Tuesday, June 16, 2020

A Sneak Peek at Summer, A Blast of Colour

The Ridge

Last night, I was in bed just after 9:30 as I couldn’t stay awake in my chair. It wasn’t a very interesting program either so that didn’t help. Bill and I had received a gift jar of CBD oil from our neighbor the other day. Somehow the conversation covered a lot of ground, as they usually do, and we got around to aches and pains and arthritis etc. She mentioned how well it works for her and her son saving $$ on medications.

Looking ahead to the bridge at the bottom of the hill
from the top of a hill
 She had made some up and offered a jar to us to try. If it would help Bill with his achy hands and shoulder (and now mine) we would be ever so grateful to her. So, last night we each took a tablespoon before bed. Needless to say, I slept so wouldn’t know if it worked but Bill was awake a few times and said it hadn’t helped. We won’t give up and will use it but we should notice a difference within 1 – 6 hours.

Some of the properties along this road are interesting
We often wish we could walk in and see what they are like
Today, Tuesday, June 16th we have passed the halfway mark for June and it just doesn’t seem possible. In a few days it will be a new season and the weather seems to be co-operating, finally. After a few cool nights, last night was 10C/50F so great for sleeping and waking up to. Bill’s alarm was set for 7 in case we slept that long (we did) and he got up to shower and get ready for work. He didn’t have to leave until 8 or so today which was nice.

I waited until he left and then went for my walk in the opposite direction. I took my walking stick as there are a couple of steep hills that way. I’m glad I had them, I was huffing and puffing on the way back. I managed just under 2 miles and that is a reach over my goal. Back home, I had my tea inside as I’d worked up quite a ‘glow’. There was no breeze and the sky was an absolute gorgeous shade of blue.

As I round the corner of the garden
each morning I like that it is filling in
I need to move some things to the 'hill'
I should water my vegetables up on the hill so hope I can maneuver the pump with my right arm. It will be awkward but will do my best. Actually, I will wait until after supper when the sun’s heat isn’t so intense on the plants. My left shoulder and bicep are very achy this morning when I move it so will not be doing any ‘heavy lifting’ today. Painting should be a good job as I’m right-handed. 😊

One thing that needed to be done today was cleaning our floors. Bill said not to vacuum with my shoulder acting up so I said I’d sweep. The broom does a good job on the carpet and the scatter rugs. That was my inside job done. It was around 9 that I went out and wiped the chairs down and got the paint out. I’ll start with one chair at a time. Because we are getting a bit ‘funky’ with them, I want to make sure we like the choice of colour before doing the second.

So, in case you forgot, these are the old chairs that I am painting
You have to wait until both are done before you see them though
Chippy isn't the only little 'imp', haha
Next thing I knew it was 12:15! Where the heck did the morning go? I was only half done one chair. Who knew it would be such a challenge but I think once you see it, maybe you’ll understand? Those edges of the seat and back boards required a smaller brush and a little more precision. I had about 3 brushes on the go and a wet rag for my mistakes. Not too many but enough to require the rag.

This one, I've named Casanova
I wore disposable gloves which was a smart move. I usually end up with paint all over my fingers but not today! So, I stopped for a lunch plate and thought I’d sit and read for a bit but the paint dried so quickly that I was able to carry on. They will need a second coat but I’m thinking we bought more paint than we needed. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll be touching up every summer. It’s very old wood that I’m painting on and it doesn’t matter how long it lasts. The chairs aren’t perfect.

And here, he is very friendly too
Why not? I have peanuts!
Mid-way through, I heard UPS coming down North Line and up the drive. He is a nice fellow but one of the fastest drivers on this road. I hope no turtles or geese are ever in the lane when he arrives. It was my Avon order and I’d been expecting it today. Was just telling Bill that I ordered his shower gel earlier. I like him so won’t say anything about his speed. I think all UPS, FedEx and Purolator drivers are on a tight schedule so I turn a blind eye.

