Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Back to Schedule, Back to Routine, Getting Better at Winter Driving

Paisley, On

On Monday, Feb. 8th I know I woke up from multiple dreams through the night. My sisters were involved this time. I’ve dreamt about my daughter and I recently, Bill’s sisters and I recently and now my sibs. Interesting. I guess they are in the back of my mind and although I had a nice conversation with Patrick yesterday, he wasn’t in one, yet. 😊

From our window, I could see the snowplow and dump truck
cleared the end of the lane just in time for Bill

Black Beauty warming up

Bill left after watching the street plow and the sidewalk plow go through. Just before going out the door, the dump truck and blower went by, cleaning out the ‘hill’ at the end of the lane. He was on his way by 6:30. I couldn’t sleep but stayed in bed until 10 to 7 when I got up too. I got washed and dressed before going down for my tea and getting my coffee thermos ready to pour.

Bill is cleaning yesterday's and overnight's snow off her

The vehicles were all cleaned off yesterday morning but lo and behold, they were covered again and we both had to brush and scrape a bit. Wes went to work today too so he had to clean the van off as well. It was a bitter cold morning, the wind making it worse than the -11C that it was reading on Ptooties’ thermometer. I wasn’t keen on the drive this morning as BCRd 3 was snow covered, but the hard- packed stuff that was icy too. Bill told me later that he debated texting me about the road condition but at the same time wanted me to make up my own mind. I appreciated that, no pressure either way.

My side of BCRd 3 was not good
but I felt pretty confident in myself and Ptooties today
this is heading south

No fault of the plows, they'd been through 
and had salted
(looks like my hands are on the dash in panic, haha,
but that's my gloves drying off from clearing the snow off the car)

I stuck to 70 to 80 kmph and it seemed that everyone else was doing the same thing. I never felt pressured and actually felt in control at all times. Turning towards Walkerton and for the rest of the drive, the roads were mostly track or completely bare. The lot at the Mat was cleared by the plow and two people had laundry in the machines. Mostly, I was alone as no one hangs out inside much and that makes cleaning much easier.

When I turned onto #4 highway towards Walkerton and Hanover
the roads were 90% clear (west/east)

The plows are good and this is close to Durham
as he widens the lanes

Roads are perfect in Durham

One fellow, a regular, told me that he watched golf yesterday on tv in Scottsdale, AZ and he actually thought of me, wishing I was there. 😊 That was nice of him to say. I finished with the floors a few minutes after 10 and was on my way home. First a stop at the water depot to fill our job and then make my way to Paisley. I turned off #4 and onto BCRd 19 figuring that I could handle Concession 8 even if I had to take it slow. It was snow covered but quite fine.

Hwy 19 north and there was actually light snow in the air

And the sun was poking through the bare patches of sky

I had a hard time getting my key to unlock the deadbolt and almost called Susan to let me in. (thank goodness she was home, I thought) Just as I set the full water jug down to get my phone, one last try opened it. I don’t know why it sticks like that but anyway, it did. Susan suggested I call her when I’m on my way home and she will unlock for me. I may as well get the treatment that Bill gets, eh? That will work fine as long as they are home.

Concession 8 was completely ice and snow covered
but hard packed 
I didn't go much over 65 but it was fine with no other traffic

I finished my coffee in the thermos and went upstairs to change clothing. I’m glad I was able to get to work today, it feels like I accomplished something worthwhile. On Wednesday, I will have a bit of shopping to do but today was pretty straightforward. I also have a couple of puzzles to drop off then too. I sat in the front room with my Grisham book before lunch and then fried up an egg with some peppers, pepperoni and cheese for a tortilla wrap. Yum, that was tasty!

Being the only one on the road, I stopped to take
a picture of the snow (ice?) covered river

Susan and I chatted about a new auction that is open and soon about to close, so I nipped upstairs to have a peek. This one is out of Elmwood which is a small town not far from here. One where I lived as a young girl for a few years. I didn’t find anything that I had to have but put a few items on a watchlist and will see what happens tomorrow with them. It closes on Wednesday. I walked to check mail but the box was empty so sat with Susan at my puzzle. She was painting a craft.

Pretty clouds and sky

I cleaned up the dishes and made myself a cup of tea around 3:15 and came upstairs. The puzzle was nipping along but I felt like reading as I waited for Bill to text me. At 5, I went downstairs and waited in the front room for him and Susan and I chatted. When she went to greet Wes from his day, I came upstairs with my book. I hadn’t planned much for supper but had things in my head to offer. When Bill came home, he said his stomach was acting up so we agreed on beef soup and toast.

Before lunch, I sat in the sunny front room with my book
rather than read upstairs for a change

A tasty egg wrap in a warmed tortilla today

It went down well and after dishes and a lunch packed, we came up to our room. Jeopardy was at 7:30 in the theatre room and then Bill and I watched 9-1-1 and 9-1-1 Lone Star downstairs. This was a good day to get back at the jobs and into another week. We are actually hearing that it will be warming up a bit by Thursday to -4C/24F. Good news!

Today's accomplishment

However, there is some not-good news that came about today. Our Emergency Lockdown in Ontario has been extended 1 more week. At least, in our immediate area. Toronto area – 2 weeks. That’s as far as I paid attention to. It is frustrating, we were all hoping for things to open up as we’ve had one death in this whole area and less than 40 active cases as of today. Numbers are dropping. The week will go fast at least.

Set up camp on Feb. 8, 2018
at Fortuna de Oro, Yuma, Arizona
LOVED this place!
Good night!

Thank you for stopping around!



  1. Your wrap does look yummy! I wonder if it's the cold temps are messing with the lock? You certainly do have your share of winter there..hoping next year you are definitely in AZ! You certainly are good with the puzzles! Hope Bill's tummy is better this am!

    1. I can't seem to find lower carb wraps here at home but they are so good!
      I really enjoy the puzzles. Thank you, Bill felt much better today.

  2. We drove by Fortuna del Oro today. I waved and yelled out "Patsy misses you". They waved back.

    1. Thank you for waving for us!! We sure do miss the Yuma area. :)

  3. Glad you're braving the roads. Sure be glad when all these lockdowns are over.

  4. Glad you're finding the driving easier.

  5. I have found a trick to winter driving..... I go what I feel safe going as there is no place I need to be that quickly. Well I will need to be some place next week in a timely fashion. I have an appointment for blood work and an ECG and can not be late or I lose my place.

    Your wrap looks lovely.

    No warming up here until the beginning of next week.

    God bless.

    1. It is nice not to HAVE to be somewhere and I know I can cancel out on a day and not lose my job! ;) Those days are over for me!
      Good luck with your appt. next week.
      This cold sure takes getting used to again. After 4 years, I didn't miss it!

  6. I so understand your frustration with the further lockdown. We are now on an indefinate lockdown that has been going on since last November with few cases in our area. I pray for all of us that this is over soon!