Saturday, February 27, 2021

A Busy Day Ending with a Nice Dinner Out

Paisley, On

A short catch up of my day on Friday, Feb. 27th because I’m late. Bill had the day off, as I mentioned before, but he had Black Beauty parked in front of  Ptooties so needed to get up and dressed too. He had planned some shopping in Hanover so we both left Paisley at the same time. I followed him.

Following Black Beauty out of Paisley

The roads were clear and dry and the sky was looking to be clear and dry as well. šŸ˜‰ I carried on when he made the turn into Walmart around 8:30. There were some washers being used when I arrived at the Mat. I needed fuel but when I called Bill using Bluetooth, he said we could get it tonight. I was trying to save time today. I finished at the Mat with a quick wash after everyone had left and met another customer at the door.

You know, I love Paisley, but I love the feeling
when I turn onto Baptist Church Road more

Heading to Mitch's
I love the view

When I headed out to Mitch’s it was a few minutes before 10. He had the shop all heated up and I set to work. Sanding, taping and papering the other side and back window for primer. After sanding, I remove the tape and retape. Also, after primer, I remove the tape and replace with new for papering before painting. It is all time consuming and before I knew it, it was after 12! I wasn’t hungry so didn’t eat anything.

Heading down the country roads in Mitch's truck

The county guys were monitoring the huge puddles
from snow melt at this bridge
We slowed down and chatted briefly

At 12:45 we hopped in his old beater truck and drove to the Markdale, Grey Road 12 to pick up a load of wood for Mitch’s wood stoves. Mick usually delivers (for a fee) but has been overwhelmed with business that he couldn’t for a while. This was a neat outing. I’d never seen a wood cutter, splitter like this and to see it in action was quite cool. With a full pick up load for $50, I thought ‘what a great deal!’

This was interesting to watch, Mitch and I carefully moved
the wood pieces to the corners of the bed

This is Mick's all day job
You can tell he loves it
I liked watching the logs get cut then split into 5 pieces

He had an accent, reminded me of Mick Dundee šŸ˜

We were full when Mick said
I can get you 12 more pieces in there

I had some cheese, pepperoni and coffee then worked away back at the shop; Mitch would unload on his own time. At 3:15 we papered the windshield, he paid me and I drove for home. I made one stop at the BizyBee Auction house to pick up my winnings from Wednesday and booted for home. I showered and we dressed for dinner. Not at The Paisley Common tonight, but we were meeting my two sisters and their hubbies at Chuck’s Roadhouse back in Hanover. We made it just before 5:30.

Just leaving Mitch's, what a beauty of a sky!

Stopped at BizyBee to pick up my goodies

I love the drive through some of the trees
on Concession 8, especially on a sunny clear day

It was a good meal, I had quesadilla and a smooth Cool Blue drink. šŸ˜Š Vodka, Curaco and Sprite. Yummy. Bill had a Bacon cheeseburger and it was good but for the extra cost, we agreed that we both got more food across the street. Plus, we waited 45 minutes for our food, which can happen in a busy restaurant. That is a nice vote for the Common. We all went back to Donna and Gerry’s for another hour or so and headed home by 9.

I enjoyed the quesadilla and my Cool Blue drink
after a busy day
You can see Bill's small burger and order of fries in the background
A whole lot different than what he gets at the Common for $1 less.
Oh well, we enjoyed getting out to eat in a restaurant šŸ‘

I was tired and knew this wouldn’t get touched when we got home. I crawled into bed and finished the last two chapters of The Night Fire. Bill will like it too. Even though, I didn't stop from 6:30 am to 10 pm, it was a great day and Bill enjoyed his as well. 

Feb. 26th, 2020
Happy Hour at Pilot Knob RV Resort
JoAnne & Higgins, Patsy, Kim, Ken, Doug, Yuma, Bob

Doug and Yuma

A visit to the Yuma City Hall again
to see the Aeronca Sedan
Good night!

Thanks for stopping in!


  1. Fun times at Pilot Knob... good memories!

  2. You are almost back to the routine of work, visiting with family and dinner out. Now if only the snow at the Ridge would disappear and you could get your home back in place. Have a great weekend!

    1. You nailed it, Marlene! IF ONLY! Sounds like we're moving into the GREEN zone on Monday. Yay!

  3. Whew that was a busy earned that drink! Love the memory pictures that you are posting! It's good that Mitch missed you and your detail to work!

  4. What a day capped off with a beautiful evening with friends. I'm sure next winter you and Bill will be enjoying the sunsets here in Arizona.

    1. Thanks Doug. I'm going to hold you to that!! Arizona, please!!

  5. Looked like a well balanced day between work and visiting with family.
    Definitely looks like Spring is nearly here.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. Busy day! Hope there is more sunshine today.

    Take care, stay well.