Lunch break
Soon after, one chair was completed, with minor fun interruptions to feed Casanova. Yes, you had to know they would get named. I can only recognize Romeo, he’s the one with the black spot on his hip, but there is another one with no markings that is quite comfortable with me too. This is him, Casanova, eating out of my hand this morning.
I took a walk down the lane to get the mail. I know she stopped. 

I get unsettled when there is real mail. The kind of envelope where you know it is a lawyer, bank or someone you don’t know but it looks official. There was mail for Mom looking just like that. Oh-oh, now what? My Uncle Harold, Mom’s oldest sibling, passed in 2018 and his estate was settled a year and a half later with funds coming through to his brothers and sisters. U. Harold was a bachelor all 90+ years of his life.

As I sat on the patio in the shade,
Casanova was eating his peanut

Romeo is eating his peanut under the trailer
Turns out there were funds held back for solicitors, executors and to pay other expenses and there was money left to be distributed. I needed to sign and return a release, as did everyone else, to accept that this was finalized on Mom’s behalf. Big sigh of relief. You just never know. I remember years ago when I first became her POA receiving a not so nice letter. A loan for a Reverse Mortgage was due to be paid out of the sale of her home. Frightening, don’t get caught up in that situation!

My arm looks ridiculous but it is all about Romeo here
Top 3 pictures and bottom left he is eating
Bottom middle pictures, checking my hand for more
Bottom right - "okay, thanks, see ya!"
So, this was good news and once I have a witness to sign I’ll get it off in the mail. My uncle certainly did right by his siblings and/or the children of those previously diseased. There are only 3 sibs out of 7 left so a lot of my cousins received a nice sum. Things you aren’t expecting like that are a nice little surprise and I’m sure they are all appreciative. I’m appreciative that I still have my Mom in lieu of. 😊

If you look close at his back right hip, you'll see the little black mark

I started my post and decided on sausages for supper before sitting on the patio under the shade of the awning. What a perfect day! That was when Romeo paid me a visit so I slipped inside for his share of the peanut bag. I wonder if I could slip a little leash around his neck and take him for a walk down the lane? Ha ha, can you just picture that? I moved inside then and made myself a cup of creamy tea. Bill should be home soon.

The sausage was a bit spicy
Tasty supper
I went out and filled both watering cans for after supper watering and then got distracted with some weeds in amongst the flower garden. That’s when Bill pulled in the driveway, about 5:20. We sat on the patio for a short bit of catchup time and he approved of the newly painted chair. Yay! I’ll work on the other one tomorrow. Inside, I started supper and the Italian sausage with a cabbage salad was good. Bill had his in a bun and then we finished the meal with Jell-o.

No oranges but our Oriole is back for the hummer food
After dishes, I went up and watered my vegetables. The winds have been very low all day which has been a nice change. The awnings have been out since yesterday. This has been a really nice day and I got some stuff done while Bill had a good working day. My b-i-l called to make another date for supper at their place on Thursday. Sounds like a great idea again.

But only when the hummer wasn't drinking
Have a good night!

We watched some tv and the newest episode of America’s Got Talent.

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Looks like you were both busy today. Glad things are shaping up for you.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Those little beggers!!!! Sweet of you to have peanuts for them!! I know about those letters .... they usually mean it's going to cost us something. Glad yours was good news.

    1. Beggars indeed. I'd rather feed them peanuts than have them eat all of the bird seed. they still do both!!
      Thank you, the news was good and it was a relief.

  3. Can't wait to see the chairs! Paint always refreshes things for sure! Lunch and dinner both look yummy! Sure hope yours and Bill's shoulders etc get better. Drywalling always makes Ken's shoulders hurt! Glad it was good news! Glad you have your mom too, hoping you get to see her soon!

    1. Thank you for the comment, Shirley. I think you'll like the chairs. (Wednesday's post) :)
      Drywalling is very hard, the rest is just age! haha
      I do miss Mom and they are loosening up the restrictions but I don't know that I'm willing to have a Covid test. :(

  4. I'm not sure who has who eating out their hand. Those little chipmunks know how to get their treats!

    Have a good day!