Sunday, February 21, 2021

Some Days I Feel Like Tigger! Hugs with Hadley Rose

Paisley, On

Bill and I were both awake around 7:30, me after a great sleep. I was in bed by 8:30 and had the light off soon after. Bill was downstairs watching a movie from 8 to 10 and I was long gone when he crawled into bed. He had a restless night though; we can't figure out his sleep regimen. There were a few things on our morning to-do list so we set about those.

We don't have a view to the eastern sunrises
but this is second best when it reflects off the
windows across the street

I had a blog to finish posting and that seemed to take forever. My laptop curser had disappeared so I had to do a hard close and start over a couple of times. That takes time. Bill wanted to vacuum so he did that after a wee fix it job on an swan’s wings. The little musical carousel I bought at the auction had one broken but it was from me transporting it. The original picture showed it intact. My bad.

Mornings like this, when I can wear just a heavy sweater or vest
for a walk down main street, I feel like Tigger!
I had the urge to B-O-U-N-C-E!!🐅

With his 1-minute epoxy, it went back on and I will be sure to point it out to Jess so she can keep it in a safe place. After finishing my blog, finally, I got washed up in the bathroom and then used the gift bag to pack up the blanket I made for Hadley with the little baby headbands. Not sure yet how to transport the carousel but we’ll figure it out. In case you haven’t gathered, we are going to meet our new granddaughter today! 😊

Now, I can show you Hadley's blanket that I made
Nothing fancy but it is pretty and it is soft

The musical carousel bubble I found for Hadley

After wrapping the gift, Bill had his shower and curled up on the bed, hoping to get some shut eye for a few minutes. I took the opportunity to walk across the street to find something at Pasttimes for (little) big brother, Easton. I don’t like it when one child so young doesn’t get a gift when the baby is showered with treasures. I hope he likes what I found; I like the store and the owner is really helpful.

I thought Easton would enjoy these little pirates
(And we both did together)

Around 11:30, I started frying up bacon and eggs for our brunch. We had planned to leave around 12:15 or so. I can’t believe it is still winter – today – the sun is out and no matter what the temperature is reading, it feels like we are in the +digits. I didn’t even wear a coat down when I went out, just a heavy sweater and scarf. It might be too chilly to go like that for a walk but I sure wouldn’t need too much bundling.

A filling brunch that will tie us over until supper

I stopped to mail a card and also stopped at FoodMart to pick up our lottery tickets. Still no luck, but every other week, we’ll still try. We had bacon and eggs with toast for brunch at 11:30 and were dressed and out the lane at 12:30. We took our winter coats along but each of us just wore a sweater. Nothing else was needed for the sunny hour and a half drive. It was a beautiful -3C when we left.

It was a beautiful day for a drive

We arrived in Stratford at 2 and made our way in to their building. As we neared the hall corner to their apartment, we could hear Easton running towards and into Grandpa’s arms. So sweet! He grows so quickly, each time we see him, we notice changes. Inside their place, beside Matt was the tiny little Hadley. Her little butt in the air as she slept. 😊 We forget how little they are!

My goodness she is so tiny!

Yup, Grandpa is pretty proud

One of my favourite things
'the hands together'

We chatted and waited for a while, as Jess opened the gifts and Easton opened his toy. Then it was time to wake the babe, Grandpa was anxious to hold her. Easton and I played with his little pirate men on the floor and it was very relaxing. Easton needed attention too and he is such a charmer that he definitely held us captive with his entertainment. He’s a typical ‘almost 2’ little boy.

Easton was excited to have company

And was happy to crimple up the tissue paper

But still enjoyed his little gift

After a diaper change and a feeding, it was my turn. Hadley was awake while I held her and when she became fidgety, I put her on my shoulder and she promptly fell asleep. 

Grandma is pretty proud too!

She ways 9 lbs+, Jess informed us, but felt like nothing after I’d had Easton on my lap. We read stories, played with his barn and animals, his pirates and dump trucks. The words he’s saying are not easily understood but with each visit, it is obvious that his words are clearer. Quite the little jibber-jabberer.

