Monday, June 22, 2020

Summer Days, Geese Return, Ptooties Health Check

The Ridge
Monday, June 22nd we’ve moved into summer and it really does feel like it! Bill was up shortly after 6. I glanced at the clock and thought ‘ah, no work this morning so I can stay here’. At 6:45 he was waking me up as we were dropping Ptooties off for an oil change and safety check over. Woops! I forgot! I didn’t feel very awake as I drove her following Bill to Pletsch’s service shop.

Driving home from Walkerton
Bill drove Black Beauty to Walkerton and I drove home. We remembered that it is garbage day so when I returned home at 8:20, I hiked the 2 bins and garbage bag down to the roadside. Then I should have walked as I’ve missed a few days but I preferred having a tea instead. For some reason, maybe the weird wake up, I felt tired and hungry. I had my cuppa and a bowl of Shreddies and cream. That only made me feel more tired so I stretched out on the couch like an old potato.

It is a game of Hide and Seek every day
Where is Carmelita today?
Can you see her?
Hint: don't look for a green frog
Obviously, I needed that as I dropped off for an hour before forcing myself to get up. There was a nice breeze coming in the windows so I opted to leave them open rather than turning the bedroom a/c on. I was comfortable. 

She is sitting on a black pump so now she is black and gray
It was a day for vacuuming and even more with the little tiny bits of evidence of a small visitor. 😊 You realize how ‘child proof’ your place is NOT when such a young fella visits. He kept everyone hopping, “No, Easton”, “don’t touch that”, “sit on your bum”.

She is so interesting and tiny!
Then I went outside and after getting some sage advice from Pat, I finished sewing Bill’s knee patch. That worked much better and didn’t need to do it by hand after all. It sure doesn’t look pretty but he didn’t marry me for my sewing skills. Ha ha. I didn’t have anything else to sew so packed the sewing stuff up and got my small craft glue gun out for another project.

Good thing I'm better at hair cutting than I am at sewing, huh?
The cacti, I think there were 5, that we brought home from Lake Havasu Flea Market in the December of 2018/19 have died. They were doing so well; one had grown babies and everything. We love the pot and the little Arizona sign and roadrunner so at least it wasn’t a total loss. Today, I removed the last of the dead remains and replaced them with my own cactus. What do you think?

A new cactus garden that we don't have to water
Then, I decided to paint our patio table. So, after wiping it down I set to work. I love the new look and it will fit in nicely with our Adirondack chairs. I felt a few drops of rain so moved the table under the Suite’s nose cap. By this time, I needed to close things up and get ready to go pick Bill up from work. The car’s oil change was done and some service on the brakes was necessary (not replacement, at least). I dropped Bill at Pletsch’s on the way home and he paid and brought Ptooties home.

Our free dirty patio table gets a facelift

There is a lip right below the table top that I'll also do orange
and then sand and paint the legs white
We have been talking about how the geese have all disappeared and yet it didn’t seem the babies were full grown enough to fly yet. As I drove in the lane, the geese were ALL gathered up at the base of the corral hill. I drove really slow but couldn’t get close enough to get a good picture. The babies now have feathers like their parents so were sure they’ll be gone in no time.

How neat to see the geese were still around!

And they don't look like babies anymore
They have the same colouring as their parents
When I walked down after supper, they were all in our front field
but still skittish and moved when they saw me
There was also a mama turtle in the middle of the lane so I slowed down trying not to scare her. Bill had caught up and was right behind me. Apparently, the truck spooked her and as I crept along, she moved and almost got squished. Oh my God! I would feel sick if that happened. She made it safely across and her life will go on, trying to find that perfect spot to lay her eggs. There are so many of them!

Supper was delicious!
It was neat to see the geese anyway. Inside, I had a cup of tea and mixed up the ingredients for a meat loaf for supper. I set 2 whole potatoes on top in foil and cooked some spaghetti squash for me and corn for him in the microwave. It was a yummy supper. I could feel the air cooling down outside very slightly from 26C/79F but not by much. There was no breeze today which didn’t help matters. It will be a nice night for sleeping around 17C/63F.

I took this picture last night but forgot to post it this morning
So, we'll use it tonight
Good night!
After dishes, we just relaxed in front of the tv. I took a walk down the lane to try and get a picture of the geese just in case they came back. This was a great day without a lot of activity.

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. Your new cactus garden and the painted table look great!

  2. I really like the new cactus garden! Good job on the table too!

  3. You always have fun projects going on - painting, repurposing, etc. I'm not very talented in that department. Two of my sisters are just like you - always seeing something that could be improved, reused, etc. Of course they offer ideas and suggestions to their older sister, when I ask.
    I have to say reading your posts and seeing and hearing all you have to enjoy at "The Ridge" really get me excited about being on our own property rather than here in the RV Park. I'm thankful to be here, but being on our own land would be a real treat.
    We had meatloaf last night too - great minds think alike! LOL! Have a great day!

    1. Thank you Cheri. Some things don't work out but it's fun trying. :)

  4. Carmelita cracks me up! Do they feed at night? She's always hunkered down during the day. Don't feel bad, I've never had any of those cactus live either. I do love YOUR cactus in the pot!! So sad to see the baby geese grow and and fly away. You're lucky they are all still around. The baby quail we have in Arizona are so darn cute, but they disappear here and there until there are only one or two left.

    1. I'm not sure if Carmelita feeds at night, but you might be right. She's here all day most days.
      Thank you, my rock cacti don't need water which is great!
      I would love to see the baby quail!!

  5. Your little cacti garden is adorable! I also like seeing Carmelita, though I must admit I didn't see her in the first photo. :)

    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you. :) Carmelita was on the black pump, near the handle.

  6. Love the cactus garden. That's a great idea.