Thursday, June 25, 2020

Such a Lovely Day for Outside Stuff

The Ridge
Thursday, June 25th started out as a lovely day. The sky was blue with just a few white cotton clouds. Bill and I were up to our normal work day stuff and we both left the Ridge around the same time. I arrived at the Mat shortly after 7. No one was in yet so I worked easily and quickly. The place again looked quite clean so it just took me a bit over half hour to leave it spotless.

I drove home and debated whether to walk or just have my tea and get to work. Tea won that battle as I figured I’d get enough exercise today just puttering around the gardens. It was 10C/53F so a perfect day to get out and work. After tea, I donned the garden shoes, clothes, gloves and ball cap. I was anxious to get some more edging done so I can return Rob’s garden tool. The ground was soft where I worked this morning, around the big flower garden along the lane, making the chore easier.

This plot has the moon flower, and some of the new perennials I bought
this year. The latter don't seem to be doing too well, maybe not enough sun.
I was done in no time with just one area of about 10' to finish but the grass needs to be cut along there first so I can see what I’m doing. Then I did an area over beside the bench and feel better about that being cleaned up. The hill garden is getting so weedy again and I just wish I could cross my arms and blink a full rich garden up there, like Jeannie would. I probably took on more than I can handle with that job but I’ll still keep trying.

The picture doesn't show it easily with the shadow but I'm glad
it is done
Should be easy for Bill to cut or trim along the grass edge now
There were some high tree branches that needed trimming to let some sun into the area and a bush at the corner of the corral gate that needs taken out. I trimmed the bush down as much as I could and will ask Bill to remove the small ‘trunk’. He wanted to last summer and I wouldn’t let him but it grows too fast and needs to be cut way back at least 3 times during the time we’re home. It really opens it up now and makes it easier for him to ride the mower in and out.

This bush, not sure what it is, just shoots straight up
and looks very unruly
I should have taken a 'before' picture

Here is the 'after' that needs to be removed
It was 12:30 and I needed a break so I came inside and had my lunch plate. No details or picture today as it was similar to yesterday with a hard-boiled egg added. 😊 You’re welcome. It’s quite filling and when it was done, I headed back out to the yard. It has warmed up nicely but clouds are becoming more persistent and the winds have picked up a bit. I went around with the pails and picked up the rocks I’d collected and then around again and collected the dirt from all of the ‘trenches’ I’ve dug over the last week.

I walked down to check the mail and the flyer deliverer is getting really lazy

At least it's in a bag this week but still out in the roadway
She needs to exercise those arm muscles!
The sky was a mixture of sun and cloud
Beautiful day

I had hopes of adding some of the dirt to the hill but that was a laughable idea really. There are some weeds, not sure what they are, tall, leafy with a slender stalk of purple flowers. They are all around the corral and the bees love them. I thought if I could dig them up they would be good on the hill since they are already growing in the sandy, rocky terrain. I looked it up and it is called Viper's-bugloss (bluegrass). Again, easier said than done. Digging them up was a chore because of those rocks.

This is the bluegrass weed
I moved 4 or 5 plants and that was tough, from fighting to stay standing on the steepness and digging through the rocks. Lastly, I watered them well, as best I could, but as you can imagine the water just ran down to the lower plants. 

It is not an unattractive plant and I love the blue colour
I can only hope that they will take hold better than the columbine did. It appears to be dead but maybe it will come back in the spring. Then I put the tools away and cleaned up the last of the bush clippings, throwing them into the brush pile. It was 3:30 and time to call it quits.

This might give you an idea of the sandy rocky soil I am trying to plant in

It doesn't look like they will take root
This was taken after about 4 hours
Inside for a bit, I may have dropped off in my chair. Bill and I had planned to do some weed trimming tonight, it was overdue. He pulled in shortly after 4 with the news that he had tomorrow off. I was happy to hear that because it meant we could take it easy tonight and do the work in the morning. There was only a morning job for 2 workers so Bill offered to stay home. 😊 We sat out for a bit before moving inside.

                                           ***TODAY'S CRITTERS***
The small flies are really loving the blue of our chairs ???

Our geese are still here and taking a tour of the property, it seems
before they leave

The little house wren poses for a picture
Of course, Chippy has to eat the oranges

The Orioles are sparse, maybe this is why!
Even at this age, the young adults are sticking with Mom and Dad

I love this but it feels like a last hurrah to me ;(
Still swimming in a line, so cool
At 6 we warmed up the last of the meatloaf in Madame IP and I mixed up a batch of coleslaw. Just enough to fill us with a bit of ice cream for dessert. Bill has ordered a tool belt from Home Depot and before dishes checked on the delivery of that. We think it will probably come tomorrow or Saturday. It will help his back, we think, as it has suspenders and the one he has borrowed from Mike does not. He needs to take care of things and look after himself.

Simple but good supper tonight
With dishes done, I took a walk down the lane not because I needed the steps, just because it is a beautiful evening. The temperature got up to 22C/72F today, exactly in the range we both love. 

An evening picture of our pond
This is why we couldn't paddle boat or kayak here
They are weeds grown that high and the pond is at least 6' in spots

Perfect sky, huh?
 The winds have dropped considerably from earlier. This morning, our former neighbours had their storage trailer picked up but it was the strangest thing. 

The tractor hooked up and BACKED up from their house, past our place
all the way to the corner of Baptist Church and North Line
???? We don't know why

It was an incredibly slow, very slow process
Our new neighbours began moving in this afternoon so we might have to take a walk over tomorrow and meet them. This was a great day and I feel good about what I got done.

Home Sweet Home
Good night!

Thank you for popping in.


  1. The sun is finally out here today. I woke up to dark and dismal skies. I did manage to get my walk in, but when shopping I had to fight the wind and rain.

    Hopefully tomorrow will be better as I need to do some very necessary weeding.

    God bless.

    1. Isn't it nice to see the sun? I think we are done with the rain for a few days. I'll be getting the watering cans ready! :)

  2. It was a magnificent day. I sat outdoors s knitting until it got too dark and the mozzies got thick.

  3. Wow. The number of flies blew me away. It reminded me of last year at Saddle Mountain in Arizona. Hopefully you don't have a chicken farm near you?

  4. Oh my goodness ... I think I would repaint those chairs!!!!! The only problem with having a beautiful yard is the work it takes to make it that way. You are doing a fabulous job!!

  5. Nice that Bill has the day off today! You do have a lot of work to keep it as beautiful as it is,I agree with Nancy! Fabulous! Those flies!! Dinner looks so yummy, makes me want to have meat loaf! The sale and move next door certainly seemed to go quickly. Enjoy meeting your new neighbors!

  6. Like housework, yard work is never done. But that's okay because it keeps us moving. :)

    Have a wonderful day!