Saturday, June 13, 2020

The Sun Returns in full Glory, Owen Sound Shopping

The Ridge
On Saturday, June 13th Bill and I were up by 7 and we both sorted clothes (mostly his from work) and drove to the Mat. Every couple of weeks, Bill goes with me to clean out the lint from the big dryers so this was his first time this spring. They require a socket wrench (?) to get them open. There was no one in doing laundry today, not the hour that we were there. I cleaned the machines and Bill looked after the floors.

These contrails (?) are always very interesting
We drove home with our 2 loads of clean clothes and I hung them on the line. Time for a tea and something to eat. I felt a hunger this morning so rather than cooking, I had some Shreddies and we headed out the door for Owen Sound around 10. This is a 45-minute drive and we had a few things on our list. We don’t get there often so like to stop at a few big box stores.

You can't tell here, but my clothesline is on a permanent tilt
Hence, the purchase today of a good base
Who’da thunk it would be so hard to find a lawn mower blade for our little mower? Well, it has turned into a real challenge. We both thought that we’d kept the last one after it broke but can’t find it anywhere. Sometimes it is easier to match up when you have it in your hands. This is a good little mower and I’d hate to not be able to use it because of a blade. Geesh!

While I was hanging clothes, Bill was working on put our
seat covers on
So, after striking out at Home Depot for a blade, we wandered and looked for a few more things. It wasn’t a wasted visit as I got paint for our Adirondack chairs, a base for my umbrella clothesline and Bill found a few things he wanted. Next, Bill dropped me at Value Village which is all along the same ½ mile stretch of highway, and he went ‘next door’ to Princess Auto. No blade there either. I didn’t dawdle at V.V. as I didn’t know if he was waiting for me but found a clock for the Bunky and a couple of lightweight long sleeve tops. The only piece of clothing I'd been lacking this spring.

When I got out to the car, he told me he had just arrived but that’s when I remembered something else that I wanted to look for. Darn! Another time, I’ll come on my own as then I cover every aisle and no one is waiting. 😊 We stopped at Canadian Tire, which was the only store we encountered today with a lineup due to the number of customers allowed in the store. There was nothing there that we were looking for so headed home.

It might be hard to see him, but a wee duckling
is swimming on his own
Hungry for lunch and feeling ridiculously tired, we had a snooze for half hour before making a sandwich. I’d planned supper so there was nothing I had to do to prep for that, instead sat and started this post. Next door, I finished cleaning up the floors in Rob and Pat’s trailer before locking it up for the last time. It was a cool-ish day but the sun was beautiful. Light wispy clouds made an appearance in the northern sky around 2:30. Would I feel like digging today? We’ll see.

Bill went down to the Hangar for a while, he hasn’t visited there for a few days. I went down to check on the Columbine and some of them didn’t look like they were in the dirt enough to root so I dug around them a bit and then sat on the top of the hill with the little bag of peanuts. You know who I was trying to encourage, don’t you? He almost came but was a bit skittish so I’m thinking it wasn’t the same Chippy. They like the sound of the plastic baggie.

I see them from a distance and they look like turtles
until I get closer
The plants are due for a good watering either tonight or first thing in the morning. I should also pick up some black earth to secure them even better. It was turning into a really nice day so I took a walk down the laneway, across the front field and back again. Our geese are preparing to leave, we are seeing them less and less. We find the parent’s feathers all over as they drop them. Soon the little ones will be ready to fly and will disappear. That will be sad.

The chicken balls were a nice change
Back home, I got Rosy, the air fryer, out and brought the Fry Daddy in for cooking. We were having a fast food meal prepared at home. Chicken balls and fries. There was a cute movie on that Bill and I were both watching throughout supper and then after dishes, he went upstairs while I turned on my game shows again. Some of the movies are a little too much for me so he is happy to ‘take his leave’ and let me watch what I like.

The watery Jell-o was not a nice change
I teased that I should have handed Bill a straw
Supper was good and we had some of my watery Jell-o for dessert. I think if I mix up some whipping cream to thicken it tomorrow, it will be improved. I’ll try. I didn’t get into the digging/edging today so there is always another day for that. The high today only reached 15C/59F and with minimal breezes, it was a nice day after all. I hope you enjoyed yours. We are expecting it to warm up again over the next few days. Weird spring!

The late sunsets are nice but I'm
not always prepared to wait for them
Good night!

Thank you for visiting us today!


  1. We would sure trade weather with you all!! We are having 95 to 100 deg. days with WINDS up to 60 mph!! And a severe drought going on. Ahh, the joys of living in the Okla. Panhandle!!
    Thanks so much for your blog. It is always enjoyable.
    Don in Okla.

    1. Um, no, I think we'll hang on to our unsettled stuff. That is a tad too hot for every day. Those winds sound nasty!! Ours are bad enough at 31 mph.
      I'm so grateful for you reading, Don. Love to hear from you. Stay safe!

  2. Windy and warm here today, but I did manage a couple of walks. One longer and two shorter.

    God bless.

    1. Good for you, Jackie. My doctor told me years ago that it didn't matter how fast I walked, just walk for my bones. He didn't say how beneficial it was for my well being! :)

  3. Have you tried looking at Amazon for your blades?? My partner is a small engine mechanic and finds parts harder and harder to find. It bugs us that we have to purchase them from Amazon but what alternative do we have?

    1. I don't think so. That is a good suggestion, Karen. Thank you! I'm going to try.

  4. It has been weird. Cooled off this week to a beautiful spring! So sad to hear all the geese will be leaving. I'll miss your pictures of them. I have a confession to make .. I bought an air fryer. I'll post about it later, but so far I've had nothing but disasters! My usual!!!

    1. The weather has been weird all over the place. Nothing like what we expect or normally get.
      Hmm an air fryer. Good luck!

  5. Well, like Amazon or not, you can find most anything there and it sure can beat running around all day looking for something and then not finding it.

    But, sometimes I wonder how then make any money with the way they ship stuff. My wife ordered 3 plastic flower pots (none that size locally) and they showed up in 2 huge boxes, way way bigger than needed, and all three could have easily been in one box. They came from Las Vegas to Northern CA, and I figured even with the huge discounts Amazon gets from the shippers, how could they make any money on deals like this. A little checking, and it would cost over $50.00 to ship that box back to Las Vegas. The three pots were only about $30.00 total. Is there some new math here that I am not aware of? I know they can make it up other places, but, it just boggles me.

    1. Absolutely! I do try and buy only things shipped directly from Amazon but they do tend to choose some pretty weird shipping routes. I truly have only had successes with anything I've bought. :)

  6. The winds seem to blowing the warm weather our way (from the southeast). Hard to enjoy it though as the winds are so high. Gusts up to 80 km yesterday and it's still blowing today, though a little less. We're expecting storms today and then cooler temps this week. Like you, I'm trading out clothes regularly!

    Take care and stay well!

    1. sounds like you are getting the weather we just had. If that is the case, there are a couple of cooler days and nights coming. We are on the turning point AGAIN, warmer over the next week. :)

  7. Love the seat covers! We need some for the Tundra..I love the trails the jets make too! Sometimes you just have to have a rest! Dinner looks yummy!