Wednesday, February 26, 2020

A Visiting Morning, Lazy Afternoon, Special Birthday

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
On Wednesday, Feb. 26th we woke up together, around 6:30 and got up to greet another beautiful day. We had one important thing FIRST on our morning agenda. So, I dialed the number of our buddy, Pat, back home. It was an original version of HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! in unison. 

Happy Birthday, Pat!

Let me tell you, she must have been so surprised to hear such lovely voices in the morning! 😊 She thanked us heartily for the phone call and we said goodbye.

Sun rise on a Wednesday
Bill had another phone call to make right away. He called Camping World to cancel the delivery of a second toilet! Yes, yesterday afternoon he got an email from them stating that our toilet would be shipped within the next day or two. Remember that we already have our toilet installed in the Suite. LOL how do these places stay in business? We don’t need another toilet and were only charged for one. It isn’t as if it was an Instant Pot or anything that I might be tempted to keep! This should be taken care of immediately, or so Durell assured us.

More than a buzzing overhead had me looking up
I went for a morning walk alone and Bill had his shower while I was gone. We had a bite to eat; toast for Bill and Cheerios with cream for me, before making ourselves a coffee for the road. At 10:30 MT we left to meet Lori, Roland, Judy and Oscar who are camped at Holtville Hot Springs LTVA. 

The drive to Holtville is very pretty
And on the wind swept sand hills, a few quads were 'playing'
It was busy enough for a Wednesday
We wanted to be sure to see them before we leave the area on Saturday. It was great to see them all and we had a very nice visit. Thank you, Lori, for the delicious bran muffins!

This is where Oscar, Judy, Roland and Lori
are set up this winter
We left around 1 MT and settled in at home for about an hour and a half before Happy Hour. The sun was gorgeous and it was a warm 66F so I put my shorts on and sat outside with my book. Bill snoozed inside; he was the one to have a bumpy night’s sleep last night. It was only for about an hour that I was out there but I enjoyed the peacefulness and managed to read a few more chapters. I dropped off for a few minutes too.

Roland, Oscar, Judy, Lori and Shatzi, Patsy

And then sweet little Shatzi game me her own personal pose
When I came inside at 2:30, I mixed us up blended Miami Vice drinks which tasted more like Pina Coladas. I didn’t mind that at all and I don’t think Bill did either. They were tasty drinks for a change. Doug had gone into town today and texted to let us know that he wouldn’t be joining us for Happy Hour. We all hope he had a good day and managed to get a few things taken care of on his shopping trip.

Hot Springs Long Term Visitor Area
We had a nice visit and managed to cover ground on a lot of movies that we’ve watched and enjoyed over the years. We all have favourites and the more we talked, more titles were mentioned. Some books were discussed too and now I need to go to the clubhouse before we leave and see if a couple that Ken has read are still up there. It was close to 5:30 when we said goodnight after making plans for one more trip into Yuma tomorrow.

Back home, these little birds were enjoying the seed bell
Bill and I waited until 6 before he lit the Weber and heated up the Fry Daddy. There were a few fries and a few hash browns in the freezer to eat up and we’d bought 2 Bacon wrapped Tenderloin filets for grilling. Bill had the Hickory Smoked and I had the Peppered flavor. Inside, I cooked some mixed veggies. As it turned out, the steak were perfectly cooked and even though the fries were tasty, they were a little too crunchy. The next bag will not be the crispy flavor.

I love the 'step' levels on the Pilot Knob mountains behind us
For dessert, I had dished up the last of the Jell-o so we were cleaning up a few things tonight. That will make room in the freezer for more when we shop tomorrow. Bill washed the dishes and I dried and put them away. Now it was time to sit and watch some tv. Tonight, we watched Live PD and then we chose America’s Top Dog for something new to watch. Bill relaxed after dishes and switched to a couple of our recorded programs.

Supper for tonight

This has been a great day today with perfect weather. It was great to see our Dryden friends before we all head home. That was on our 'must do' list while here.

Good night from Pilot Knob Resort
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  1. A very nice day to be outside. Glad you were able to go visit your friends while you are still in the area. Won't be long before you two start creeping North. Time is moving so fast and I'm not nearly ready to start heading home. Sorry I missed HH. Hope we can have it at my place tomorrow afternoon.

    1. It was a lovely day with the winds keeping us moderated. :)
      Time sure has flown by! It does that when you're having fun.
      You were missed at HH but we knew you'd have some news as a result.

  2. Extremely windy and cold here!!! Channel 4 Tucson said possibly snow Tuesday. I’m dreaming of Yuma sun!!!

    1. If it wasn't for your construction, it would have been a good time to return to Yuma.

  3. What a great day! Nice you visited your friends at Holtville! Nice Happy Hour at home. Miami Vice sounds yummy and of course your beer margaritas yesterday. Another busy day today and then it's hard to believe that come Saturday another month has gone by! How does that happen, I guess by living the good life! Enjoy!

    1. The drinks don't exactly taste like M.V. but they are smooth and delicious. :) Nice on a hot 'winter' day. haha
      We are certainly enjoying the good life, aren't we all!?

  4. Glad you had another wonderful day in the southwest.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the warmer temperatures.

    It's about time.