Saturday, February 20, 2021

Working for My Money, A New Supper Choice

Paisley, On

On Friday, Feb. 19th it was an ‘up and at ‘em’ day for both of us. Bill was gone before 6:30 and I was up before 7 and making my tea soon after. I packed a makeshift lunch of cheese and pepperettes with a mandarin orange and snack bar. I made a coffee in my thermos to go and was headed out the door before 8. There wasn’t a lot of snow on Ptooties but she needed to be bushed off, which I did.

It started snowing when I got out on the highway
but it was't a deterrent

Here is the signage to Walkerton and where I turn left
up ahead

The temperature was a mild -5C/22F with no wind, therefore no noticeable wind chill. It was a good drive even though there was some snowfall on the way. I kept on the main highway through Walkerton and Durham and pulled into the Pioneer gas station to fuel up. Yay! With my Journie card, I had 300 pts. Which gave me .7¢ off per litre. My $36.25 quickly turned into $33.91. 😊 Every little bit helps.

It's been a while since I've driven by Rockford
It still makes me sad that we can't see Mom again
but at the same time, I'm so happy she isn't living through any more Covid

The drive out #4 to Baptist Church Road

There were two regulars at the Mat and in the course of the hour, Jamie popped in to fix a couple of things. It is always nice to see him. I plugged away on washing the floors as he relayed a couple of funny work stories to me before he was off. Now was the change in my day. I drove out to Baptist Church Road to Mitch’s Auto Body. It was 10:30 and I fell right back into the routine of power sanding the truck until 2:30. In between, I took breaks and ate my snacks.

This picture is out of order but Mitch has a small car
almost completely covered by snow from his plow guy
Not one he drives

We got along like old friends and had a lot of laughs. I do miss going and now I’m happy to get back into the swing. He paid me for the day and I headed home. The roads were clear and the sun was out for a lot of the drive home. 

Here is this month's project
The truck has been stored in a barn

You can see where I worked around the doors windows

The roof was a complete mess, but 3/4 of it
was sanded before I left

I messaged my cousin that I had 2 puzzles to drop off and he kindly found me another one to work on. It is a big one, 1000 pc. so I hope I have room. They are nice pictures and should be fun to do.

North Line towards our place

As I was nearing Paisley, my sweetie texted and said that he had been to the RBC (bank) and picked up our long-awaited-for US credit cards. That was so simple! It meant he was home and he told me the garage door was unlocked for me. 😉 A bit of a table-turn, I’d say! I could sure feel that my arms and shoulders were working today and it was nice to be home and have a weekend beginning. The temperature had risen to -2C/28F and it felt much warmer than that.

Yesterday's picture of the Ridge entry

The sign is up to it's knees in snow

A view from the road
We miss it

Bill and I discussed our day and then decided on supper. I went online to The Paisley Common’s website and ordered our dinners for 6:30. That gives us each time to relax. So far, this has been a great day! We rested on the bed, Bill dozed and I read a couple of chapters beside him. At 6:20, I walked down to the post office, in the snow (yes, snowing again), to mail a card and then across to pick up our order.

A quick picture of Mitch's place as I head for home

I was recognized as soon as I walked in, even masked. “Hello Pat, are you this evening?” Next week, I’ll let Bill go and see if he gets the same greeting. I have a feeling he will. Bill had his 1 pc. fish and chips (he gives me the lemons) and I ordered a shrimp stir fry tonight. My goodness, it was HUGE! It was also delicious and I have enough for at least one more meal, maybe two.

The sky was pretty on my drive home

Gotta love that sunshine!
It sure warmed the day up nicely

I poured us each a glass of white wine to finish the bottle off. With added gingerale it tasted quite nice. Otherwise, after a busy day, I’d be under the table in no time! We cleaned up the day’s dishes and came upstairs. I watched Jeopardy, fighting to keep my eyes open in the excitement of answering questions that I couldn’t understand. Ha ha I felt kapooped, legitimately this time.

Yum!! I'll do this again with chicken and/or steak

Turned out to be a good Friday and looking out the window, at nothing in particular (inside Joke), the snow stopped again. I hope you enjoyed your day too.

Today's memories
Feb. 19, 2018
During my morning walk at Quail Ridge RV Park, Huachuca City

Clemson waiting at home 💕

Behind the park, I walked this road
and love this church sign
Good night!

Thank you for popping in.


  1. I love that church sign too! Well, you had a busy day for sure! Ending it with that dinner was sure a great way to go! Looking at your pictures, I can see why you're not crazy about the snow. It's beautiful but enough is enough!

  2. Nice day and good to see sunshine and fairly warm. Didnt know you were a power sander. Never would have thought it. Spring is on its way.

  3. The last two days have been lovely here in the southeast corner of Saskatchewan. However because they were so lovely there is another water main break. This one very close to us. Hopefully our water is not turned off.

    Love the church sign.

    God bless.

  4. That looks like a great dinner! We're ordering dinner on Fridays too. It's so nice for Maria not to have to cook.

  5. Yup I'm thinking I would get pretty tired of all that snow and cold. The first month it would be fun, later not so much. As to dinner, I think I would eat there every single day. Looks delicious!!!! Spring is a coming .... maybe sooner for us than you, so hang in there. Love seeing that little Clemson face.