Sunday, June 21, 2020

Long Day, Short Posting, Visiting Suzie

The Ridge
On Saturday, June 20th, Bill and I were up by 6:30 with no work schedule on our plate. Instead, we’d planned to visit Suzie today. Without realizing the exact date, it was 6 months to the day since George’s funeral. We showered and Bill had some cereal while I only needed a tea.

Bill and Rob take the Vacationer for a drive
with some little tips from Suzie
Leaving the house at 8, we picked Rob and Pat up to join us. Meeting at her brother’s home outside of New Hamburg, Suzie was ready and waiting for her company. Bill and I met D & S for the first time and admired their lovely home and location. This is where Suzie’s Holiday Rambler is sitting a
nd where she is able to clean it out and get a few minor issues looked after.

Bill behind the wheel, Suzie looking quite relaxed
We arrived around 10:30 and had a lovely visit. The boys took the motor coach for a nice run around the block to make sure it was running fine and reported back in the positive. Bill's first time driving a Class A. No, not getting any ideas. There were a few items that she was selling and Rob and Bill each picked up a couple of pieces of George’s ‘legacy’. 😊 He would be happy to know that friends have purchased them, I think. Suzie looks great and is coping very well in the eyes of her friends and family although I’m sure there are some tough times when she is alone.

I know George would have taken a picture of the food table
but this is my limit today
Three simultaneous pictures here
but with the exception of Rob and Pat
Bill, Suzie and I look our best in a different shot

It was a fun visit
Our hosts offered to bbq us lunch so we enjoyed loaded burgers, beans and chips in the shade by their garage. It was cooked on what else? A Weber Q. We pulled out around 1:00 with Black Beauty’s bed filled. Almost. Bill drove to Kitchener so we could all pick up some needed items at Costco. It was a good stopover to fill the remaining nooks in the back and we were home here at the Ridge before 4.

Rob, Pat and our hostess
who hates having her picture taken

A nice sky on our way back to the Ridge
After a snooze, Bill cut some grass up in the patio area, we had toast and jam/peanut butter for supper with an ice cream cone for dessert. By then, it was 8 and we popped over to the Acreage for a campfire with Donna, Gerry and Mike. At 11, I needed to come home, I felt so tired. It was a wonderful day, evening and we were thrilled to be able to see Suzie for the first time since October. We could feel George’s presence. 😊

Someone missed me today, I think
This looks like Casanova

Sitting outside while Bill cut lawn

Black Cherry ice cream cone
Look at those cherries!
Good night (day!)

Take care, thank you for stopping in!


  1. Nice to see Suzie. You all look great!!! Perfect trip for you guys.

  2. Lovely day. It looks so very peaceful.

    God bless.

  3. So glad you got down to see Suzie and found her well! I remember well the one time we met them at your place.

    1. I'm grateful you got to meet George and Suzie too. :) Some weren't so lucky after reading his blog for years.

  4. I'm happy to hear you and Bill were able to visit Suzie. You certainly had a nice day for a visit!