Sunday, June 7, 2020

What a Difference a Day Makes! This One Fit That Category

The Ridge
On Sunday, June 7th we were lazier than we’ve ever been but my excuse was that I did not sleep well or much. Remember I told you that I removed the heavy duvet and cover last week? Well, last night it cooled off to about 9C/48F and I just wasn’t prepared for that. It was great around the blazing campfire, nice and warm, but I was also bundled quite well in a heavy sweater of Bill’s. (He gave it to me because it is a bright orange red). I love it!

It was a nice sky as I drove to Durham and back today
As soon as you stepped away from the fire’s warmth, you could feel the damp air. So, needless to say, I went to bed around 11:15 and Bill got caught up in a movie until 1. I was tired so dropped off easily but sensed him coming to bed and that did it. I moved and realized how chilled I was. His warm ‘heating pad’ body beside me helped but I just wasn’t comfortable.

My left arm was aching (arthritis, I’m sure) so I rolled, tossed and turned a lot. Even Advil didn’t relieve the ache. I grabbed my couch blanket and threw it over me and finally dropped off. Still a restless night. That’s why we didn’t get up until almost 8:30! I sorted 2 loads of dirty clothes and took them into town. Bill headed out to cut grass. I cleaned the Mat, which again was in pretty good shape, and brought the clothes home around 10:15. I’d hoped it wasn’t going to be busy and it wasn’t with only 3 or 4 customers.

Bill worked on putting air in a couple of tires
After hanging the clothes, Bill stopped long enough for a coffee and I had my tea. I felt hungry so had cereal with some banana. I had thought that I would whipper snip on the corral hill but Bill was out cutting the front field by now and so I started moving things from the Suite into the Cedar Creek. I didn’t count the number of trips but with no boxes kicking around, there were many with few items each time. Their fridge is full, and their counter tops are as well. We are so grateful that they offered their trailer to us, we can still stay at our home base.

All hooked up for the morning's commute
to CarStar in Mount Forest
The Ridge looks great again with all the grass cut and trimmed. Bill does an awesome job. I do wish I had my little mower running but we’re having a hard time finding a blade for it. I enjoy cutting ‘my’ areas and I know it helps Bill when I am able to do that. Hopefully soon we’ll find one. The rest of the day was much the same, me moving food, appliances, towels, bathroom stuff and clothes. Bill helped me bring things in off the line and most of his went right in the C.C.

Our temporary home for the week
so we hung our 'shingle' on the hitch
It is hard to think of what clothes to move over. With some hot days on the horizon, I’ll need a few options. Once we finished that part, we had our showers and started closing and securing cupboards. The time slipped by and it was 6 o’clock before we knew it. Bill noticed that a couple of our tires needed some air so took care of that while I started supper in our loaner home. 😊 I cooked Italian sausages in Madame IP and a couple of cobs of corn in the microwave.

Supper and it may not look like much
but it was very good
Just as things were beeping that they were ready, Donna and Gerry drove in to return something they’d borrowed before heading home. They had a great weekend too. Donna and I chatted about how the day was a little cooler, as we’d been forewarned about, but when you are moving and not sitting in the shade, it was a pretty nice day. Our supper was very tasty and Bill was the guinea pig for the Caramel Apple Crumb Cheesecake.

One of the things I ordered from Amazon is a springform pan
for Madame IP but this surprisingly came out with ease

Nice and thick almost like a New York style cheesecake
Maybe I’m pushing the apples on him too much as he is tiring of their ‘wild’ taste. Hmm, I’ll have to give it a break for a while but he did admit that the cheesecake tastes good. He could scrape the apples off the top since that is the only place they are located in the whole dessert. We did the dishes, settling into the new surroundings. I worked on my blog (and will finish it!) and we sat and watched tv and did some reading. It is quite a nice night.

any winds have completely died down to ZERO
It was nice to hear from Rob and Pat that they arrived at their destination just before 5. We knew they would be away for a few days. The temperature at 8:30 is 15C/59F. Going to be another cool 8C/48F before we reach morning again. This was a nice day. We’ve witnessed more turtles looking for and laying eggs so there should be quite an influx of babies in 90 days. I know we won’t likely see them but it is nice that they’re multiplying!

As the sun considers setting, we say
Good night!

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  1. So nice that Rob and Pat lent you their fifth wheel!

    1. Absolutely! We love our family but this is nicer than bunking in with one of them away from the Ridge. :)

  2. Lovely photos. Glad you can stay at your home base.

    God bless.

  3. What wonderful friends you have to loan their rig to you, and such a blessing for you. Lots of turtle babies in your future... fun!! The cheesecake looks great!!

    1. Rob and Pat are truly wonderful people and we value their friendship for so many reasons.

  4. Your cheesecake looks delicious!!! Very nice that you have a loaner RV. Black Beauty looks gorgeous all hooked up again. Hope the repair is painless.

  5. Very sweet of Rob and Pat! All that moving tired me out just reading about it! LOL! Once this work is done, you'll have both of them looking spiffy and ready to go again! Dinner and the cheesecake look awesome! Gorgeous sunset!

    1. It was a very sweet gesture to offer their trailer.
      It will be nice to have both of our vehicles fixed but still a few things for later in the summer.

  6. Yum yum yum. Cheesecake looked delicious.

  7. You've got some great friends! It's nice you'll be able to stay home even while your RV is being taken care of elsewhere.

    I haven't used my IP in a long time but I may just have to try the cheesecake. It looks delicious. I suppose you could leave off the topping and then just add one after it was baked. I'm thinking strawberries or blueberries. :)

    1. We do have great friends. :)
      Yes, Bill and I said that tonight (Monday) that we could use cherries or strawberries.