With 2 cats, a dog, Jess is happy that Easton goes 
to Daycare during the daytime hours
She gets a bit of a break with Matt at work and can spend
Mama/Baby time
They have their hands full

Easton and I played on the floor together
I enjoyed the bonding

Not sure who runs the house here 😁

Actually, yes, I do. 💕

We left at 4:30 and since it would be 6 when we got home, we decided on a bite to eat before leaving Stratford. We like A & W but couldn’t find it so went instead to a youth-time favourite of Bill’s. Ken’s French Fries was a chip wagon in the parking lot so we had those instead. Bill just had fries and I had poutine. Yummm, they were good, nothing like greasy deep-fried chips.

Bill was happy to find Ken's french fry truck

My poutine was delicious!

On the drive home, we came through mostly sunny skies but then on the north side of Harriston we drove through a mini snow shower, it cleared and then in Paisley, the same thing. Strange weather patterns. We were home by 6:30. We both changed and Bill went in the other room to watch their Saturday night movies.

We had some pretty skies on the way home

I was happy to watch the sunset
through the clouds

After not having success hooking mine up, for some reason, I worked on my blog and then crawled up on the bed with my book. I don’t know how long my eyes will stay open but I’m gonna try to get a few chapters read. I’ll finish my post in the morning. This was a great day. We’ve been waiting for the ‘freedom’ to visit our daughter, her husband and our new granddaughter. It was perfect.

The memory today is at Olive Garden
with Lori and Roland
Feb. 20, 2019

good night!

Thank you for your visit!


  1. A day with “little” cuddles is an enjoyable day for sure!
    The fries look delicious 😊

  2. Hadley is a sweetheart and Easton is growing so fast! They have the perfect little family now.

  3. So happy you guys were finally able to meet your new granddaughter and spend time with the rest of the family.

  4. Is that dog a bull mastiff? Looks like our daughters dog. Your blanket looks beautiful grandma! I have also picked up my knitting needles for the sake of something to do. We missed our trip to olive garden 2020. Gives us something else to look forward to once we can all get together again. :)

    1. The dog is (are you ready?) a shepherd, dane and boxer cross. He is so docile and lets Easton flop all over him without anything other than a 'look'. :D Such a good dog.
      We enjoyed Olive Garden with you guys and would love to do it again!

  5. What an adorable pair of grandchildren! I'm thrilled you were able to visit with them.

    Take care, stay well.

    1. thank you, we agree! :) Jess has always been a bit of a tomboy (excuse the term) so it will be a treat to see her with a little girl to dress up. ;)

  6. Where do I start?! The picture out your room of town looks like it could easily be a Hallmark movie set! Love it! Easton and Hadley Rose (Love the name)..are just too adorable. The pictures of you both holding her are too special. The hand one, be still my heart :) The one with you and both grandkids, is precious. Love the blanket and the carousel. So glad you were able to visit in person :) The sunset pics on the way home are gorgeous. Just a perfect day for you all!

    1. You are such a sweetheart, saying the nicest things. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. I need to go back and look at that first picture again! haha
      We had a nice time, I so enjoyed playing with Easton the floor with his toys. He's a little rambunctious at times, but he is a 2 yr. old little boy! haha I'd give him a look if he got rough and he come over and hug me as a 'sorry'. 😍

  7. Ditto everything Shirley said. Beautiful....

  8. Those two grandkids of yours are adorable! Love your thoughtful gifts to them also. I bet you are already looking forward to your next visit with them. I could live on french fries, those on your lap had me drooling ;-)

    1. Thank you Marlene for your nice comment. Easton has a birthday coming up in March so yes, we are anxious to see them again. :)
      Looking at you, I'd never think you would eat too many fries, so svelt you are! :)

  9. Glad you were able to get out to visit with the Grands.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  10. Oh my, what cute grandkids and that Hadley is so tiny. You two look like proud grandparents. Hope Bill finds his sleep groove soon.