Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Early Morning Rising, Black Beauty Gets an Alignment, More Edging

The Ridge
Bill’s alarm went off on Monday, June 15th at 5:30. This is very early for us but we had a reason today. Yesterday, his boss called and asked if he could be at Mildmay (a small town 40 min. away) to meet him and another worker at 7:30. They had a job even further away so Mike was driving. That would have been one thing for Bill to get up and go. However, I had to get up as well because we’d made an appointment for Black Beauty to get her alignment checked at 8 am.

We were up early enough to catch the sun just coming up
First time in a long time
I followed Bill in Ptooties and we dropped the truck at Pletsch’s, the other side of Durham. We’d only been to Mildmay once but it was very straightforward to find Mike’s home. It has vastly improved since the last time I’d seen it, newly purchased, desperately needing renovating. Mike had done a lot of work and at least the outside is gorgeous! I didn’t go in, just dropped Bill and headed home. I took a quicker route back, a pleasant drive on paved country roads with no traffic.

It was a beautiful day for working around
and this small area took me 3 hours in the early part of the day
As I entered Durham, I turned right at the light and went into the Mat to do the morning cleaning. It was 10 minutes before 8, not too much later than my normal time. One gentleman was inside, a familiar face and a pleasant man. I like when they are open to chit chat but not 'chatty' (if that makes sense) while I’m cleaning. He wasn’t and seemed to remember that I lived in our trailer, which was nice.

This was an older turtle along the lane and a lot of dirt dug out of the hole
I'm sad that I startled her as I drove past
I worked quickly, and just checked washers and saw that other than wiping the tops and handles, they didn’t need attention. I wanted to finish in half hour to bring my total to an even number for Jamie. I know he doesn’t care but if I can make it work, I will. Later today, I texted him and brought him up to date on my hours worked so far, leaving it up to him when he wants to settle up. As far as I’m concerned, he can wait until the month is over. I’m not going anywhere.

At 12:30 I stopped for a lunch plate
The canned chicken, devilled egg and black olives were a nice change
Turning into the lane, I saw a large Mama Yertle off to the side digging a hole. I tried to stay far right as I passed but I spooked her and she left a hole. Darn! It looks like a deep hole, perfect for egg laying. Why they choose the laneway I don’t know but there is some attraction. Inside, I made my tea and read blogs, played my online word games and made plans for the day. I would have to be available after 3 for whenever I got the call to go meet Bill.
I didn't get out for my long walk today
but a few down the lane made up for it
My first thought was to lightly sand the two old Adirondack chairs for painting but wasn’t sure if Bill had set out his sand paper and holder. I didn’t see it in the storage shed so decided to tackle another area of garden instead. Once more, using the long-handled edger wasn’t going to work. The ground along this garden by the fence was hard and rocky. What have I got myself into? LOL So, I worked on my hands and knees again, shifting as the body parts got uncomfortable. I don't wish to reverse the clock though as that would mean a whole pile of things would be different. We wouldn't be here!

Things are so green, the grass is growing like crazy
and so are the weeds in the garden down by the road
It was another 3 hours’ worth of steady digging and piling as I moved along. I didn’t finish but I got a lot done for today. The big flower garden will have to be done in 3 sections; I can’t handle more than that. At least this week is the week to do it with nice weather expected. When I finished cleaning up the pulled grass, I decided that the dirt in this area was at least nice soil so would reserve what was in the trench for the hill that I’m working on. Aren’t I ambitious!? Well, in my mind at least.

The big birds frequented the feeder until their weight
released the suction cup holding it up
The rocks can be gathered when I’m done and wheelbarrowed down to Bill’s area if he still wants them. I filled the hummer feeder and 3 other bird feeders putting myself back in their favour again. As I was down at the Hangar, I heard music in there so went in to find the tv on. I’m sure that was an oversight, no reason for it to be on so I switched it off. There on the bench, was the sandpaper and holder so I brought them up and gave the chairs a brushing. I’ll wipe them down tomorrow and maybe start painting.

This guy is alone again but I don't think it is one of the duck family
unless it is the Dad? He looks different
Then I was done. Really done. I changed into shorts and brought my lounge chair and cushion over to a sunny spot. Not hard to find up here. 

Then I was entertained for the rest of the afternoon
It was a gorgeous 21C/70f. Perfect kind of day to sit with a book, water, phone, hat and of course peanuts for you know who. It didn’t take the little gapher long to realize I had something for him. There were 3 or 4 running around me. I think there is one in particular that is used to me and he has a recognizable spot on his backside.

Chippy always makes me laugh
He fell into the recycle bin, not sure how
I could only hear him scrambling trying to get out
Can you see him?
I zoomed in, maybe now you can
I had a really good laugh over this one
Finally he used my arm as a springboard to get out
He seems to have no hesitation coming to eat out of my hand now and even after the nuts are gone, he jumped up on me and crawled up to my shoulder a few times to look at me. Maybe he’ll come to learn “all gone” as our sweet little bum did. 😊  It was while I was outside and around 3:30 that Bill called. The truck would be done today and his co-worker, Bill, was willing to drop him off at Pletsch’s to pick it up. That saves me a trip and that is wonderful!

He knows how to get into my heart
At 4:30 or so I came inside. The flies were being pesky so it was an easy decision. Bill arrived around 6 and I started supper. We caught up about each other’s day while things were cooking. The truck had the alignment done but that was all today. We need to get a thorough check this summer. 

I tried it in the tree again but our circ de soleil returned
and was eating too much
Chicken thighs tonight with squash for me and corn for Bill. Gotta’ get back on track with better meals again. We were eating by 7 and it was a good meal. Not sure if we’ll have dessert but there is Jell-o if we so choose. This was a great day and we ready for more just like it.

I hung the feeder on our awning so the small birds could get at it
and Chippy(s) couldn't
Bill had a long day today, drywalling inside but should be back at the Walkerton jobsite tomorrow. I think it will be a good sleep tonight for both of us unless we fall asleep during the evening to spoil it. I hope you had a good day too.

Carmelita returns and poses for a picture
Good night
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  1. You make me tired just reading about all your gardening!! That Chippy is a character to be sure. How fun to have such a friend. It is very nice that Bill has a "job". Keeps him busy too, along with a little extra cash.

  2. I agree with Nancy making me tired! Your place is beautiful though. I love the rough fencing! I'm thinking Bill is enjoying his job right now and the $$ that come with it. :) Chippy is cute but from a distance for me, Ken got bit once and that really hurt and he was helping the little guy. Love your lunch once again!

  3. A haven for animals... I'm sure most feel safe with you by now. So fun to watch them. Your gardening has paid off. Things look great at "The Ridge".

  4. I love that the little chipmunk has gotten so friendly. He/she is such a cutie!

    Phew, that's a lot of work in the garden, but so rewarding at the end.

  5. I wonder if the laneway is easier for them to dig in?

    Your garden is coming along nicely.

    God bless.