Sunday, June 7, 2020

Good Working Day on the Ridge, Black Beauty Gets Hitched, Campfire

The Ridge

With a late night last night, I wasn’t overly surprised that we slept in on Saturday, June 6th. I think Bill got up shortly after 7 and I couldn’t believe I slept until 7:30! One of the things I said to him before we went to bed was ‘no alarm for morning’ so he is back to appreciating weekends again. My working man!  So, I came downstairs and it was 14C/57F and the sun was dominant in the sky. Great day for a walk.

Morning, and Chippy has given up trying to jump
up to the feeder
He'll just eat what the birds drop
I’ve missed walking the last few mornings, no real reason that I can hang a hat on, I just didn’t go. When I work at the Mat, it isn’t a priority to walk and when I return, it seems too late. I enjoyed the walk today and debated on carrying my large Canon with zoom but didn’t. Wouldn’t you know it, today was the day there were 3 deer in the farmers field. Shucks! Oh well, I did my two miles and as I turned up the lane Bill was coming down, headed for town.

Beautiful morning for anything you want to do
We needed to fill our big propane tank and after thinking the barbecue tank was almost out, it seems fine. We’ve hardly used it since we’ve returned so common sense says it can’t be low. He drove to FS Co-op and did that while I sat with my tea and worked on my blog posting. I’m getting really bad at posting in the evening. I knew that I didn’t have to go to work this morning so last night I talked myself into ‘tomorrow’. Once that was published, Bill had returned and left for the Acreage.

They keep our roads well gravelled and add calcium to keep the dust down
This is the hole in the trees that I look through to see the deer
There is one over by that far tree but with no zoom, you just have to believe me
He seldom stops! When he returned with a bladder of water, one is plenty since the Suite goes in to the shop on Monday, he started weed trimming. I made bacon and eggs around 11. Bill is used to eating something now at 7 so was hungry. He had been go-go-go already. I put the dishes in the dishwasher with last night’s dishes and turned it on. Then he went out to finish trimming. It took him about 2 ½ hours all together. I wasn’t going to be a slouch so got to work as well.

Chippy playing hide and seek
Later in the day, he sat on my hand to eat some peanuts
where was Bill with the camera when I need him?
I hand weeded the flower gardens, planted 8 dahlia bulbs from Gayle, raked some of the long grass Bill left around the gardens, dug up some rocks and moved some old wood pieces that were in the way of him cutting. It was around 2:30 when we were both done and decided to put the hitch back in the truck bed. Better do it today in case our run of luck wasn't in our favour.

Our rhubarb is coming but Pat thinks it needs more sun
I'm sure she's right because it only gets about 2 hours at most
in the morning
I wanted to say I picked some of my own so tried
these 4 stalks
It was pretty good!
It took longer and was more difficult than it should have been but my sweetie is a trooper and wouldn’t give up. I didn’t do much other than adjust the landing gear when he needed me to until eventually, he unhooked the Suite altogether. Finally, about an hour later it was in place and ready for the move. 

When our company was here yesterday, we watched a Mrs. Yertle
lay eggs and after they left, they were covered and I couldn't
even see the location
Today, another Mrs. was looking for a place to nest
Somewhere in there, I unlocked the Cedar Creek and made the bed with our sheets. I’ll move towels and a few more things for the fridge in tomorrow once it is cooled. It seems weird to have to think of what we’ll need to live elsewhere. I'm making a list!

The clouds were moving on out after the rain
We came inside around 5, when the clouds rolled in, as the temperature dropped quickly again. Bill went up to the bedroom for a snooze and finally at 5:30, I started supper. It was a fat chicken leg for me and a butt chop for Bill and Madame IP was happy to accommodate. On the side we had a garden salad and that would be enough because we had two choices for dessert tonight. Half an hour later, a huge cloud moved overhead and a few drops of rain were mixed in with the wind. Huh!

Mama Duck and her 7 or 8 babies right on her tail, literally
So, I closed windows and doors to the Bunky and put our folding chairs under the front cap. It may not amount to anything but better to be prepared. Supper was good, only 8 minutes + 8 minutes NR once pressure was built up. We decided on Pat’s rhubarb squares for dessert and then took care of dishes. We were invited to Donna and Gerry’s for a fire, or did we invite ourselves? Anyway, after cleaning our teeth, we took clothes for bundling and drove over.

The chicken was so tender and juicy
Neither of us was thinking of a cold drink so we made a thermos of tea each and took that. I always have water so Bill did take a Zero Coke and some rum – just in case. So that the evening doesn’t get late and I don't feel like working on my blog I’ll finish writing it now. If something exciting happens tonight, other than a nice evening, I’ll add it in the morning. 😊

Donna kept a beautiful fire going
This was a great day for working. Not too hot and not cold at all even with the gusty winds. We accomplished a lot and both feel good about that. P.S. It was a great evening with D, G, T, J and Mike. Woops, more than 5 but we were well behaved!

It was pitch black on the drive home last night

And the most beautiful full moon
which I can't do justice by taking pictures - ever

So, from our Ridge, we say
Good night!

Thank you for dropping in today to see what we’re up to.


  1. Glad you were able to get the hitch in BB and accomplish other chores before relaxing with Family and Friends.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.