Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Family Day in Ontario, Busy Laundry Day

Paisley, On

On Monday, Feb. 15th, Ontario is one of Canada’s provinces that ‘celebrate’ Family Day. Clever that our Premier made the decision not to release us from the Ontario Emergency Lockdown until tomorrow, barring family celebrations today. Clever but I’m not saying I approve. We woke up to a nice clear day. Bill didn’t have to work, as I mentioned last night, but because I’m on my own time, there was no reason not to go to Durham to clean.

Roads not good, in my opinion

The roads were snow covered in most spots and although I wasn’t driving, Bill came with me to do the big dryers, I was a bit on edge. I think I played the part of a paranoid wife quite well. ๐Ÿ˜– Black Beauty started up fine so we took her, she needed fuel. Bill was very comfortable driving with the added weight of the sand tubes in the back, but I had to be convinced. The Mat was busy! My first thought was how are we going to clean with baskets and bags of laundry all over the place?

Anyway, a couple of people were familiar and friendly, as usual. Once the machines were loaded, the 4 people were out of our way for the most part. The floors were washed on Friday so other than a sweeping, Bill didn’t think it necessary to damp mop. I agreed and he went out instead to shovel the entry doors for me. I think he ‘earned’ 0.35¢ today, found money, and my haul was 0.20¢. Two dimes from heaven. ๐Ÿ’•

Not much better on the way home either

We left there and drove to fill our water jug before heading home. For some reason, I thought Walmart would be open but we soon found that things were locked up tight as we pulled into the lot. Same with Giant Tiger, Dollarama and Independent Grocers. That’s funny, because Foodland in Durham was bustling. We’d had a few things on our list for Walmart and Dollarama but I can pick them up on Wednesday.

We followed Grey Road 28 from Hanover 
winding around Marl Lakes, Concession 10 and back up to Concession 8

The sun was out by the time we arrived home after Bill took us on some back roads we’d not ventured on together before. By now, I was used to the snowy concessions and him in control. The temperature first thing was -11C/12F but had warmed up to -7C/18F by 1 pm. Bill had some toast with his coffee and I was naughty and had a cupcake and mandarin orange with mine. I went to the garage and worked on the puzzle.

A friendly snowmobiler

Wes and Susan’s youngest son came in to see ‘Mom and Dad’ on Family Day but didn’t go further than the garage. He had his little sweetheart of a pooch, a Chihuahua name Bella. She is a cutie but not the dog for us although I enjoyed cuddling her in my arms for a while. ๐Ÿ˜Š Bill and I had to brush her fine hair off our clothing and for us, that confirmed that this is just not the kind of dog we’d like. Yes, we're particular!

A snow covered river

I continued working on my puzzle until 1:30 and then walked down to the post office to pick up the mail. Bill had 2 parcels and Wes had one so it was a worthwhile trip. I should have got dressed for a longer walk but maybe later, I said to myself. Bill and I are still waiting for our US Visa credit cards to come through, after 8 weeks, so we called again today to follow up.

Now we learn that bank cards cannot be forwarded from one address to another so who knows where they are. Lastly, they have cancelled them (for the 2nd time) and we have new ones coming here to our RBC bank across the street. Why the first employees we spoke to in December didn’t do that…….???? Who knows? I went back downstairs after the call and worked away on the puzzle while the sun was shining in the window.

Storm clouds on the horizon

I looked at the gap of missing pieces and knew I could finish it. And I did. I snapped a picture and headed upstairs to join Bill in our room. I’m getting deeper into the book I’m reading although I admit at the beginning I wondered where the story would go after Hurricane Katrina hit. Now, I am getting it. ๐Ÿ˜Š At 5:45, Bill and I went down to reheat the meatloaf and potato leftovers and cook peas as our side. It was quick and just as tasty as last night.

Bill had earlier gone down and made a cup of tea for each of us and made his lunch while down there. The way the weather forecast is sounding, 15 to 25 cm of snowfall between tonight and tomorrow noon could mean a stutter in his work week. We’ll see, we know better than to put the cart before the horse. Lots of times in the past, we prepare ourselves for heavy rains or snow and we get minimal so…we’ve learned.

Just a little bit left to do

Upstairs for a bit after dishes, I worked on my blog and Bill had his shower. At 7:30, it was Jeopardy time to see how smart the 3 of us will be tonight. Sometimes we surprise ourselves, others – it is embarrassing! Ha ha. At 8, Bill and I went down for our Date Night in the games room to watch 9-1-1 and 9-1-1 Lone Star. 

All done
Isn't it a nice picture?
But comparing it to the box picture, you see
what I mean by not showing it all
Makes it difficult to do borders and edges

There are many shows that we are missing, this winter, especially our Tuesday night favs but that just means that the reruns over the summer will all be new to us. That’s okay too. With our PVR in the past, we have had to record shows because of an overlap on the same night, same time, different channel and we are missing that, as it gave us programs on the off nights to watch.

Yummy supper
No dessert tonight, we had cupcake earlier

This was a quiet but good afternoon. We have the vehicles in position for Bill to use Ptooties if he needs to in the morning. Looking outside at 7 pm, there is no precipitation – yet. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day whether it was a holiday, another normal pandemic day at home or if you were busy out there in the world.

Saying goodbye to good friends, Ken and Nancy
Feb. 15, 2018

Stayed with them at KOA, Tuscon, AZ
for a couple of nights

good night!

Thank you for coming by for a peek! Your comments are always welcome.


  1. Nice to have Bill to go with you, makes driving a little easier I am sure. Some of those roads I know I'd be crawling on. Shame about Family Day and on family but at least you have each other :) Have to say in normal years how nice to have a sanctioned holiday called Family Day. Glad you got the "right" person to tell you about your bank cards. Can you imagine if you really needed them this year?! Hopefully it won't be long now! Dinner looks yummy, great comfort food!

  2. I you guys got as much snow overnight as we did, you both will be enjoying another day at home :-))
    This winter weather and how we spent it, will be a topic we snowbirds will be discussing for a long while, hopefully somewhere warmer!

  3. Having a real winter this year. Even in illinois. Ms Love had her big sad eyes going in last night's episode ๐Ÿ˜€ Be careful walking those slippery roads.

  4. nice that Bill was able to be with you on your work day.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. I presume that you got some serious snow last night.

  6. Our restrictions have been extended for another month. Still if it keeps the virus from spreading too rapidly I am all for it.

    What a lovely picture and boy did you finish that quickly.

    God bless.