Monday, June 22, 2020

A Fun-Filled Father’s Day Here with Some Surprises, Easton Overload

The Ridge
Sunday, June 21st arrived on a roller coaster of the heat wave blanketing the area. I can only speak for our area today, but it was a continuation of what we’ve experienced for the last 3 days. Hot, hot and more hot. No complaints although it is sending us to shade and into a/c where possible more than we like. There will be relief coming this week and I think we’re ready but what a great way to welcome the Summer season! Now, where’s the pool?

Bill finishes cutting and puts the mower away
Bill was up before me and had taken his coffee outside on the patio. I saw him when I opened the blind. I’d had a restless night, at least I know that going to bed at 11:30 did me no good since I was still tossing and turning at 1 am. Therefore, 6 o’clock was way too early for this gal! It was around 7 when I got up and Bill and I sorted two loads of laundry. At least with him working every day, our laundry gets done on a more regular schedule.

My Sunflower for Daddy
all freshened up again
I left soon after and I believe Bill hopped on the rider and went down the lane to the front field. Only one patron in the Mat today, the fellow from the Crazy Dollar. The place looked quite tidy so I emptied the garbage, wiped the machines down, cleaned the washroom and swept the floor within record time. It was a bit over the half hour but I was still only going to report 30 minutes to Jamie today. I lightly folded our loads into the basket and left.

He was talking on the phone in the pix on the left
so not paying attention to me
I think I did an awesome job!
Unknown to Bill, we were having company for supper and I knew that he would be pleasantly surprised to see his youngest daughter, her husband and our youngest grandson. This meant I had to come up with something for supper. After hearing that the day wasn’t going to be a write off as far as rain, I stopped at Foodland and picked up some Leadbetter’s Cowboy burgers. Back home, I saw that the front field was cut and Bill had moved to the back. He waved indicating that he saw me return.

I hope you can read his t-shirt
Grandparents again!
I hung our clothes on the newly stabilized clothesline and it is so much better now. We turned the bedroom a/c on and closed the windows as we knew it would be a hot one again. After the grass was cut, I suggested Bill not bother doing the weed trimming and he went upstairs for a snooze instead. He had any night of the week when it would be cooler to catch up on yard maintenance.

I love the pictures of him with Grandpa
While he was sleeping, I got out my yellow and brown paints to touch up my sunflower. It travels all winter with us and gets set up everywhere we ‘land’ for the night so no surprise it is pretty washed out. It looks so much better now. Bill came out a bit later and before he went down to the Hangar I cut his hair on the patio. I had a better idea of how to cut the back so went at it and we are very happy with the results. He said I may be saving him $15 if I continue to do it for him. I think the money should go in MY pocket! 😊

It was a big game, up and down on the King chairs
which he, of course, needed Mom and Grandma's help
At 2:45 Jamie drove in. He was here to pay me for my work so far and it was nice to see him, Cheryl and Aaron. Bill missed seeing him drive in and even 5 minutes later when Jess, Matt and Easton drove up. I had to phone him to tell him we had company. It was a short visit with Jamie, unfortunate timing but he also had some Father’s Day plans to attend to.

Help yourself burgers and salad
We had a lovely visit with the kids, Easton was the constant entertainment. The best part is what his t-shirt said. You read it and see why we were so thrilled!  Yay! Another grandbaby! Easton is such a joy to watch and watch his Grandpa playing with him. I often say that I take way too many pictures of sunsets, mountains or critters but I don’t think there is such a thing as ‘way too many’ of our grandchildren.

Easton eating his 'burger bun' in a big chair
Woops! they forgot his bumba chair
I’d asked if they could pick up a DQ ice cream cake for supper. We’d seen them advertised and they peaked my interest. Unfortunately, the only one they came across was 25 minutes away so you can imagine the condition it was in when it arrived. To make matters worse, they only had a sheet cake left and Jess didn’t realize that was what the lady said (through her mask) so after having Happy Father’s Day written on it, they felt obligated to take it. LOL

Done eating, time to see what he can get into
He loves registers and he found one that lifts up
Needless to say, our afternoon snack (or early dessert) was ice cream cake, in bowls! It wouldn’t fit in either of my freezers until after we had some of the soft melting edge pieces and then I was able to cut it and put it the Bunky freezer. It tasted delicious and it was a good laugh and a wonderful memory. We had our burgers and potato salad that I’d made around 5:30 and they left around 7 or 7:30. They live in Stratford so about an hour and a half away.

Supper was good with a strawberry margarita
I loaded the dishes in the dishwasher and will run it Monday when it is full. We had a quiet night but again I was too tired to finish my post. What a great day! 

Easton loved the berm hill
and took Grandma and Mom for a walk
Now that is a beautiful picture!
Get them fingers out of your mouth! :)

I doubt the curls will be there next time we see him
Love seeing him with his Dad too
Big Matt, Little 'Matt'
I hope all you Dads also had a wonderful day! By the end of the day, Bill had heard from all of his daughters. My kids dropped the ball for some reason or another but he is totally understanding about it. I hope they pick up the phone this week sometime though.
I wanted to post this picture of Bill around the same age
Might be a bit of a resemblance!!! WOW!

Thank you for your visit!


  1. Yup best Fathers Day award goes to you guys!!! Easton sure is getting big!!

  2. I agree, one can never take enough photos of our grandchildren! It sounds like you had a fun day with the little guy. Congrats to the family.

  3. Grandkids and pictures go together :)
    Congratulations on the new grandbaby on the way...exciting news!

  4. Happy gelated Father's Day to Bill!