Sunday, June 14, 2020

Wonderful Day! Visiting Our Neighbour

The Ridge
I felt quite good when I woke on Sunday, June 14th. Even though I’d just woke from a dream, I felt that I’d slept well. Seems like I’m laying on my right arm more now and wonder subconsciously because my left one aches? Strange how we change habits. Just goes to show that we are not as rigid in our living as we think.

 We’d left the Blue Flame heater on the lowest setting, yes Bill got it out yesterday, and it was a perfect temperature to wake up to. We slept in until 7:30 this morning so the 11 pm bedtime governed my sleep time. It was nice as we had no reason to ‘get moving’. I did dress for my walk though and headed out the door just before 8 while Bill sat and had his coffee.
The families of geese are not as skittish now
Parents not as protective and babies not as afraid

A view of Turbine lane
It was pretty nice out, 10C/50F and the sun was shining with low breezes. Perfect! I walked 1 ½ miles down Baptist Church Road and of course saw the deer out in the field. No zoom camera, again. It was nice to see her/him eating even if it was the newly planted crops. Approaching Mitch’s house, he pulled out of the lane and rolled his window down for a chat. Funny, he didn’t recognize me in brown hair. šŸ˜Š

I don't know if you can see the deer but I did
He looks white in the picture, but he/she isn't
They had to move off the lane so I could walk
Kind of them
I had my tea when I returned home and Bill headed over for a bladder of water. We weren’t low, 40 gallons, but it will save him going at the end of a busy work day if we top up now. While he was gone, I had a nice long shower and read a couple or three blogs. Bill went up the berm to my clothesline and dug a new hole to re-situate its location. He wasn’t trusting that the stake when pounded in wouldn’t hit a rock. Our ground everywhere is the rockiest.

Looking at this picture, I should be sanding and painting this bench too

We walked over to our neighbour’s to the east. They have SOLD their house and have been packing up for a couple of weeks. We wanted to thank them for their help and support with food and water when we returned from the southwest. Tammy was the only one home but we had a lovely chat, making us realize that we will be missing out on a nice friendship.

digging and clearing a new hole

the new base

Filling it in after levelling

Bill is where it was before
Now it is closer to the Suite 
Bill played frisbee with Cooper, their 5-year-old dog. What a smart cookie he is! All I had to do was say the word Frisbee and he went and got it for a game. We wished them luck and she did the same for our future travels and we left with a homemade gift from Tammy. More about that in another post.

Like any of us when we are moving, there is always 'stuff' available for free
 I was in my garden clothes so went out to start work. Bill was rigging up a way for me to water ‘the hill’. I had expressed how I was afraid of losing the Columbine especially. Everything else seems to have taken root. It was very sweet of him to set up the truck, a 12v pump, hoses and Donna’s sprinkler. We (he) connected the hose to the rain barrel, which was close to full, and manipulated the sprinkler until they were all watered satisfactorily. Good job! The rain barrel is now only half full.

Cooper playing frisbee with Bill
Speaking with Donna later, she told me to keep the sprinkler, she doesn’t use it now that she doesn’t plant vegetables at the Acreage. Cool! It seemed to help water soak into the ground better than me standing pouring from a watering can. One day, we’ll figure out how to get water from the pond, up the hill to water the gardens and wash vehicles. It takes $$ that we don’t have right now.

Look at the beautiful colours in his soft coat

It was time to do some more edging so the area up near the patio between our two little cherry trees was next. I thought it would be easier but the edger wouldn’t work because of all the various sized rocks up there. Good grief! So, it was on my hands, knees and butt digging with my trowel that I made a suitable trench all the way around. It doesn’t look like much, but it took me about 2 hours from beginning to cleanup. There are still rocks to carry down to the Hangar area.

And after many many many many runs
He rests
I could feel it in my body that it was time to quit so sat for a bit outside. It was a good time to call my son. Patrick was busy digging too and explained about his chore and their plans for making their property around the pool look nicer. He is a worker. Runs in the family. Then I went for a walk down to see Bill, my worker. He was busy in his cargo trailer with a bit more painting. Keeping himself busy too.

What a beautiful sky
I walked down the laneway and back with very few critter sightings today. Everyone is enjoying their Sunday. Well, I always see Chippy at least once each day and that is worth a smile or two. I was also surprised to see Carmelita (why not?) sitting on her picture frame by the pump again. She had disappeared for a couple of days so this was a treat! Hola, como estas? She must be Mexican with her bright colour.

I was so excited to see her that I must have moved
Sorry for the blur
It was time to come inside and start my post, which I did. I wanted to mix up some whipped topping so blended vanilla, whipping cream and Splenda and put it in the fridge. Bill came in a bit later, finished for the day, and went upstairs for a snooze. I sat in my chair and tried to read. I didn’t get very far and my own eyes were getting droopy. I’m sure I dozed as well. At 6, we both got up, meeting in the kitchen at the same time. šŸ˜Š

It sure doesn't look like a couple of hours work
but it was close to it with the breaks in between
We are just having bacon cheeseburgers tonight and corn on the cob. I decided to have mine sans bun. It isn’t the same but I feel I’m eating too many carbs right now. For dessert, Bill had some Chapman’s Black Cherry ice cream and I had the Jell-o with some added whipped topping. That made a difference but I think I’ll keep them separate until serving them up until it is gone. I’ll certainly pay more attention next time!

the burger was good but not great without a bun

The Jell-o was much improved with my whipped topping
Good night y'all!

This was a great day! Donna and Gerry spent the day at the Acreage as well so I’m hoping they enjoyed it as well. The temperature reached 18C/65F here and the sun is still beaming down from a cloudless sky at 8 pm.

Thank you for stopping in!


  1. It's so green up there! That's great what Bill did with the clothesline! Ken actually cemented the sleeve in the ground on ours. Dinner looks yummy! I always eat mine with out the bun for almost 2 years now, so I'm used to it that way. I used to try the lettuce bun, but that's just slippery and messy lol. Cooper is a cutie! They sound like great neighbors, too bad they're moving but hopefully new owners will be nice too. Love how pretty your flowers are looking!

    1. Bill was going to cement it in but thought we'd try this first. It is hard to find the exact size for the pole, no 1 3/4" inserts to be found. If this still wobbles, he will cement it. Didn't want to buy both. :)
      I like the lettuce bun too but it is very messy. Cooper is a sweet dog. Hopefully our new neighbours will be as nice or at least as 'private'. We were never bothered by them.

  2. Don't you just love the smell of clothes fresh off the line? I certainly admire all your hard work getting your gardens looking so great. Cooper is a cutie pie ... hopefully your new neighbors will be nice also. I just love your little visiting frog!!! I wonder what he's up to?

    1. I do love the fresh clothes smell. :)
      Thank you, It would be nice to have water hookup to make it easier for watering but alas, this is life on the Ridge.
      Cooper is a very pretty dog and gentle. I don't know what the story is with Carmelita (I decided she is a girl, just because).

  3. The work never ends, does it? I'll finish something and then realize something else needs to be cleaned up, touched up, fixed, or weeded. I'm glad I'm retired because a lot wouldn't get done otherwise.

    Have a great day!

  4. Looks like we'll have a great week too!

  5. We had some very welcome rain yesterday and today spent some time cutting branches from our maple trees that were rubbing on the roof of the old homestead. Most were too small to put aside to dry for firewood for next year but we did manage to get some smaller diameter wood to add to the stock.

    Your Ridge looks lovely.

    God bless.

    1. glad you got some rain, I really do think you are a couple days behind us in weather. :) Get ready for some lovely days if that is the case!
      Nice to get firewood no matter how we can. Is that how you heat your home?