personally, we've blogged with each other for such a long time, it seemed right to share hugs.
    Safe travels, as you make your way home.

    1. It was our pleasure to pop around and we are so happy to have met you both. Glad you could join our group for HH too, they are a great bunch!
      Enjoy your time in this area and park and safe travels to you too!

  3. It is rather sad to leave your new and old friends. Safe travels as you head North!! You'll be able to see really well since eating all those carrots! LOL They do look pretty delicious!

    1. Parting is such sweet sorrow. :)
      I used my great 'carrot' sight to get home in the dark last night.

  4. What a great last day! It's always nice to meet new blogger friends :) Yes, I agree hugs are in order when you meet them :) Beautiful weather you are having, hope it continues for you. Beautiful sunset pics! I hope Dean and Cheri take Ken up on his invites for Happy Hour. :) Travel safely!

    1. It was a wonderful last day. Got things done and still have lots of fun during the day.
      So nice to meet Dean and Cheri after following each others blogs for a while. ;)

  5. Safe travels today! I'm looking forward to seeing where you land. :)

  6. Safe travels today. Going to miss you two. I've learned a lot about the social side of RVing and I thank you for it Patsy. Both of you are special people. We'll carry the HH tradition on.

    1. thank you, Doug. those were some mighty fine words you've said and I appreciate that too. We will miss you as well. Go, Happy Hour!

  7. What a beautiful patio by the laundry room. That is a really nice RV park. Goodness....I'm kind of sad you are moving on. Silly me. Have a safe trip! Elva Shannon

    1. It is a beautiful spot to wait for your laundry. Don't be sad, we'll be back next winter! Thank you, Elva.