Thursday, June 18, 2020

Carry On From Yesterday, Beautiful Weather and Introducing Colour!

The Ridge
We were awakened on Wednesday, June 17th (just for the record I don’t EVER remember days flying by like this when I was working!) by Bill’s musical alarm at 6:30. I lazed in bed while he had his shower and got up just before 7. Another gorgeous day on the horizon so I didn’t dawdle but got myself washed and left for town at 7:15 to clean.

On the way home, I stopped at McGowan Falls

Not much water coming over the dam right now

For small town falls, they are calming and pretty
 It was an uneventful hour but I couldn’t believe that one lady took up 9 washers! Sounds like her own machine is broken so she had no choice, but 9 loads? And they were full loads. Oh well. Good for the business! I had taken our 3 washable scatter mats in and couldn’t use the one designated for ‘dirty work clothes’ so took another one. I clean it out afterwards anyway and surprisingly it didn’t need anything extra. I was on my way home at 8:40.

The shore is dried up too
One day I'll have to drive down to the beach area

After a couple of spoons of my Liberte 10% fat yogourt, I had my tea. I wasted no time after reading a few blogs getting outside and got setup to carry on painting. One more chair and then a second coat to finish. Bill was very pleased with the first one so I was anxious to get them done. I might paint our patio table too, we’ll see. It has rust spots on it from something so needs a sprucing up.

The 'before'
The half way through process
Bill called about a granddaughter’s birthday card, whether I had one and how it needed to get in the mail today. I had planned ahead and had one ready to go but lost track of the days. Kudos to Bill for remembering! 😊 Without any stamps left, it meant a trip to town so I finished what I was doing, had a different lunch plate and drove in to the Post Office. The postmaster from Priceville is now working in Durham and I like him. He has that small town presence.

One first coat on one chair
Bill wanted orange and I wanted yellow or blue
so we compromised
We love it!
Then I turned left at the lights and went to Foodland for some oranges for the orioles. The price was ridiculous so I bought Grape Jelly instead. I found some Voortman’s no sugar cookies for me as well as Nutter Butters on sale for Bill. I know the Voortman’s are still carbs=sugar but sometimes I just want a bit of a guilt free cookie. Heading to the check-out, I saw that Zero Coke was finally on sale here in Durham so got a couple of cases for Bill.

cold sausage, carrots and cream cheese dip
shredded cheese, sauerkraut and olives
Back home, I made myself a coffee and headed back out to the paint ‘booth’. With pure determination, I kept at it until I got the second chair finished and our little patio tables started. By 4, I put stuff away and took a walk down the lane to collect whatever was left in our mailbox today. The flag was up when I came back but I like the excuse of a walk so seldom stop and get it when I’m driving. It was only the Home Hardware flyer but that’s okay too.

I put some grape jelly out but the orioles haven't found it
Are there any tricks I should know about?
I came inside and poured myself a cold diet ginger ale and took it out to my lounge chair. I had critter visitors so got up again, turned the portable solar panel to face the sun and got some peanuts and the Avon booklets. They are getting to be a disappointment; the prices are ridiculous and I can’t find some of the regular stuff from years ago. They went in the recycle bin. I may have to consider giving up my representative status.

Mrs. Yertle was taking a stroll up in our area
She circled around a couple of times before disappearing
"No water up here, Missy"!
As I was sitting there, Romeo came and so did another Chippy for a treat and then I put the bag away.  They don’t stop looking. I had situated myself so my face and head was in the shade and when the sun moved, I did the same. I tripped and went a** over lounge chair as I tried to move it but thank goodness, I came out the other side with no ‘damages’. LOL how quickly stuff happens, I, of course, tried and failed to save my fall so my wrist could have suffered. Just a bruised ego this time.

When we had our house, mourning doves were our most frequent visiting birds
Here, we seldom see them so a visit today was nice
I texted Bill that there were turtles around in the lane and to be watchful and he told me he was working to 5. That meant I had another hour before he returned so it was a good opportunity to hop in the shower. That felt great after being outside all day. I’ve planned a good but low-key supper for tonight. Scrambled eggs and mini sausages. Bill thinks that will be just fine too.

I love this brand of little sausages from Costco
We sat for a while before I started supper, we aren’t in a hurry these nights as I know he likes to rest a bit before eating.  It turned out yummy and filled us up. Later when Bill was making his lunch we had a couple of Girl Guide cookies. Chocolate is my favourite flavor but not in these cookies. Give me vanilla, anytime. 

I went out to close sheds up and had to  capture the sunset
The sun says goodnight to the Bunky
We watched tv together until 9 and then I went upstairs so he could watch a movie on the big tv. I had already decided I was too tired to finish posting my blog.

and to the fivers
Rob will be picking the Silverback up in the morning
So, I found a movie myself; Letters to Juliet. I’ve either read this story or perhaps seen it years ago. I enjoyed it again and managed to keep my eyes open, after a few false starts, until it ended at 10:45. I was asleep in no time after Bill came up at 11. Being out in the sun all day did me in, I suppose. 

My favourite picture of the day
 It was a wonderful day and I got the first coat done on both chairs and will do a second one in the morning.

Good night from the Ridge

Thank you for your visit.


  1. Love Love what you did with the chair!! Can't wait to see the set all together! Lunch again yummy and breakfast for dinner I love, Ken not so much LOL. 9 washers is ridiculous but nice she was in a not so busy laundromat at that time. Love the sunset pics!

  2. What a difference a little paint makes. Love the colour combination. The Orioles will eventually find the grape jelly and once they do, they'll keep coming back for more. Usually early morning and late afternoon is when they eat at our place. I put the jelly on a saucer close to the hanging feeder on the table under the gazebo. They even come during rain to eat.

  3. I love your last sunset shot, the one that is your favorite.

  4. The chairs are fun - love the colors you choose. I'm pretty sure there is a team (football, maybe) that uses those colors.

    Glad you didn't injure yourself in the fall. Have a good day!

  5. Love those fun colors on the chairs!!! Yeah I've done the tripping thing .... it sure makes you more careful!!