Monday, February 3, 2020

Mexico for Dentist and Shopping, Surprise Call at Happy Hour

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
On Monday, Feb. 3rd we were making an appearance downstairs at 6:30. With another batch of shingles that appeared late yesterday afternoon, I was slow moving this morning. First full day is painful but I applied my cream, took a pill and I left Bill at home and went out for a brisk walk. Don’t focus on it, I tell myself, and it isn’t such a big deal.

Some people may say "another sunrise picture?"
I say, "Yes!" it makes my day to see the sun come up

Once more from across the park
The nicely trimmed palm fronds sway in the sunlight
We left the house around 8:30 after getting cleaned up for the day. The weather people got it right when they forecast cooler weather. It has arrived and after sleeping through with no heat last night, Bill had turned our heat pump up enough to take the chill off the Suite. It was 57F outside and 64F inside. The problem was the wind. It was gusting between 14 – 20 mph. and we were happy to have chosen our jackets before we left home.

After my walk, there is the Suite, 4th down the row
hopefully only for one more day
Today, we drove to pick Keith up and headed to Los Algodones for Bill’s 9 o’clock dental appointment. The endodontist was finishing his root canal now that the abscessed area had healed. Keith and I left him in the waiting room and we walked around the vendors. It was cool out there and every so often the gusts of wind would have me closing my eyes, even behind my glasses, to prevent the sand from getting in.

Mexico border
I had a mission and with Keith’s help, I was successful in getting grandchildren’s gifts before we headed back to meet up with Bill. His appointment was delayed by a surgery that Dr. Hernandez had to tend to prior to 9 am but other than that, Bill came out smiling and happy with the results. He will be going back tomorrow for a root canal on the tooth right beside it. Not something I envy at all. Keith and I are prepared to wander the streets again and I appreciate the company while we wait.

Marlon Brando painting up a storm in Snowbird Alley
Back in Arizona, we went to Sam’s Club for coffee, bacon and a couple of other items and then to Hobby Lobby so Bill could pick up the paint he needs to finish his model car. While in there, I checked out the wool, 30% off, and came out with 3 balls for a new project. When we returned home, we were famished and tired out. I’d already managed to meet my steps requirement for the day and it was only 12:30!

The colours of Mexico
Entering Yuma and
the stars and stripes blowing in the strong wind
I made us sausages and eggs for lunch and I had mine in a wrap. Ooh, that was good! We dozed in our chairs, one of us better than the other (teehee) and read our books while listening to the wind howl. At 3, I texted Kim to see if there was any interest in getting together and of course, she said yes. With the cooler air and uncomfortable winds, we were invited inside their Journey. I texted Keith and extended the invite to him as well. 

The sand blowing in the desert masks the distant
Once we assembled in the coach, we called Suzie (at her request). Putting her on speaker, we all said hello and had a wonderful conversation. Her main message was that we don’t have to worry, she is doing fine. It was great to hear her uplifting voice as she moves on with her life.

Bill commented on this flag pole as it bends in the wind
Glad his isn't up in the elements today
We probably overstayed our welcome (again) but Kim and Ken didn’t seem to mind. 

Happy Hour in a cozy environment
Kim, Bill, Ken, Keith

Kim, Ken, Keith, Patsy
It was after 5:30 when we all said goodnight, parted ways and returned home for supper. I reheated our roast beef, gravy, veggies, the last potato and put some salad out. It was a filling meal and tasted very good. I love the gravy flavor! When dishes were done, I sat with this post and Bill sat to watch America’s Got Talent.

The clouds sure took over the sky today
We don’t always agree with the judge’s choices, but it is entertaining and now that they are down to 6 contestants, something we don’t want to miss. Bull was on next and we watched it together. This has been a full day and we have enjoyed every bit of it. I hope your day was great too.

A hearty meal of leftovers
Good night everyone!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. Glad you guys are staying busy. Not liking the pictures of long pants and sweaters though! It was neat that you got to talk to Suzie. She seems to be a very strong woman in her own right. She will survive I'm sure. Keep on having fun.

    1. Trust me, we don't like the long pants and sweaters either!! Just a couple days and the shorts will come back out!
      It was a nice surprise to hear from Suzie, she sounds great and said afternoons are better for her, not so emotional. Bless her heart.
      She was excited about shopping for furniture, Suzie who hates shopping! haha

  2. I never get tired of your sunrise (or sunset) pictures! Bring them on! I find myself looking for Bill in the group pictures and after a couple of glances I have to remind myself, oh yeah, he has a different look these days! Undercover Bill. LOL!!

    1. Thank you. That is too funny about Bill. I'm glad I recognize him as he crawls into bed beside me at night! hahahaha

  3. Maybe next year I can tag along with you to Algodones. I'm in need of some paint work and really don't want to go alone. So sorry you are plagued with the shingles. I wish I had some magic medicine for you. Hopefully the wind and cold will be gone this week!

    1. No maybe about it. Plan on coming with us to L.Algodones. It will be good fun and I sure don't blame you going alone.
      Thank you for the concerns about my shingles. Sometimes they are worse than others and yesterday was rough when I wore long jeans over them. Location makes a difference too.
      The cold and wind should be gone by Thursday. :D

  4. Where's your little three legged camera holder when you need it. Boy, did it cool off. At least you all are as far south as you can go. Glad Bill's dentistry problems are being resolved. Stay warm.

    1. I know! I miss my funky tripod!! We can't find it so it must have got left behind in Ptooties when she went in storage. I can't imagine how that happened. It sure did cool off!
      Thanks Doug, good luck today with the walk through. :D

  5. Oh that's so nice you talked with Suzie. We're glad to know she's doing well. :) Sounds like a nice morning in Mexico and always nice to have someone with you for sure. Too bad Bill's visit involves the dentist but sometimes it's just got to be done doesn't it?! What a great Happy Hour! I love sunrise and sunset pictures..keep posting!

    1. It was a nice phone visit with Suzie. She sound very chipper moving forward day to day.
      I'm getting the shopping done while Bill lays back in a chair, he's not too unhappy about that! haha He would rather be walking with us for sure. :)
      It was a good day to get part of the work done and a great happy hour to end the day.

  6. Really nice you all had a chance to talk to Suzie. Nice to hear she is doing well.
    Sounds like a good day in Mexico and the fun is continuing with Happy Hours.
    Always enjoy sunrise and sunset pictures. Now if the warm weather would rejoin us that would be even better. Though the sun and blue sky is wonderful...🌞

  7. I'll still take your cool weather over ours. It got down to -20C last night and hasn't warmed up much today though the sun is out. I went for coffee with friends this morning and they were laughing about my going through withdrawal as I would normally have been south for a week or two during January. Not this year...maybe next.

  8. Good to hear Suzie is doing well. It must be quite a transition for her.
    It sure is cold and windy here in Q as well. No snow though!!
    Hope Bill's dental issues are resolved soon. I managed to get an appointment with Dr Eva for next week.