Friday, June 19, 2020

Stacking up the Beautiful Days, Our RV Park is Empty Again, Family Dinner

The Ridge
On Thursday, June 18th things pretty much followed every other day when I don’t work and Bill does. He gets up first with the alarm and I follow slower. After he leaves for work at 7:15, I went for my walk. The thought process on summer days like this is ‘get out there before it gets too hot’. I think we missed that mark. I say ‘we’ as on my return trip, I met another couple that I see occasionally. I’m glad I was finishing as I think they’d just got going. I think he might be the minister of the corner church.

Can't beat a sky like that for a morning walk
Even at 7:30, the shadows were very welcome
No special sightings today other than the sun through the trees but I can’t get over the magnitude of silence at that time of the morning. It is so unbelievable that it is difficult to describe. Maybe a bird or a scuttle of a small critter in the long grasses, but when there is no wind, not even a rustle of tree leaves breaks that sound barrier. I love it.

Capturing today's glow
 My sister, Gayle, posted something a while ago (maybe I mentioned this) about singing in the silence when you are alone. Today, for the second time, on a lone country road I broke the silence myself. This Land is Your Land, this Land is My Land…………from Bonavista to Vancouver Island! Canadian version, of course. I only know the first verse by memory and stumble through the second but belting it out felt great! 😊

Back home, it was tea time and I decided to have a piece of toasted rye bread with the rhubarb jam that my buddy, Rob, made for me.   Well, maybe he helped Pat make it, but he saved me a jar and presented it to me. It was delicious and although I felt a bit (a teensy bit) guilty for the delectable sugary, carbish pleasure, I still enjoyed it very much.

Wildflowers along the walk are a pretty distraction

Since our downstairs a/c isn’t working properly, I closed windows and the door and turned the upstairs a/c on. With the hall door open, it will cool the Suite down nicely. I then went out and got the paints out and positioned the two deck chairs in the shade again.

Just a few minutes after 9 Rob drove in with his son following on a motorcycle. They were here to get the fiver hitch back in the truck and take the Cedar Creek home. I needed a witness signature and he willingly obliged so I could mail the release letter today for Mom. They were on their way by 9:30 after one more thankyou from me for the use of their trailer. Already, the heat was beating down and around us. There was a nice little breeze coming from the north, so on my back as I worked away.

Rob setting up to take his trailer home
Our visiting fiver leaves
At one point, I took the letter down to the mail box to catch the pick up today. I could tell that I was losing interest in the painting job as I felt I was making more mistakes and had more paint touchups with the two colours. I persisted until they both had second coats as well as the little tables. I have 3 more small jars of the orange paint and it is the colour that needed a thicker covering to hide the wood.

I must remember to look each morning as my
Moonflower is about to bloom
I put things away and checked my watch. Egads! 10 to 1! Another day skittering by. Inside, I made myself a coffee and a lunch plate. As I sat to start my blogpost, my thoughts drifted to the July 1st holiday, just around the corner. It has been a tradition that we’ve hosted a Canada Day dinner for Bill’s parents and siblings, starting in our years at the house. Maybe 2010? Funny, I can’t remember for sure.

Carmelita was sitting on my watering can this morning
Interesting how she has camouflaged to match the colour
I had no need to disturb her today
Anyway, Liz and Bruce are on board but so far that is all we know. We need to check in with everyone during the last week so I can prepare. We try to be true hosts as far as food and don’t ask for contributions other than what they want to drink. Usually, they will bring a munchie regardless. We are both just hoping that it works out this year.
The chairs and table tops are done
I took my book out to sit for a bit but other than sitting in the sun, or sitting in the gravel there wasn’t much shade yet. After 30 minutes in the sun, I was done with that and came inside. The Suite was a relief, just enough to cool you down. It was 27C/81F outside and still 25C/78F inside but a noticeable difference, if you can believe that. It is definitely hotter in the sun; our outside thermometer is on a slide-out arm in the shade.

My garden irises are so majestic and tall

And winter geraniums are blooming
I had very few little dots of blue or orange paint here and there so when I saw them, I washed them off and got cleaned up for an evening out. Bill surprised me by arriving half hour earlier than expected. A nice surprise. He got cleaned up too and we were out the door headed for Gayle’s by 5:15. Donna and Gerry were already there, as expected and we had another nice visit and pick up supper from Kettles.

I remembered to get a picture of my supper tonight
Very good, the beef was so tender
My order tonight was a hot roast beef sandwich with mashed potatoes, gravy and string beans. Yummy! I left most of the bread but enjoyed everything else. Gayle and I had a glass of wine with our meals, Bill had his Rum and ‘Zero’ and the boys had beer. We covered a lot of topics and after Gayle and I went through some clothes that Donna brought, we said goodbye around 8:30. 

A small hint of the deer in the wheat field looking back at us
We could barely see his head and little ears
It was a nice drive home with the sun setting off in the west sky, over my shoulder. We saw a deer off to the side of the road but he scampered off to the wheat field before we got close.

Thank Marlene for suggesting where to put the grape jelly
I was trying to arrange with Jamie about him dropping in to pay me but his evening is pretty hectic. I suggested he wait until the weekend and I’ll meet him in town. Now he can do what he has to and not worry about me and we can relax too. This was a good day. My project is finished and we’ve had a nice family visit. I hope you’ve enjoyed your Thursday. Get ready for the weekend!

Looking back over my shoulder I caught the sunsetting as we drove home
Favourite picture today
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. Your final picture is my favourite as well. I love the large elm in silhouette.

  2. Woohoo!! Pretty chairs!!! Carmelita fascinates me. I'm surprised she/he sits so far up above the ground. Does she go away at night? You're definitely right about dinner. It looks fabulous!!!

  3. Your chairs look very colourful :-)

  4. The chairs look great! Nice to have a visit with family, hope July 1st turns out well for you too.

  5. Glad you are finally getting the warmer temperatures that you appreciate.
    That meal looks very filling.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. I hum Walking In A Winter Wonderland when I walk. It sets a good pace.

    1. Ha ha! That's funny, Karen! Humming a winter song while walking in the nice summery weather. :) Good for you!

  7. Oh Patsy, I really should comment more often, I like your blog so much. I save it to the end of my reading, as one of my favourites! Love learning the details of all your days.

    1. Oh my goodness, F.G. You are such a sweetheart to make such a lovely comment. You made me smile with that one and it means the world to me. Thank you for reading!