Tuesday, June 9, 2020

I’m Melting! Early Ontario Summer, Another Birthday Gal

The Ridge
Tuesday, June 9th we were up and at ‘em at 6:30. We both had work today. Bill showered and got his usual stuff ready, having packed his lunch last night, and then I washed and headed into Durham to clean the Mat. I arrived by 7:30.

I had to grab my dust mop as soon as I walked in
It's like someone had a party in here!

What I found in the small washroom on the floor
An extra good reason why I wear gloves
 Whoa!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen it such a mess! People can be (excuse me) pigs! The floor was a disaster, the recycle bins full of clothes and the bathroom was disgusting. I just don’t get how someone can leave a place like that. If you drop a Kleenex or dryer sheet, pick it up. If you don’t want your clothes anymore, take them somewhere else or at the very least put them in the garbage. LOL

The recycle bins are often overflowing with some garbage
but clothes, make up bags, makeup etc. filled this one today
Well, my usual routine was upended as I had to sweep the floors before I did anything. There were 2 people in there to do their laundry and I was disgusted that this was what they had to walk through this morning. I then emptied and sorted the recycle bins. Looks like someone just threw her very expensive makeup products and 2 bags out – or maybe her boyfriend did in a fit of anger! Never thought of that. Okay, rant over.

Then I set about the rest of my cleaning, which wasn’t bad at all. Lastly, finishing up with another dust mop and then wet mop. I feel good that it is left in great condition when I head out no matter how it looked when I arrived. I had to take pictures today because Bill wouldn’t believe it. Hmm, yes, he would, he cleaned schools. It was a hot day already and I drove to Foodland for milk, to Esso for fuel and then to Home Hardware to pick up something Bill ordered.

I meant to show you the 'ditch' I edged around the fire pit
On the drive home, I stopped on Baptist Church Road with my trowel and a bag. I’d seen a beautiful grouping of columbine plants that wanted to come home with me. The corral hill would be the perfect spot. When I returned, that was the first thing I did after unloading Ptooties. I’ll have to be sure to water them often over the next few days, a lot.

I don't know if you can see it, but the tall columbine
is in the middle of the photo

Another one with a purple flower
I hope they take off and spread out
My tea tasted extra good this morning because I’d worked for it again. 😊 I chatted with Donna for a bit and then since it was noon hour already, made up my lunch plate. I made sure to make less today as I wouldn’t be working it off in this heat. It is already 28C/83F so I won’t be digging no ‘trenches’ today. Today is Bill’s 2nd oldest daughter’s birthday so I sent Charlotte a singing text. How lucky could she get? Poor girl! Ha ha. I didn’t want her thinking I’d forgotten.

A smaller lunch plate, still filling
There was a slight breeze out there, but very little of it so I will find myself a comfy spot in the shade and be lazy. I feel for Bill and their crew today as it will be very humid for them working. Maybe they’ll stop early, Mike, the boss, is very cognizant of weather working conditions for his staff when they are outside. I hope it is a shorter day for them but we’ll see.

I went outside with my book, but there isn’t a lot of shade in the middle of the day so I soon gave up and came inside. I’d put the a/c on in here to get it cool for Bill and us this evening and can already notice a nice difference. Something the Suite couldn’t offer right now! There wasn’t much I could do so basked in the luxury of ‘nothing’ for today. Inside I found an old channel and watched Highway to Heaven for an hour before walking down the lane to the mailbox.

The wind was almost non-existent today
when we needed it
It was 4 and there was still no breeze at all, the flags on the Ridge were mostly still. The only mail was a note from our mail delivery person telling me that she couldn’t deliver what I’m assuming is our Amazon parcel because we have a No Trespassing sign. LOL I think I’ve said before that this must be a new delivery person, one who doesn’t seem to go out of their way for customer service. Now I have to drive to Priceville P.O. to pick it up. Not a huge deal but it’s the point.

Digging her hole but she left it without laying eggs
They dedicate so much time and then walk away
I realized that Bill was making a whole day of working so they must be doing alright. I heard him coming up the lane around 4:45 so they worked 7 ½ hours. They are braver than I am! I was sitting outside waiting for him under the awning shade and then we came inside to the cooler air. We watched some NCIS as neither of us were ready to eat yet.

Even at 6, “are you hungry?”, “Nope, are you?” So, it was 6:30 when we toasted some bread and made tomato, cheese and lettuce sandwiches. I’d taken a roast out of the freezer this morning, thinking an Instant Pot meal but if you’re not hungry for a big meal, it would be pointless. We’ll have it tomorrow or Thursday. While slouching before supper, CarStar called with the delightful news that our Suite should be ready tomorrow. She’ll call in the morning to arrange pick up. Yay!

We had the last ice cream bar for dessert
after our tomato sandwiches
During supper, we saw 3 turtles up here moving around. One this way, one that way and one down at the bottom of the hill ‘nesting’. It is the time of year for it, although I’m thinking even a bit later. 

In the field behind us, the geese were stretching their legs
They are fun to watch too, just like Chippy whom I didn’t see a lot of today being indoors so much. After dishes, Bill caught up on all of today’s expenditures. He has Quicken on his laptop so I seldom go in and take care of that. I did install the program on my laptop, just for practice.

Knock, knock, who's there?
No, Chippy, you can't come in and I don't have any peanuts
I took a quick (well, meandering) walk down the lane once more before settling inside. It was a quiet evening with only America’s Got Talent to watch together so I was able to move along in my book. It is very good, a bit hard to read but I’m enjoying it all the same. I hope you’ve managed to stay cool today! We experienced 33C/91F today and one more of the same expected for tomorrow.

Before saying goodnight, I need to wish Charlotte a great birthday!

Happy Birthday pretty lady!

Good night y'all!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. It has been a slow start to summer here in the southeast corner of Saskatchewan. My poor basil is looking pretty sad right now. I love columbines and you found some lovely specimens.

    God bless.

    1. Good luck with the basil! :)
      The columbines were a real treat to find but I have to be honest, I had to look up what they were and how they fared in a garden. I need something that will spread.

  2. Chippy is pretty brave!!! People can be disgusting. Do you think they do that at home?? I even clean up litter on my neighbors yard!!! So happy the suite will be home soon!!

    1. Chippy thinks he is part of the family and I guess he is. :)
      I feel bad for the rest of us when we have to walk through and clean up!! the messes others with no respect leave behind.

  3. Having worked as apartment manager/cleaner of a high rise building in downtown Kitchener, nothing would surprise me! The public washrooms were always a 'treat' to clean.

  4. Ewww, yuck! Some people's children as my mother used to say. I'm sure the patrons were much happier with the Mat after you left.

    Happy Birthday to your DIL!

  5. People are pigs and figure it's their right to dirty up a Laundry Room. Wrong!
    Be Safe and Enjoy staying cool.

    It's about time.

  6. WOW what a mess..pretty disgusting! That's a really quick turnaround on the Suite! Nice! I love your lunches lately..perfect summer dish and lots of protein to keep you going! Dinner looks yummy too! Happy Birthday Charlotte, pretty girl!