Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Lingering Rains, Dry Afternoon

The Ridge
On Wednesday, June 24th (how can it be Wednesday already?) Bill knew I didn’t have to get up so just let me sleep until I was ready to rise. I actually didn’t hear the alarm, if it went off, nor did I hear him get up, shower and move downstairs. At 6:30, I heard him pouring cereal into his bowl so I slowly roused myself and slipped into my housecoat.

I planned a shower after he left so didn’t bother getting dressed. Wearing something non-restrictive for a while was good for my leg. I’ve been pestered with two batches of shingles, since Saturday, one immediately following the other within an inch of each other. Good grief! There just isn’t a rhyme or reason why they appear. Last night they really made me uncomfortable even with the pill in me and the cream covering the spots. Sleep was a relief, let me tell you.

Bill left for work in the lingering rains this morning around 7:15, I think. He’s hoping they don’t have rain so he can get a full day in. I finished my tea, read blogs to see what our friends are all up to across our country and the U.S. I do miss seeing them so this is a wonderful way to stay in touch. I know they are all doing well. Still a few that we haven’t met (yet) but hopefully one day that will happen.

The garden was a real mess
I flipped the furnace on for a few minutes to take the chill of the Suite off. It was only 11C/52F outside this morning. Crazy weather! Sunday we were longing for some heat relief. When the bathroom had warmed up, I had my shower and when finished scrubbing it down, removed the shower head for a good soak in the sink. It seems ‘sputtery’ so maybe a bit of bleach will help clean it out.

The tomatoes and peppers are coming with some
flowers on the tomatoes BUT...
I’d hoped to get outside today to get the weeding in my vegetable garden done but that isn’t going to happen too early. The ground will be soft though once I get out there. I chatted with sisters, Donna and Cathy, and my buddy, Pat, by text and then played my 3 games on Facebook. I wanted to try and make some ice cream by using Nancy’s recipe. Sounded simple enough, 2 ingredients! It was simple enough but didn’t get as stiff as it maybe needed to. Into the freezer it went, we’ll try it later.

Things at this end of the garden just aren't doing so well
Since it was an inside morning, I got the dusting materials out and started in the bedroom. No matter how small our home is, you need to know that I dislike dusting. Mainly because of having to move items out of the way. It doesn’t take long but still needs to be taken care of. The woodwork in here seems to be more prominent than in any house I’ve lived in. It’s right there, beautiful indeed, but right there in your face no matter where you look. So, it needs to be wiped down. I let it go as long as I can and then start at the top and work down. Now it’s done.

With that done, it was 10:30, so I made a coffee. Goody, the sun is making brief peek-a-boos out of the clouds so there is hope for an afternoon of playing in the mud. We are so grateful for the rain. Me, especially, since they are more ‘my’ flowers and vegetables than Bill’s. It means less trips up the hill for this gal with the watering cans.

A few of my healthy evening primrose are blooming
After seeing a friend’s plants on his blog, I realize that mine have a long way to go. I do have some Miracle -Gro so could add some to the next watering can. I keep forgetting that I have it, I’d never ever bought it before living up here. Outside in my work duds and ball cap I got the hoe from the storage shed and went up to the garden. My oh my! The weeds have taken over! Mostly grass but very ‘root-laden’.

I never have the energy or stamina to keep at the hoeing for very long before I need to take a rest. That worked okay for me though as I’d hoe a 20” x 20” section and then sit down to separate the weeds from the dirt. The soil is actually quite nice up there now, after 4 years of working it up. While working, I had a text from my sister-in-law about our July 1st get-together. Yay! It’s on! We’re both thrilled.

There was quite a conversation going on between the bird
on the chair and the one in the birdhouse
See his beak?
When the garden was hoed and looking good again, I came down to see what else I could work at. Deadheading my geraniums didn’t take too long and then I took a walk down North Line to the east. Our neighbours who moved out on Sunday have a few things out at the road so I thought I’d see if they had added anything since Bill and I were there.

Can you see him now?
We have no interest in a 4-drawer file cabinet and small tube tv but the lounge chair cushion appealed to me. There were no holes or stains and is covered in an outdoor material so I hauled it home. I only have one lounge chair and a light cushion for it but this would be good for the King chair. 😊 Yes, I’m a scrounger but I come by it honestly. My Mom and Dad took us to auction sales, garage sales and would not hesitate to pick something up along the side of the road, if they wanted or needed it. 

