Friday, June 12, 2020

Gathering After the Storm, Cleaning Day, Retracing My Steps, Relaxing Afternoon

The Ridge
Bill and I were up and at our normal work day routine on Thursday, June 11th by 6:30. That was a great sleep, not so much because we were in our own bed but I think the heat and humidity really tires me out. There were a few things blown around that we picked up, toppled chairs and such that we straightened. I left Bill at 7:15 and drove to Durham to clean the Mat. I had to dodge around and move a few twigs and branches along the way. 

Driving to Durham, some clouds and some blue
At the laundromat, I didn’t know what to expect after Tuesday’s mess. I was pleasantly surprised that other than people leaving multiple dryer sheets on the floor (!?!?) it was a pretty easy cleanup. Taking a bit of extra time to wash down the base of the machines, I worked at a moderate pace. Two washers looked like someone had dumped their soap in and then changed their mind. Rather than leave it like that, I retrieved change from a machine and ran a wash through each one.

I like the way it looks when I finish cleaning
No customers today. That’s good for me in some sense as it makes my job easier but not so good for Jamie, the entrepreneur. Anyway, just before I left I texted him to advise him of a couple of things I couldn’t deal with and he responded within 15 minutes. Right now (in June), while Jamie is out of town daily, with his son home from school, he can take care of those little things. Works great!

This was the sky most of the day
It was warm though, especially while I was unloading the trailer
I returned home and did a ‘Darn!’ arm pump when I 'remembered that I forgot' (yup, that's a classic statement) to bring my trowel for digging. I’ll have to either walk back later or drive to get the plants I want. I made my tea inside the Suite and when that was finished, set about retracing my steps from Sunday. Taking our things from the C.C. back to the Suite. The wind was the biggest culprit today and made it more challenging than it needed to be with the doors of the trailers banging against my  armloads.

I took a break and walked up the hill to check on our peony
She's ready!
After about 15 or so trips back and forth, the Silverback is empty of our stuff and the Suite is back in order again. This afternoon, I will go back in to sweep floors and wash down the bathroom toilet and sink. Everything else is tidy, left the way we found it. I could feel the extra muscles in my back, neck and shoulder areas so probably won’t bother doing any garden work today. I'm sure it is from pushing down on the edger. A walk would probably be good though.

This is my next book but I haven't got into it yet
I think it will be a good one
Gayle says so!
Bill had many things on his mind this morning so left his phone sitting on the island and his hat in the closet. Good thing it isn’t a hot sunny day. I texted Mike earlier to tell Bill that it was here, he hadn’t lost it. 😊 I filled the hummer feeder with the cup of food that was left in the fridge and boiled more. We needed to have a good choice for desserts again so I also made up a large batch of Jell-o. I’m going to need more cream cheese to finish it though. Woops! The birds have disappeared so I also filled their feeders to bring them back.

Later, when I walked, this large tree had split and came down on the
farmer's crop of canola or beans (can't tell yet)
At 12:30 I got myself some lunch but actually felt like noodle soup today so had that instead of a veggie plate.  With it, I had some celery and cheese and black olives. Yum, it was good. The rest of the day was doing…, not much. Well, I did decide if I wanted those columbines, I needed to get down the road. It was quite nice out so I slipped on a hoody and my ball cap and walked. As I walked, I cleared the broken branches and twigs off the road. Such a do-gooder! 😊

More columbine for planting
I dug up the 3 plants I wanted and proudly walked back home with them in my grocery bag.  I was feeling pleased with myself and got a great walk out of my stealthiness in the process. However, that was as far as I got. I put them in the watering can for the rest of the day. I didn’t feel up to fighting the ‘hill’ with my back and shoulders feeling as they were. Tomorrow, they will find a home. The others look pretty good and withstood the rains.

I had a little visitor
I sat outside with my book for a while but it was only warm when the sun pushed through the clouds. I was texting my buddy when Chippy found the bag of peanuts tucked under my leg. Scared the ‘you know what’ out of me! 

Hey little guy! You're welcome!
 After jumping and unintentionally scaring him off, I spread some out on my leg and lo and behold, we bonded even more. I loved it! He's such a lightweight, no wonder he bounces!

I should wrap a little scarf on his tail so I know which one he is (haha)
When the clouds came back, it turned cool so I moved inside and made a cup of tea. That was when Bridgette called so we caught up. I was surprised when after a few minutes, Bill walked in. He had no phone to inform me that he was on his way home so it was a nice treat that his day ended an hour earlier. They have gone as far as they can on the jobsite right now so will move on to another one in a campground tomorrow. It will be a nice change for them.

The 3 1/2 lb. roast was done to perfection in 45 min. w/15 min NR

Supper was delicious!
The potatoes were done in tinfoil on top of the meat
They were small ones so I'm pleased they were perfect too
Bill was tired and went upstairs for a snooze while I washed dishes and started making supper. Finally, the roast. I sautéed it in Madame IP and while it was cooking with onions and potatoes, I mixed up some cabbage salad. I turned the tv on and found one of my favourite movies. Must Love Dogs with John Cusack and Diane Lane. A fun watch also starring Christopher Plummer and Stockard Channing, classic actors.

Light at the end of the tunnel 
 I had some difficulty with downloading my pictures from Wednesday’s post so finally after supper was able to get back at trying it again. It is frustrating and many of us bloggers have dealt with a similar disappointment at one time or another. I’m going to try and get them both done either tonight or in the morning. I offered to do dishes while Bill drove to the Acreage for water. The nice thing is that while he was there, Bill got a call from Mike wishing him a good day tomorrow (Friday). A day off. Bonus! Building the small deck is really only a one person job. Fair enough.

We weren't done with the wind and rain yet
but the sunset was pretty
Good night!
We had another dose of rain and wind just before 9 and Bill went upstairs to watch a movie while I finished watching Bridget Jones’ Diary with Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant. Silly but something to entertain me since I didn't feel like ready. It was a quiet evening after a very nice day.

Thank you for your visit.


  1. I tried to read that book but after several pages I gave up. I just couldn't get into it. Hope you have better luck.

    1. Good to know. I won't feel bad if I can't either. I couldn't get into another one she recommended so you never know! Thanks!