Sunday, February 28, 2021

Sunday Walk and Some Baking

Paisley, On

On Sunday, Feb. 28th, I woke up and looked at the clock at exactly the same time as I did yesterday. 7:03 am. I rolled over and the next time I looked, it was 7:32, exactly the same time as yesterday again. Isn’t that weird? It has to mean something. Anyway, I got up, washed a bit and dressed for my walk. I wasn’t sure how slippery it would be so I wore my grippers plus took my ski poles. I didn't need my mad bomber hat though, it was a nitch below 0C/32F.

The Mighty Saugeen
with some visible ice breaking up

and looking towards the southeast

Perfect choice. There were some spots on the pavement that had iced over, but just looked wet, so the poles came in handy. I walked the snowy trail as it felt safer this morning and it was a nice hike. It was a tad foggy off in the distance and there was frost on all our windshields when I left. I enjoyed almost 2 miles before heading back towards home. I didn't meet a soul while walking.

I've not taken a picture from this angle before
I like it!

The water at the dam was really flowing this morning in the -1C/30F temperatures. 😊 Nice to hear the rush of the water again. Also, it is so nice to hear some little birds chattering to each other. On the way past the RBC bank, I remembered to stop in and withdraw our rent money for March. We’re hoping this will be the last full month’s rent we’ll be paying but that all depends on the weather and the snow melt at the Ridge.

This looks like a black and white photo
but it isn't

Back home, I made my tea before coming upstairs. It was a lovely walk. After sitting upstairs at our laptops for a while, Bill said “there’s the sun trying to come out”, so maybe we’ll see more brightness as the day goes on. By now, a mere 35 minutes later, the frost was gone from the vehicles, a testament to the mildness.

In this store front, there is an online auction
this is the only thing that I liked
A stained glass window frame

The forecast for today is a high of +7C/46F so we can almost hear the melting happening outside our window. 😊 At 10:30, I went down and finished mixing up the batter for the banana bread. Once it was in the pan, I noticed Susan was starting the oven for their supper meal so I carried on and mixed up the batter for some peanut butter cookies. When she is finished, I’ll pop them both in the oven.

The water was rushing through all 'ports'

At 11:30, I fried bacon and eggs for lunch and we were eating soon after. Sometimes the eggs and bacon cooks perfectly, reflections on the chef, (of course!) and today was one of those days. We did the dishes and I blended up a vanilla pudding mix for a couple of desserts this week. That will be it for my time in the kitchen today, other than supper tonight. I pulled a pack of 2 pork chops out of the freezer for that meal.

A good lunch

These are the Peanut Butter, almond, sunflower seed
no bake bars I made yesterday
They are quite good but need to be kept in the fridge

Upstairs, we called RBC to hopefully connect with a representative. Now that we have our US Visa cards in our hands, we know that our Cdn cards come due in April. Rather than have them go by the wayside, we want to set it up to have them go to our bank directly and avoid the Royal mail step altogether. That was so easy once we were directed properly.

After 35 minutes waiting on hold on the phone, our patience had run out and Bill hung up. I went downstairs to the puzzle. It was intriguing enough to keep me at it for a few hours today. Bill came down to change the back wiper on Ptooties and we took that time to go out and switch the vehicles. I pulled out onto the street. Bill got B.B. out to the end of the lane and then backed in to our regular parking spaces. All ready for morning.

I had a helper for a while today
Bill was locating where things went by looking at
the odd pieces and finding them on the poster 👴

Susan was still baking so it wasn’t until 2:30 that I came in to turn the already warm oven on to 350F for my bread and cookies. Susan informed me that she needed the oven again at 4:30 but my bread will be done before or by 4 anyway. I was going to bake our chops in there but have changed my mind. I’ll do them in Madame IP, she is feeling neglected lately. 😊 I can also do potatoes in there and vegetables in the microwave. We have a few of the fingerling spuds to eat up.

