Saturday, February 27, 2021

Saturday with my Sweets, Happy Birthday, Nate! No Walk = No Pictures

Paisley, On

My ‘Sweets’ and I were up by 7:30 on Saturday, Feb. 27th. The house was quiet, with no one else up yet. We went down to make our coffee and tea before I sorted the clothes. Susan usually does her laundry first and that frees up the machines for us to get ours done so I was in no rush to sort. We sat at our laptops with our brew and I started and finished Friday’s blog post. That was a busy day so I had nothing written at all! 😉

Because of the lack of pics today
I'm going back to our first winter 2016/17
Pilot Knob RV Resort was a favourite then
and still is now

With that done, I took the time to go on the ‘new’ Rockford auction site. There are 30 pages and I didn’t have time to peruse those yesterday either. We find it interesting and the Rockford one has better quality stuff, including tools etc. that Bill is more interested in. I found a couple of things to bid on right away but mostly, I’ll just keep ‘watching’ until closer to the closing on Wednesday.

They have 2 library sections with great books
to choose from

I went downstairs around 11:30 and Susan was done in the laundry room so I put our sheets and towels in. Bill had eaten toast and peanut butter earlier so wasn’t hungry when I was. I had some yogourt and warmed up the leftover soup for my lunch with crackers. That hit the spot. At some point, in between loads of laundry, I worked on the puzzle. At one point, I went out to the car and brought in my auction picks and sorted through them.

It's a great place to meet with our friends
Rob and Pat

George and Rose

I’d picked up 3 models of cars for Bill for a meagre 3$ and we discovered that 2 were partially put together, roughly, making the decision to only keep the third one. There were brushes, various good paints and some glue that easily made it a good purchase. I was pleased with everything I bought, some toys for the grands when they visit the Ridge but nevertheless, I had fun checking it all out.

There is always a puzzle on the go 
If not, start one

I tucked things into a couple of boxes and went down to make some No-Bake bars for a snack. I had 3 black bananas crying to become bread so I mashed them with dates today. I'll mix it all up tomorrow. We’ve planned fish and chips for supper, since Bill had a burger last night and went down around 6 to start them. 

Back to present day
The Nancy Drew puzzle is coming along
The pieces on the right have letters (author name)

The campsites are large

Bill would have at least one movie tonight to watch so I got one of my new dvd’s out to test the external cd drive. It worked just fine before supper so fingers crossed that I can watch A Walk in the Clouds later.

Even when some friends leave, we have others
to have Happy Hour with
Bill, Suzie, Patsy
George took this picture

Since I finished my book last night, I needed to find a new one to start on so I got out The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards. She is the author of The Memory Keepers Daughter and I enjoyed that one. Gayle gave me this one. The weather today was kind of funny. First thing this morning, it was snowing, heavy at times, but it was a wet snow and soon dissipated and we noticed it melting as soon as it hit the ground. No accumulation to speak of. Good!

Pretty sunsets

It was mild at 3C/38F though we didn’t get as much sunshine as I thought we were supposed to. Maybe tomorrow we’ll see it. I should have walked but I didn’t. Simple as that. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get out. That’s a couple of maybes in a row, ‘maybe’ one will pan out! 😊 Supper was quite good. I am trying to behave with my food choices (gotta get back on track sometime!) so I had about 6 fries and spaghetti squash with my fish. Who knows? Maybe fish and squash will be a new trend! Nah.

Tonight's supper looks bland
but it tasted wonderful!

After dishes, we came upstairs and I worked on publishing this post. Hopefully, our movies are good ones. I hope you’ve had a great Saturday. Before I sign off, there is a special young lad who needs to be wished a Happy Birthday. My 3rd biological grandson, Nathan, turned 11 today. We called him this morning to pass the message along and he thanked us for the card and the $ we sent. I’m glad I mailed to arrive on time.

And now to the birthday boy
Here he is at 3 1/2 yrs. old
Out of season, yes, but one of my favourite times with him
He literally ran and hugged them both

A more recent photo, still 4 years ago
You can see why I ask for updated pictures!

Happy Birthday Nate!
Good night everyone!

Thank you for your visit today.


  1. Spring may be on it's way....and you'll be leaving Paisely. I've enjoyed your stay. and thanks for the photos yesterday of the wood machine. Never heard of or seen such a thing!

    1. Spring is around the corner BUT we can't rush to the Ridge until end of March maybe even mid April. It all depends on when the snow disappears from the lane up there! ;)

  2. That WAS a pretty fancy wood splitter!! Great way to make some bucks! Happy Birthday Nate!!
    I do love spaghetti squash, but rarely buy it. Yeah, I'm trying to get back on the diet wagon myself. It's just such a high step up!!

    1. Cool wood splitter for sure. Mick was a cutie too, which is why I call him Mick Dundee. :)
      My wagon steps are very high too.

  3. Sometimes it's nice to have a slow day where you can just look at memories.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Happy birthday, Nathan! Nice to have a relaxing day with Bill. Pictures of friends in Pilot Knob are nice to see.

  5. Happy Birthday Nathan! Love the Pilot Knob pictures, awesome memories for you! Did some baking with bananas too today. Fries are so good, but I ration myself too when we go out. A few are better than nothing haha.

    1. Thank you Shirley.
      I've wasted so many bananas in the past years, it's shameful! I'm glad I used these up!

  6. Happy Birthday a bit late to Nathan. I just love how you get through your puzzles so quickly. This one looks very interesting as well.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie. This puzzle is interesting but tougher. I'm enjoying it a lot though.