Friday, June 5, 2020

Up and At ‘Em, Day for a Change, Time for a Family Dinner

The Ridge
Thursday, June 4th when we got up, I couldn’t believe that it was already Thursday! This week is flying by and I guess that relates to how busy we’ve been. I’m supposing that the summer will fly by too which is sad since the nice weather took its time arriving. Today looks gorgeous with a nice sun peeking through a few clouds to the east. It was already 16C/62F.

Good morning!
I had a cup of tea while Bill got washed and ready for his work day. At 7:30 we drove together to Walkerton in Ptooties. It was a nice morning drive, about 40 minutes and I was able to see the house that they are renovating. Mike wasn’t there but I met one of crew and saw Emily, whom I’ve met a couple of times before. I’d noticed on the way through Hanover that Walmart had no lines at 8 so I stopped on the way home.

It was maybe 5 minutes before I was allowed in and right away, I knew it was a good decision as the Zero Coke and Diet Gingerale were on sale. I put 4 cases in my cart and we should be good for a while. I don’t drink it as often as Bill does but it is nice to be stocked up. With a few other groceries and my Calcium pills in the cart, I checked out and headed home.

Lunch and a good book on a beautiful day
Enjoying the moments
The drive back was uneventful, the construction near Durham on #4 has moved down a side road so it didn’t slow traffic down. I put things away, read my emails and then decided it was time to make a change. Just ‘because I can’. One of  George's favourite things to say. 😊 I’ve been warning Bill for a week now what to expect but who knows what he’ll think when all is said and done. You’ll find out at the end of the post – maybe.
My irises along the back of the Bunky
I made myself a coffee before 11 and sat to write a bit on here. The rest of the day is a bit of a blur, I had my lunch, took a couple of walks down the lane and watered the hanging basket down at Bill’s Hangar. I had a nice catchup chat with my London girlfriend and out of work hair stylist, Brenda, and then it was time to pick Bill up at his job. I left at 1:40 and was in Walkerton at 2:20. He was ready and I drove home.

We ordered supper in from Kettles and sat in a bug free
Gerry, John and Gayle all smiles
He was hot and dirty but didn’t feel like dozing, which I thought he might while I drove. He hopped in the shower and while he did that I slipped into a summer dress and flip flops. Love the ease of hot weather dressing! I again drove to my sister Gayle’s and Bill was able to stretch back and have a snooze on the 30-minute drive. We were the first ones to arrive so made ourselves comfortable on their nice deck under the gazebo, with a full view of their pond, garden and yard area.

Bill and Donna
He can't blame me for the goofy pictures if he
doesn't look at the camera
Woops, John blinked
You probably have a clue now what I was referring to earlier
When Donna and Gerry arrived we all had some happy hour drinks and enjoyed each other’s company. It was a beautiful day for an outdoor dinner. John took our orders from the Kettles menu and called them in for pick up. Kettles is about 15 minutes down the road towards Owen Sound so the 3 guys went. Eating out of the Styrofoam containers saved some dishes for our hosts and the food was great. 
Bill obliged when us sisters asked him to take a picture
No picture again today of my meal but I had 2 pcs. of tender liver with onions, bacon, baked potato and cole slaw. Delicious! Half the liver and coleslaw came home.

Yes, that's the new temporary me in the middle
Biill could never see 'me' in the pictures I showed him
when I was younger in brown hair
Now he can
We sat around until close to 8 pm when Bill drove us home. What a great day! I was in bed by 9:30 as I still needed to catch up on last night’s restless sleep. The driving is unusual for me so that added to my sleepiness, I’m sure. Looking forward to another wonderful day on the horizon for tomorrow.

So, that was our day
Good night from the Ridge!

Thank you for your visit!


  1. Aha!!! I knew it!! It looks great ..... nice picture of you three!!

  2. Love your hair's color in these photos! It really looks natural on you,& blends well with your skin tones. From your description as "temporary", I guess you prefer being blonde. Either way, you look nice. - Mary

    1. Thank you Mary. I'm not sure what I'll do down the road. :) The brown will fade more quicker and the gray roots will show sooner. haha

  3. I really like the new colour! It looks very nice on you :)

  4. Quite different as we've never seen you anything other then Blonde.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your full nightt's sleep.

    It's about time.

  5. I love the color, now you have two to choose from! :) Ken always asks me who is he going to wake up to every time I color my hair! It makes your hair look thicker :) Love that you all got together for dinner! Nothing better than sister love...I"m blessed with two of the very best! Gayle certainly has a beautiful place!

    1. Yes, I guess I do. I've been red before. So far, Bill has liked any colour I've tried. One day I hope he'll like gray! haha
      We had a nice time with my sisters. :)

  6. My compliment, this hair colour looks nice on you. Actually I am surprised no-one has mentioned that it makes you look younger than before. Great idea to have takeout dinner.

    1. Thank you, that's very sweet of you to say. I know it makes my hair look thicker. :)
      We enjoyed the take out dinner.

  7. You do look quite different! Matches your tan.

  8. I like the color! It looks very good on you. Sounds like you had a great day. Take care and stay well!

  9. I echo the previous comments the color looks fact, I didn't even notice it immediately it looked so natural. What a fun time with your sisters!