Bill called on his lunch hour and we discussed our ‘joy’ at having family come on Canada Day again. We talked about menu, which we fully provide. We just need good weather now for that day.

It was past lunchtime for me so I thought I should take care of that. I don’t want to gross anyone out but my lunch plate today consisted of black olives, Triscuits with chive and onion cream cheese spread, cheddar cheese and sardines. Oh my, they are so good! I haven’t had them in a very, very long time. My sisters were talking about them on Thursday so I picked some up at Costco. No skins, no bones, just yummy sardines in oil. 😊

I cleaned up dishes and then boiled 8 eggs in Madame IP. Bill asked if I could make some egg salad for his lunch sandwiches. Easy request. Inside, I didn’t have much going on so turned NCIS on and waited for Bill. He was home shortly after 5 and we sat and caught up on our day. 

Nice chair cushion, eh?
I mixed up the last of my strawberry mix today
Not Canadian Club but a classic all the same!
Black clouds moved overhead, over and around us and then the sun made an appearance. Strange weather continues and Bill said that we  may get more rain tonight for a clear day tomorrow. At 6, I started supper.

Madame IP sautéed a thick pork chop for Bill and a couple of chicken thighs for me. I added 4 little potatoes for the 9 minutes of cooking and prepped vegetables for the microwave. A good hearty meal tonight. We were eating before 7 and everything tasted delicious, done perfectly. I need to stop saying it but I love my Instant Pot! 

Supper was delicious
We cleaned up dishes and then I brought out the homemade ice cream. It was exactly the texture of ice cream and tasted wonderful! Wow! Bill didn’t want any tonight but I scooped some for myself and added some of my choke cherry syrup. Thank you, Nancy for the recipe. 

Yummy, homemade ice cream
whipping cream + sweetened condensed milk
The rest of the evening was me working on my post, Bill making his lunch and watching some tv together. It was a good day with a few accomplishments taken care of.

This was the sky after supper - a tease?
Good night y'all

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  1. If your shower head is clogged up, I don't think bleach will help. You need to soak it in vinegar. That gets rid of the deposits that build up in it.

    1. Oh! Geesh, you know I think I knew that. At least the bleach cleaned the knob and areas that go together. I'll do the vinegar today since I don't have CLR which a lot of people use. Thanks!!

  2. I did Nancy's ice cream recipe today too...thought I hadn't whipped the cream enough, so I'm glad to read you thought the same and it turned out well! I haven't tried mine yet. Soon! Meanwhile, I have had very good results from taking lysine every day. I had recurrent shingles for years, and since I began taking it last November, not a single outbreak. No need for prescription meds. I am amazed. I hope it could work for you.

    1. Perfect! You will love the ice cream!
      Lysine? I'm going to Google that. I'd love not to have them come back. :) Thank you J!

  3. I use CLR on our shower head and it works great. And sorry but your lunch sounds really yucky :-) I love your picture of the yard with the fence and storm clouds overheard!

    1. Yes, Bill has used CLR before but we didn't have any on hand. I should have used vinegar, duh, brain dead!!
      I knew the lunch would turn many off but it is a lot of good fat and filling. haha

  4. I'm glad the ice cream turned out well. It's super simple and really tasty. I dunked mine in chocolate syrup!! You definitely have more energy than I do ... digging weeds is not in my wheelhouse, though my yard needs it. Sardines? Yucky poo!!! LOL

    1. I love the ice cream! So easy!
      Yah, I'd rather dig weeds than dust though! :)
      Sardines. haha not for everyone.

  5. The photos of the sky looked quite menacing at times. More rain in your forecast perhaps?

    Do you keep your veg scrapings for compost? It would be good for your garden. My favorite photo today is of the garden and bunky. Just a lovely spot!

    1. The sky was menacing looking but no more rain arrived. Just moved on by.
      Yes, I do keep a compost bin in the Suite but I never use it for the garden. Just to save on garbage. I'd be worried it would attract the raccoons and other critters I don't want.
      Thank you, I need the hill garden to fill in just like that one is! :)

  6. You should have had more olives and more sardines!

  7. Uh no on the sardines but the rest of your lunch plate looks yummy! Gotta love the crackers with the flavored cream cheese. I think your garden area is doing well, it's all green and still growing. Love the skies! Your dinner and dessert really look delicious!