Friday, June 12, 2020

Seemingly Backward Steps, Cool June Day, Bill Enjoys a Day Off

The Ridge
So, when we woke up on Friday, June 12th it wasn’t exactly the day I thought it would be. It was chilly inside the Suite and we didn’t have any heavy blankets on our bed anymore. Just a sheet and a light chenille bedspread. Brrr. It was 13C/57F. Saying it (or typing it) doesn’t make it sound too bad but with 7C/44F outside, I was cold. Bill came to my rescue and turned the furnace on for a cycle, setting it at 16C/61F. That did the trick. It was nice to sleep in a bit with no rush to get up.

We had our coffee and tea discussing how ridiculous it is that we are changing from warm clothes to cool clothes depending on the day. Ever-changeable. Bill had a cinnamon bun warmed up a bit and we hopped in Ptooties for a drive to Mount Forest. Bill had ordered a wheel for his riding mower and once I heard that there was a fair-sized grocery store there, decided to tag along.

We also wanted to look at some car seat covers. Our seats are light coloured and won’t be clean for long unless we cover them. We made a couple of stops, Robert’s Farm Equipment, Home Hardware, No Frills and then Canadian Tire. The first thing Bill experienced is that in Robert’s he needed a mask to enter. That is a change since he was there on Monday.

The peony gets closer to opening up full
I hope it isn't the only one!
All businesses in Wellington County are making it mandatory. Seems like we’re going backward here but they must be protecting against the out-of-towners who are ‘breaking free’. He was handed a mask so he wore it as well as in each of the other stores we entered. I had mine that Pat made me (as well as a couple of neck scarves) so slipped it on. I dislike them because my glasses fog up (oh, for contact lenses!). We found what we needed, mostly, but most importantly for me, seat covers at a great price. A 3-pc. set.
It is very hard to tell but the tall plants are either
evening primrose or columbine
I'm pleased with how it is looking
Back home, I made us another coffee and we caught up on a few blogs, receipt recording and I was able to finish my Thursday blog posting. Bill was outside putting a few things back in place now that the Suite is home. The generator, his tool boxes etc. Things that he wanted to leave behind when it went in the shop. Then I made breakfast. I want to get back outside to plant my flowers I dug up yesterday but the wind is cold and very gusty again. Not much sun, yet.

My solid colour irises are starting to bloom
proud and tall
They get so heavy that they soon fall over
For some reason, we were both feeling tired out so settled back for a quick siesta. Bill drops off easily, every time, and I do more restingwhen I stretch back than actual sleeping but that’s okay. Bill went out to work on a few more small things that he has wanted to do and when the sun began to show more of itself, I bundled against the chilly day and went out to plant. After finding spots on the hill for the 4 new columbines I watered them well and then went for a laneway walk to check the mail.

Look who's hiding in the hosta!
Is it Furry Gnome (teehee) or ElScott?
The sun was quite nice by then and after Bill finished working and went inside, I sat for a while in its warmth. Reflecting. Isn’t that what you were doing, Shirley in your last post? 😊 Sometimes there are so many things going on in our head that either a walk or a quiet sit is just what we need to sort things out, put things in perspective. 

Just sitting on the patio in the sun
Still in my gardening attire
The sun was warm on my face but after 15 minutes or so, I changed from my gardening shoes, closed up the Bunky and moved inside too.

Bill was watching NCIS so I joined him. At 6, Madame IP warmed up supper and, in the microwave, I made up some stove top dressing. There was only half a potato from last night’s meal. Supper was delicious, second time around and Bill had a cinnamon bun for dessert. My Jell-o didn’t turn out very well this time but I had earlier blended it with the cream and cream cheese regardless. I got distracted, obviously and added too much water perhaps? Anyway, it is more liquid than solid so I may be drinking it like a smoothie. Woops!

After supper the sky was free of clouds
After dishes, Bill went up to watch a Hallmark movie and I worked on my blog for today and watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. They are the game shows I enjoy between 7 and 8 pm. I’m not good at Jeopardy but I enjoy watching those who are. I took a walk down the lane once more before calling it a night and settling indoors. This was a nice day but I still haven’t gotten over to sweep the Cedar Creek. Tomorrow.

Looking up the hill, I like the fence shadows
leading up to the two 5th wheels
This pretty bird refused to turn around while I waited
Good night all!
The evening was another quiet one watching some tv and maybe I’ll get into that book. Thank you for stopping by!


  1. I really need to take a mask or two with me when I go out. I keep forgetting. Glad I am not the only one whose glasses fog up. I usually hold my breath every so often so I can actually see.

    God bless.

    1. I have a couple in my purse and now Bill takes one with him. They usually do have them to hand out if you've forgotten.

  2. If you wash your glasses with soapy water it will prevent them from fogging up.

  3. Luckily around here no masks are required. You have such an amazing garden area, I think I would be sitting out there all the time. Just give me an extension cord for my sewing machine!! LOL Your gnomes brother lives in my yard!!

    1. You are lucky. I did understand the need for masks at the beginning but now it is just silly, in our opinion.
      You are welcome to come and sit here anytime! :)
      Love that your gnome is related to mine!

  4. I agree that the Wellington County woke up to the mask option a bit late. Here in our area I noticed some stores were more relaxed about it now. It's everyones own choice, I guess. Your yard is beautiful I know how much work it is to keep it that way.

    1. Yes, they must have had a scare for them to resort back to masks.
      Thank you, good thing I enjoy working on the garden and Bill on the lawns. :)

  5. If they wanted to implement masks, should have been done months ago. So over the whole thing. Your yard is gorgeous! Yes, sometimes we all just need some reflection time. I just wish it was so easy to get things out of our heads sometimes! Oh well, life goes on. Dinner looks absolutely yummy!

    1. I'm sure they pushed the masks early, then stopped and now have started up again. Just not sure why. LOL
      Thank you, we enjoy the yard.