Banana date nut loaf

A blogger friend mentioned ‘5 weeks and we’ll be back in our trailer’ and that is approximately what we are looking at. A few things dependent, of course. Melting snow is the big thing for us. Wes informed us that BizyBee has a new auction started up so Bill had a peek while I was downstairs. Not much that he’s interested in, their stuff isn’t as nice as Rockford's so he’s a bit more tightfisted with his cash.

Peanut butter cookies

With the bread and cookies baked, Bill said things smelled good up in our room. I relaxed with my book on the bed until close to 6. My chop was really good but Bill didn’t seem to enjoy his as much. That’s a table turn for ya! Usually it is the other way around with pork chops. I baked some crescent rolls in the oven and we had vanilla pudding and tasted the banana nut bread. Yum, both were yummy and a nice change.

Pork chops, potatoes,  broccoli and rolls

Marilynne called to see how things were going and while doing dishes, we chatted with her. Nice to hear from her and that she is doing fine. She is in the Niagara region so still in the Gray zone, lockdown. Upstairs, I downloaded my pictures and finished my post before logging into the auction site. I spent enough on the last one that I’m going to really restrict my bids on these. 😊

Memory from Feb. 28, 2018
Quail Ridge RV Resort,
Huachuca City, AZ

This was a nice day and I’m happy to have got a good walk in this morning. It was the perfect time with the rest of the day filled with activity of some kind. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday. Sounds like the rain this evening, that started around 7:15, is turning to snow by 4 am. Then it doesn’t look like it will be stopping until late tomorrow afternoon. G-r-e-a-t. I hope the conditions are good for driving in the morning.

Not any of our trailers but a picture
of the view in the background
good night!

Thank you for popping for a visit.


  1. I love that stained glass window! I really hope you are able to move back to The Ridge at the end of March but I'm sure it is nice to know you can stay on where you are if you need to.

    1. We are really hoping too, I miss the place and the Suite, but yes, we are quite comfortable here for the time being. ;)

  2. Oh my. Thanks for the photos and story of your morning walk. Even if you werent exactly the Paisley mad bomber. Though since you were the only one out, maybe "mad" might apply even without the hat. And such delicious looking food when you got back inside.....

    1. Thank you JudithK. It felt great to be out there again before a busy week starts up. :)
      Yes, I could be a little mad!! haha Well put!

  3. I can smell those cookies!!! Mmmmmmm!! I'm excited for you to be back at the ridge, as I know you are. Here's hoping the weather cooperates. After all, it IS the first of March, right?? We should be done with all this cold and snow!!

  4. I loved the stained glass window pane. What a great idea! Those peanut butter cookies sure look yummy. Banana bread - and now it's on my mind, so I must make some! Lol! I do hope things dry and warm up so you can head back to the Ridge. I know you must miss it and your own home, but so glad you found a place to stay this winter, although I hope you can travel south next fall/winter.

  5. Your baking looks incredible. Your peanut butter cookies look just like the ones I would buy in high school! I can taste them from here! Love the stained glass window pane also! The peanut butter bars look yummy too! Gosh darn now I'm hungry! lol. I'm glad it's working out for you all there, but hoping the southwest is on the agenda for next year! :)

  6. Good Walk, Good Day with hobbies and Good Food can't get any better then that. Now you just need Good Luck for getting back to the Ridge.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. That banana date nut bread....oh my!

  8. The predictions are for a nice springtime this year so maybe you will be in luck and be up at the Ridge before you know it. I made breaded pork loins yesterday and soon I'll be thinking of using the BBQ to put them on in a marinate sauce. Your banana bread looked very appetizing!

  9. Melting already? That's wonderful and the photo towards the town across the river is a nice. But I have to say, I love the memory shot of the mountains in the background.

    Take care, stay well.

  10. Great walk and the picture of the bridge looking toward Paisley is very nice. I just love what you've shown me of this quaint town. Great picture of you and Bill. Counting down the weeks now.

  11. A lot will depend on how fast the snow melts, and for me how fast the grit on the roads gets cleaned up. It was sure melting here yesterday!

  12. I'm interested in your grippers as I think they might work good on the slippery rocks at the ocean. Who's the maker and how much if you know. Thanks