Tuesday, February 23, 2021

A Day for Fun with My Sisters


Paisley, On

On Tuesday, Feb. 23rd it was snowing again. Duh. But the good news is that it is mild with the overnight low only going down to -1C/30F. That’s a far (welcome) cry from -15C! We’ll take it. The snow is expected to stop around 9 and turn to rain this afternoon. It will be slushy but not likely freezing. After Bill left at 6:30, I got up right away. I had a fun day planned.

I had to clean Ptooties off,
it was a real wet snow due to the warmer air

Bruce Rd. 3 was wet and bare

I got washed and went down to bring up a cup of tea. My blog didn’t get published last night so that was first on the agenda. It didn’t take too long, most of it was written. I bundled up the 2 bags of purged clothing items that I want to donate and then sat at my laptop to check the ongoing auction sit (it closes tomorrow) and catch up on Facebook. I was ready to go by 8:30 and then just bided my time.

Once I turned onto Cty Rd. 40, it was a different story

It was going up to +5C/41F today so I decided to take the inner lining out of my coat just for today. Walking around in a store for long periods gets too hot. At 8:50, I went down to clear Ptooties off and headed out the lane at 9. I was meeting Donna and Gayle at Value Village in Owen Sound before 10 o’clock opening. I was prepared for slushy, snowy roads and gave myself some leeway.

Then #16 got better for me

It wasn’t the best drive; the roads were track bare of snow on the opposite side that I was travelling on (of course) and snow covered in my lane. I took my time, at 80 kmph, and others were doing the same, making it an easy drive for the most part. No one riding up behind me too closely. I hate that! I arrived at Value Village before Donna but only by a couple of minutes. We stood in line outside until the store doors opened at 10.

We each take our own cart and set off in our own direction, occasionally meeting up around the store and compare, question or just chit chat about something. By 11:30, we were ready to check out and met at the parking lot, eventually. They followed me to The Mission Store, just down the street, where I parked Ptooties. This store doesn’t open until 12 noon so I hopped in Donna’s car and she drove us a couple of blocks down to the Bakery Restaurant. I can’t remember the name.

We had fun shopping at 30% off

We enjoy this place; it is only my second time but they’ve frequented more often. We all ordered the special Quiche with a soup. It came with a buttered roll and it all tasted wonderful. A cup of tea topped it off quite nicely and we took our time eating and chatting about various things.  I don’t know what time it was when we paid our bills and left for The Mission Store but we weren’t rushed by any means.

I forgot to get a picture of my lunch
so one of us sisters will have to do
Donna, Gayle, Patsy

We shopped there until 2:30 when we cashed out and went our separate ways to home. I was in the laneway in Paisley around 3 pm. I had lots of bags to unload with a variety of things and am very pleased with my purchases. Once everything was put away, I sat at my laptop and read some blogs. It was almost 4:30 when I went down for my tea and unlocked the door for Bill. He was on his way home.

I followed Donna out of Owen Sound
and made my turn at the proper corner

Quite a difference in the roads now

Upstairs I crawled up on the bed with my book and waited for him. We chatted about our days and then he called our friend, Nancy, out in the warmer state of Arizona. It was wonderful to hear her voice and wish her good luck in her new endeavour. Since I’d eaten a lot a noon, I asked Bill what he wanted for supper. A simple choice of brown beans on toast made it easy and I had a 1 tortilla quesadilla.

this was good with ham, pepperoni, cheese, sour cream
and home made salsa (thank you Billy and Stacy)

Another piece of cheesecake for dessert filled us both. After dishes, we came upstairs and Bill hopped in the shower while I worked on my post. Jeopardy was on again at 7:30 but NCIS was a rerun AGAIN! Good grief, what is going on with that show? We stayed in our room for the evening and I fervently hoped that the forecasted snowfall for around our area stayed away. The daytime temps reached 4C/41F. Nice! I’d like to get to Durham for my jobs in the morning.

Time for another Happy Hour picture
Feb. 23, 2017
Pilot Knob RV Resort
I wish I was in a place where I could wear that outfit today!!!
good night!

Thank you for your visit today. Nice to ‘see’ you!


  1. You are becoming a snow driving champ!!! At least you are able to get out and visit with family. Shopping is ALWAYS a good thing for the soul!! Thank you for letting me borrow your hubby for a little conversation. I promise I won't call too many times!! LOL. His expertise on this subject is invaluable to me. I'm counting the days until we get to see you again.

    1. Ha ha, I really am!! :) It is great to meet with the girls. You feel free to call anytime, evenings are best after 5 through the week or anytime on the weekend. It was so nice to hear your voice! :D

  2. I'd love to see what you picked up at the stores with your sisters! Nice to spend time together and get a nice lunch too! Sweet that Nancy thought of you guys to get some info and I know Bill was able to help her out :) Dinner looks simple but yummy!

    1. I'd love to show you in person!! I got a couple of sets of sheets, one for the Suite and one for here, both soft and warm. ;) I'll use the queen on the spare bed in the rv too. Bill loves to help, at least by giving an opinion where he can.

    2. Of course, I bought more than that! Books, a couple of items of clothing and shoes. I'll get a pix soon. :)

  3. After all the lockup time it must have felt wonderful to browse the stores again and especially in company with your sisters. I haven't seen my sis in a year now ;-( You always pick up some nice things so your faithful readers are looking forward to some pics of you modelling the new acquisitions.

    1. My sisters didn't get out much during the lockdown like I did because of my job so they were like free little birds. :)
      I'll try and remember to post a picture or two. Ha ha.

  4. Always nice to have fun days with family members.
    Looking forward to the warmer temperatures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We are all of the same mind when it comes to shopping for deals and dining out so it was a really nice time together.

  5. It sounds like you had a good visit with your sisters and a successful shopping trip.

    Take care, stay well

  6. Oh for those happy hours in nice warm weather! Is that the European Bakery Cafe? Nice place.