Monday, June 29, 2020

A No-Nothing Kind of Day

The Ridge

I’m surprised that it was such a nice night sleeping as with windows open, there sure wasn’t much air filtering in. I know I slept well regardless. Bill was up on Monday, June 29th with the alarm (or before it?) and I followed around 6:30. I left for work first, just before 7 and that turned out to be a good thing. I got down Baptist Church Road and realized that my water bottle was sitting at home. Bill was working at Mount Forest today so would be going right by the Mat and dropped it off soon after. 

Looks comfy, doesn't it?
It would have been at 8 degrees cooler
That was great as I would need it in there this morning. It was going to be a hot, humid day but the Suite was quite comfortable, I assume from when the clouds covered the sun, which was often. After the Mat was cleaned, I headed straight home for my tea which I enjoyed while reading some blogs. There was really nothing on my agenda for the rest of the day since it was too hot to be digging in the garden.

Pretty sky today
I took my book out, determined to finish it today, and alternatively sat on my lounge chair in the sun and then in the shade. Romeo came to visit only once to get a few peanuts before playing shy again. I guess he just wasn’t too hungry. In case you’ve wondered, Carmelita has left us, no sign of her for about a week now. I’m sad but as long as she’s okay, that is nature for you. She graced us with her presence for about 3 weeks running so we were lucky.

Since I didn’t walk or do anything outside, I have few pictures to share today.  After moving inside around 12:30, I made my lunch plate and double-checked my list for tomorrow. See, I don’t feel too bad about a lazy day as I have a couple of busy ones coming up. A few places to go to pick up what we need for Wednesday and that is tiring in itself. But that starts tomorrow.

Pond reflections, you could stand on your head and get a similar picture
Any volunteers?
At 2:30, I closed things up, pulled blinds and turned the bedroom a/c on. At least if Bill comes home and needs a cool place to nap, he can go up there if the main area is too warm. 27C/81F is no cool day! Taking no chances on the meat we want to serve, I called M & M’s in Hanover to check their stock. We should be fine if I hit them up in the morning, they have a fair bit. 😊 The rest of the day was pretty quiet too. 

This was a favourite meal Mom used to make
I used to make for my kids
and I still occasionally make when I've run out of ground beef ideas
I walked down to the mailbox around 3:30 and got a reminder of the weeds along the lilies and geraniums down there. I’ve been talking about getting down to them but even though I didn’t have my gloves, I cleaned it up as best I could. Then I got the mail and walked back up to sit back down. I managed to finish my book and then updated the info on Goodreads. I checked out the book cupboard and chose a Michael Connelly for the next one. Quicker read with not so much concentration. But, I really did enjoy the Clockmaker's Daughter.

There was 45 minutes waiting for turtles today
that we'll never get back LOL
But we love them around so don't want to risk hurting them
Bill texted at 10 to 5 telling me he was stuck in the laneway, waiting for a turtle. She was in the middle either digging or laying. Watching her, you can’t tell what the movements are. So patiently he waited 30 minutes and then she moved and so did he. Inside, we had supper around 6. Hamburger gravy with vegetables cooked on the stove and potatoes done in Madame IP.  It was good and we have enough leftovers for tomorrow.

She's waiting for me to pass
After dishes, we hopped in Ptooties and went into town for fuel. I’ll be taking the car tomorrow and could have done it then but I’ve got a lot of stops already and Bill offered. 😊 The air is still and as we drive back in the lane, there she is again. 

The holes sure seem big enough for eggs
In the middle. We waited 15 minutes and she moved on. I got out to check the locations and found about 4 holes, empty, all in a row. Aaah, the poor things, they have a hard time finding a nesting spot.

It's pretty incredible, isn't it?
This is only 4 of the many down our lane.
Up at the Suite, I did my post and watched some tv. Bill went to the Hangar for a while and by 10, I was calling it a night. This was a very lazy day for me.

And Chippy says goodnight while eating a peanut

And for all you cat lovers..........

Thanks for your visit!


  1. My mum used to make that dish too. She called it Sheep Sh** and Cherry Pits. LOL. I called it PishPash when I made it for my kidlets. I still love it, with lots of fresh ground pepper, Yum. Now you've got my craving Patsy!

    1. Ha ha, I've never heard that name for the ground beef meal!I don't really have a name for it.

  2. That's sad that Carmelita left but your turtles are fun to hear about!

  3. I find the turtles fascinating. I've never seen a turtle digging holes for their eggs. When I was in grade school/junior high, we lived in the country. We had lots of turtles but at the time I didn't know they laid eggs. Dean has seen one at the lot so manybe that will be a new experience for me. I can only hope.
    Funny cat photo!!!

    1. I'm like you with the turtles. Never gave laying eggs a thought until we moved here and I read all about them. :)
      I hope you have baby turtles too!

  4. I agree with Karen about dinner I want some! Your chair does look comfy in the sun, too bad it was too hot! You and Bill sure have a lot of patience with the turtle :) Not a cat lover, but that is too cute!

    1. That supper is so easy to make. Home made biscuits would have been good with it but I never thought of that!
      We aren't cat lovers either but don't dislike them. We're dog people!! :)

  5. I've never seen turtles around here, though I know that there are some that were formerly pets that ended up in nearby creeks. They get too big or people get tired of them, isn't that sad?

    Comfort food - that's what your dinner makes me think of - I used to do something similar but haven't for many years. Looks good.

    My favorite photo is the pool reflection, great shot!

    1. the turtles are 'almost' a nuisance but we can never say that.
      Comfort food, a good name for it. :)
      Thank you the pond does reflect the sky beautifully!