Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Here Comes the Rain!

The Ridge
When I woke up on Tuesday, June 23rd Bill was already downstairs after his shower. It was 6:45 when I got up to greet the day. Cleaning day for me so I got washed, dressed and followed Bill out the lane to Durham at 7:05. It felt humid outside but the temperature was a moderate 20C/68F. No sun this morning to speak of and we were expecting a bit of rain so that made sense.

Last night's rainbow
 The Mat wasn’t too bad at all and was looking even better when I left! The floors needed a good washing. I drove home and puttered around inside after my tea. I had to refill a couple of soap dispensers for kitchen and bathroom sinks for starters. I was reading blogs when at 10, thinking that I should get outside and do something productive, the sky opened up and the rains let loose.

Last night it came on with a burst at 8, right out of the blue, wind and heavy rain for about 15 minutes. We welcomed it though. There was a faint rainbow, unreachable pots of gold on each end, through the rain and sunshine. Very pretty. So, Bill texted around 10:30 that he was on his way home. They can’t put siding or do anything on that house in the rain. He can spend time in his Hangar this afternoon and will enjoy doing that, I’m sure.

The sky was pretty cool at some points of the day
On Sunday, with the ice cream cake debacle, we had to cut the cake in half (what was left after the 4 of us had some) and put them into glass cake pans. With no room in our freezer, I removed the 2 bags of frozen apples from the Bunky freezer and slipped one cake pan in there. You know how small these portables are, not much room at all. The second cake pan had to sit just in the fridge part. We knew it would melt but at least it would stay cold.

Okay, this morning I brought that cake pan inside the Suite and poured it into the blender. The ingredients were that for a strawberry shortcake ice cream cake so I knew it would be yummy for a milkshake. I was bang on! So yummy! Bill will enjoy it that way as well. When Bill drove in, I was just finishing my coffee. We caught up with some chit chat and then he went upstairs to watch some tv and inevitably have his snooze.

The rain left everything green and dampened
When he got up, he went down to the Hangar to work on his plane. I turned on my recordings of Downton Abbey and watched 3 hours of those. I really do love them. The rains returned off and on all afternoon until about 5 and somewhere in there, unbeknownst to me, the power went out. I had the inverter turned on as our fridge needs power without the sun and I wasn’t sure how long it would be off. Bill said it was off for over 3 hours before he came up. His tv would not be on and no lights either, so once it got darker with the clouds, he came up.

It was a nice hearty supper
Supper was leftover meatloaf so I was glad when the power came back on. It meant I could use Madame IP to reheat it and the leftover dressing from the other night. We had cabbage salad on the side and supper was quite tasty. After dishes, it looked like more rain again but I won’t complain. Bill had some strawberry milkshake for his dessert. I had a couple of Girl Guide cookies.

Our rain barrel filled up really quickly today
No sign of Carmelita today though
I hope she's safe
Everything has been well-watered meaning I don’t have to. The rain barrel was only about ¼ full yesterday from all my watering and now it is overflowing. Yay! We have it sitting right under the down spout of our only eaves trough on the Bunky. Too bad we didn’t have more on the sheds, the water comes in handy. This was a quiet afternoon and I enjoyed it quite a lot. I hope you got some rain too, if you needed it.

Doesn't look like we're done with the rain yet
Good night!

Thanks for popping in to see what we’re up to! 😊


  1. We were very warm today almost 30C which is a big change from the few days before. Send some rain our way as things are pretty dry right now.

    God bless.

    1. I'll be happy to send some rain, Jackie. We've had a nice bout of it and things are good and wet for a few days.

  2. When it's raining, as kids we chanted - rain, rain, go away, come again another day. Oh my, we need rain so do not stay away! Our grass is turning brown and we have cracks in the ground. Hard to believe that only a few weeks has made such a change. It's typical here though. At least the farmers were able to get their wheat in. Now they need rain for the corn and other crops.
    I love the picture of your bunky, chairs and flag! It looks so inviting!

    1. I remember that chant. As kids, we never wanted it to rain because it meant we couldn't play outside. Funny. As I said above, we've had enough now for a few days so I'm pushing it west!
      Thank you, that was a last minute picture as I didn't take too many photos yesterday. :)

  3. Nice rain ..... we could use some of that down here. Dinner looks yummy. How come things I cook don't turn out like that????

    1. Seems everyone is in need of rain this week. We've had enough, I'll send some. :)
      Luck on the cooking thing. haha

  4. We're expecting thunderstorms today so I expect we'll some rain again.

    Enjoy your day!

  5. I really love the way your chairs turned out! So cheerful! We need rain too! Badly! Dinner looks so yummy! Your cabbage salad, is that what we call coleslaw with a mayo, vinegar, sugar and milk dressing? Haven't had service so Congrats on the new grand baby coming!! YAY! Easton is just too adorable!

    1. Thank you, Bill says that every day about the chairs. too funny.
      Yes, cabbage salad is coleslaw here too except when I don't mix the mayo in, I put it on our plates and we add our own dressing. Same salad though. :)
      Thank you, Easton is adorable and wouldn't a baby sister be lovely?? Matt says, another boy. Typical father!