Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Easy Day on the Home Front

Paisley, On

Tuesday, Feb. 9th was a nice day. It started as per usual on a day off. Bill left at 6:30 and I stayed in bed until 7:30. The day was starting out at -12C/10F according to my weather network. I quickly decided that I would wait for my walk until later in the day when it warmed up a few degrees.

Lunch today was looking good in the pan

And tasted good on my plate
I just made too much

After a cup of steaming creamy tea, thanks Mr. Keurig, I did some internet surfing on my laptop. I checked out the two online auctions that I’ve been watching as they are soon to close and I just might cash in on a good deal. 😊 The day seems to have gone by without me remembering how I passed the time. Yikes! I'm sure if I stop and think about it, it will come back to me.

I filled our pill container for the week
of our vitamins

I know I worked on the puzzle for a while this morning and because Wes was cleaning out the wood stove no heat out there made it a bit chilly. As long as I was involved in finding and placing pieces it wasn’t too bad. Around 10:30 or so, I made myself a cup of coffee and brought it upstairs. I crawled up on the bed and got involved in my book. LOL it is hard to put down!

There was a cool breeze today making the day feel colder
than -7C
The gingerbread men are still hanging out at this house

At 12:15 I went down to start lunch and fried up a couple of eggs, peppers, pepperoni and cheese into an omelette roll-up. I thought I should avoid the tortilla carbs today and it was very good but too much. One egg would have been plenty, I was stuffed. 

I never noticed before that this is an 
Emergency Access to Balaklava St.

That explains why this trail is widened and easy to walk on

I dressed to go outside and took the mail keys for a walk. Only 1 ½ miles today out to the end of town, south, then down the back streets to the trail. I followed the trail all the way to the train bridge and cut down onto Mill Drive.

There were 4 squirrels, 3 brown (gray?) and 1 black
this little guy posed for me

This one is contemplating the next branch up

It was a nice walk but I felt that I had gone far enough. On the way back I came down to the main street and the Post Office to check the mailbox. Nothing for us but Eddie and Wes got something so that makes it worthwhile to stop. I curled up on the bed with the book again until almost 2:30 when I went down to make up a recipe that I’d printed off a week ago. Keto Cinnamon Twists. They sound good and Bill loves cinnamon buns/rolls.

My first attempt making the twists was
messy and a little unorganized
BUT they were tasty and I'll do it again
with better preparation

When they were baked and cooling, I went out with a cup of tea to the garage and worked on the puzzle again. It is really coming along. I waited until Bill texted just after 4:30 before stopping. I hate to stop that as much as I hate to put my book down. Such hard choices! 

The second leg of the trail was normal width

And I came down without crossing the bridge

For supper tonight, not a hard choice. I got the last two filets of Basa out of the freezer for supper. Bill’s response was ‘oh good!’ so I did good thinking fish and chips. 😊

Our supper was bland looking
and maybe the fries needed another couple of minutes
for browning but it was a good meal
Dessert was a cinnamon twist each

We went down at 6 to begin; he does the fries in our Fry Daddy and I do the fish on the stove. Tonight, after Jeopardy, we all watched NCIS together. Susan calls it ‘Family Night’ and that’s fun! We all have a good time even though it isn’t often we get together like that. This was a good day and other than baking and my hobbies, I didn’t get too involved in anything important!

Tonights memory - a blooming Ocotillo
(for my friend, Deb D.)
Feb. 9, 2020
Pilot Knob RV Resort

Good night!

Thank you for checking in!


  1. So.You are now an intrepid driver in snow/ice. (But sensible.) And you are still the walker of Paisley, I am assuming you had on your mad bomber hat. Brrr.

    1. Ha ha, apparently! :)
      Still the walker, however, no mad bomber hat was necessary today. Just my felt ball cap with the ear muffs.

  2. Thanks for thinking of me; I do love the Ocotillos. We are back over by Ogilby and they are blooming unlike over by Quartzsite where they are still grey sticks. Though, then I miss the 🌵 when we are here. I have to give you lots of credit for driving those snow packed roads not fun. The white snow against the black trees is pretty though. Stay safe.

    1. You're quite welcome! All of our southwest travelling friends come up in our conversations a lot, we miss it and all of you so much.
      I know the snow is pretty, I'm just being a winter Scrooge mostly because I have places I'd rather be. I'm still enjoying the adventure.

  3. The scenery certainly is beautiful. I've never been able to get squirrels to sit still for a picture. That one is a cutie!! I know about missing your RV friends. Hopefully we will all be back on the road again soon.

  4. At first I thought your lunch picture was a tortilla pizza! haha. Looks yummy either way! Your cinnamon sticks look good too along with dinner. Geez I'm all about the food this am :)

  5. Lovely that you got your walk in outside. Still waiting for a bit of a warm up here. I am thinking of taking the car out for a spin and hoping CAA gets here at some point today to start Hubby's truck.

    Those cinnamon twists look very good.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, the twists are very good. I'll definitely make them again. :)

  6. At first glance I thought that was a tortilla pizza too. That was so nice of the squirrel to pose for you. I love your photo for Deb.

  7. Sounds like a good day, relaxing and restful with a bit of exercise and fresh air.
    Take care, stay well.

  8. Glad you are still able to get out for some exercise.
    The Meals looked tasty.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.