Sunday, February 14, 2021

A Snowy River Walk on Valentine’s Day, Messages in White

Paisley, On

On Sunday, Feb. 14th my Valentine sweetheart and I were awake and up around 8. I probably could have risen an hour earlier but with Bill still sleeping, I didn’t want to disturb him on a day off. We don't spend much on each other on this day but it has special meaning to us. In 1994, it was Valentine's Day when Bill and I became a couple. It was bumpy to start but bringing me roses sure set the right path! Today, we exchanged beautiful cards and some special little goodies. We sorted our laundry and he carried it down to start wash. We made our drinks while we were down there.

It wasn't until 1 pm that I got out for the first time
Bill had swapped the position of our vehicles

The snow that was falling last night had stopped sometime overnight and had left a clean white blanket on the vehicles. Bill went out to see if Black Beauty was in a good mood enough to start but no, she wasn’t. Later, when he tried, after the sun was on her for a while, she obliged. Eddie was outside shoveling some of the lane and the front sidewalks so they chatted a bit. He was kind enough to clean off all of the vehicles too. Eddie, I mean. 😊

I'm walking on Water Street and you can see the
back yard of Wes and Susan's place
That pile of snow is from clearing the laneway
I think it has only been maybe 4 times so far this winter

Upstairs, we dabbled on our laptops and although mine seemed to have had a bit of a freeze-up, it eventually came to life. When the laundry was completed, we had our lunch of bacon and eggs with another hot drink and a cupcake. They are good! After dishes, Bill moved the vehicles around so BB was at the back and Ptooties out front. We’ll take her to Durham in the morning.

Let's walk along the river

The sun was out and off and on, and the snow began again. It will be this pattern throughout the day. When we woke up, it was -22C/-8F, which should explain why I waited to go for my walk until it warmed up. By 1, it was a ‘balmy’ -9C/13F so I dressed and headed out. Bill said it wasn’t feeling too bad in the sun and the wind wasn’t too strong so I didn’t need my mad bomber hat today. Instead, I wore my wool ball cap with the muff covering. It was plenty warm.

Quack quack

It was wonderful. I walked down through the campground along the river today. It was actually very pretty with the snow falling and easy walking. I wanted to write something in the snow but it was so deep to get to any clear area that my options were getting scarcer, the further I walked. 

The plows have made it great for walking

You can see how high the banks are here
I'd sink to my thighs if I tried to get over them

Then I realized that it was piled up where I cut through at the gate

So, I either climb, go around or turn back

Just before heading off the snow plowed track, I saw the opportunity. It was still knee deep but at least I didn’t have a snow bank to get through. 😊

with snow to my knees, I trudged (seriously trudged)
shaping out a heart, a lopsided one
I had no pole or stick to write in it though

On the other side of the piled snow, I tried again
using my hand as I walked the outer edges
Not perfect but it says 
B πŸ’“ P

After i got home, Bill went down to the basement to work on his plane and I went out to the garage to work on the puzzle. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed at first, not sure where to start. The puzzle makers drive me nuts. They put the picture on the front of the box but then slap writing on this corner and that corner so you never really get the whole picture. What’s in that bottom corner? Makes it difficult to look for pieces. Some, but not many, include a poster inside. That’s my Puzzle Pet Peeve.

I took a picture of this tree a while ago because it looks like
a raccoon in the hollow
It still looks like it but it also is a pretty snowy picture

Once I got going, I was doing pretty good. I made a cup of tea and returned upstairs. Today, my upper left arm has been throbbing again. When I carried the basket of clothes upstairs earlier, it started. Not that it was heavy, it wasn’t at all, but I guess my arthritis (which I think it is) decided it was time to flare up. Bill rubbed some heat lotion on it for me and I took some Advil. After working on the puzzle, it was starting again so curled up with my book for a while.

Selfie in the snow
Still smiling though

Within my half hour walk, it turned into a blizzard

Ever taken a picture of snow, zoomed in?
I did, to show you what was in my face 😁

At 4:30, I mixed up my recipe for meatloaf. Our Valentine’s supper would be a nice one, with mashed potatoes, veggies and of course, a cupcake. With the meatloaf in the oven at 5, I set my timer for 45 minutes and came upstairs. I went down and started boiling the spuds and choosing what vegetable. Bill will have corn where I have a few choices.

Coming off Water Street

I decided to walk to the bridge 
and loved this little spring (Ridge) reminder

The Saugeen is almost completely covered now

The Teeswater isn't far behind

A close up of the dam, it still peaks my interest

As a celebration of our love (mushy, eh?) and Valentine’s Day, I opened a bottle of wine. The bottle of wine that I found in the recycle bin at the laundromat weeks ago. It is very good! I’m not a fan of dry white wine so added some ginger ale to mine but we each enjoyed a glass together, toasting over the meal. 😊 What a nice supper, the meatloaf was perfect.

Sadly, the little gingerbread men are all gone off the fence

After dishes, I came up to work on today’s blog and we spent the evening together.

The Valentine's cupcakes I made yesterday

A lovely supper if I do say so myself!

It almost looks like a happy face cupcake

This was a really nice day. The clothes are clean for another week and although we had snow at different times during the day, we didn’t get dumped on. I have work in the morning, Family Day, but Bill has the day off. He will likely go with me.

We had a great spot at Borrego Springs our first year
Feb. 14, 2017

Don't feed the dinosaurs!
Good night everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! I hope there was something special in your day. Thank you for popping in!


  1. I can't get over your snow! Looks like a whopper storm is heading for us starting tomorrow.

    1. We are so close to Lake Huron that this area is prone to heavy snowfalls, squalls from the lake.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day to you both. We had snow here all day, 30 miles west of fort Worth TX. Low temperature tonight 5 degrees. My husband & I had our first date on Valentine's day also, 56 years ago. Hope your arm gets better.

    1. Thank you, Rita. Same to you! It's a romantic day and even mmore so for some of us. :)

  3. A heart in the snow, remember doing those, brings back good memories. Then there was the visual of the snow coming at your face not such a good memory, did not need that I remember that year a Borrego Springs another good memory. Stay safe.

    1. They used to be easier, those snow hearts!! I had a hard time trying not to fall over!! haha That's why I haven't done a snow angel, afraid I wouldn't get back up! :)
      I remember that year well. Strangers seemingly following us around the sculptures and they turned into wonderful friends camped beside us! :D Also the same year Lorne had the nerve to park so close. hahaha Such fond memories.❤

  4. Pretty soon you will be able to walk across the frozen river!! WAY too cold for me!! Dinner looks yummy, giving me an idea for tonight, and your cupcakes!! YUM!!! Hope your next storm isn't too bad!!

    1. Not this gal!!! I don't trust ice that much!
      I'm afraid the storm will be more than we want to see. LOL

  5. Love the heart :) Your cupcakes look way too yummy! Glad the wine turned out to be good. Hope BB is an easy fix once you figure out what's going on with her.

    1. Thanks Shirley, making hearts in the snow used to be easier! haha
      BB needs new batteries but we're hoping she holds on until spring.

  6. You added your own personal touch to a special day.
    The BB problem could just be the batteries are not charging or a bad connection.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks, yes BB's batteries are close to needing to be replaced so this extreme cold is giving her grief. :(

  7. You almost have enough snow in the back yard to sled down. :)

    Happy Anniversary! Take care, stay well.

  8. I agree, your Valentine's Day dinner looks delicious!

  9. I really do think you have way more snow then we do here on the prairies this year. I know all the farmers are very concerned about moisture content in the ground.

    Your dinner looks wonderful.

    God bless.