Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Sunny Tuesday, Happy Groundhog Day!

Paisley, On

So, here in our neck of the woods, Tuesday, Feb. 2nd means we wait to see/hear whether Wiarton Willie will see his shadow when he pops up out of his burrow. Even though there won’t be any gathering this year, it will be a virtual thing. We went about our normal business. Bill was off to Billy’s by 6:30 (btw, Billy got his car fixed yesterday so that is good news) to ride with him in the work truck.

By the way, Willie did NOT see his shadow today
so spring is coming. Huh? 😅

I tried to drop off, not feeling like I did, but found it to be 7:30 when I next lifted my head. I find that so funny! It seems like I’m just laying there thinking the whole time. I had nowhere to be this morning at any given time, so I got dressed and went down to get my cup of tea. Wes and Susan were up already, but I only saw Wes to say good morning. It was another cold start to the day. -11C/10F or so.

The river was quite calm today

Look at that nicely paved road,
blue sky and sunshine!

When my tea and blog reading was done, around 9:30, I got bundled up for a walk. Today, there was a slight wind so I wore my fur-trimmed frontier hat. 😊 I don’t know what it is called but that’ll do. I was so warm around my head and face that I don’t know why I waited to wear it. Well, I do. I wanted something for these colder days so I would appreciate it more. And I sure did today!

Feeling a bit like an Eskimo
Bundled, warm and happy

And back on the main street

This duck was doing his best to avoid me
and kept 'duck'ing under the water

I walked down Water St., along the river, through the campground/park and back up the other side. Following the back streets of Paisley, pushing myself to go up a few of the steeper streets that took me back to Queen St. S and back home through the downtown. It felt invigorating and with that beautiful sunny sky, I was feeling pretty good. When I returned inside and made a coffee, I came upstairs to do some more online reading when Susan told me we had mail. Still not the credit cards but mail all the same.

A summer camper left their Canada flag

I've walked by this tree many many times but never noticed
the bird's nest until today

It's pretty obvious that it is a nest

It was time for my shower, which I took care of and then took the time to blow dry my hair. Downstairs, Susan was doing the same thing. 😊 Wes had left for work so it was a lady’s gab fest about hair and stuff. For lunch at 12, I went down and fried myself a nice packed quesadilla. 

Ham, cheese and mushrooms and took it out to work on the puzzle. I was almost sad to work on it because I knew it would be done soon and I was really enjoying it.

And the larger version of our flag

After lunch, Susan joined me and kept me company while I put the last pieces in. Ta-dah! We went into her office and she showed me an online auction site they’ve been following. Hmmm, some cool stuff on there! Not that there is anything we need but it is still fun to look and it kills an hour. At 3, I made a cup of tea and came upstairs to start my blog. This morning, I spent a bit of time copying recipes for keto snacks into my Word document folder so I printed a couple off. I get emails that have some nice ideas to try.

A nice path to follow today
Someone has come through and plowed

It was 4:45 when I went down to the kitchen to start prepping supper. I hadn’t heard from Bill yet and that concerned me, a bit. I’m not too much of a worrier and hate to come off that way so it wasn’t until 5:00 that I thought it odd. I texted him and was happy that he was on his way to Billy’s and would have texted in a few minutes, had I waited. 😊 For supper, I was making spaghetti. Hmmm. Sounds like a plan.

Do you remember this snowman family?
Still hanging in there

This man can't walk too fast with all the
great spots to sniff

I couldn’t find any more ground beef (or ground anything) in the freezer this morning so I had to get creative. I brought out a package of 3 Italian sausages and a package of 5 mini sausages to thaw. They would work and indeed they did. I emptied the sausage casings from the bit ones and fried the pork up with onion, spices and the cut-up minis. I added mushrooms once the meat was almost cooked and then the spaghetti sauce. It simmered until around 6. Time to eat.

All done!
Tomorrow, after work, I'll start another one

In a pot on the stove, I'd cooked the noodles for Bill and in the microwave, I cooked a portion of spaghetti squash for me. This would be my noodles. Yum, supper was good with the last of the cherry pie topped with whipped cream for a finale. There is some sauce leftover so I’m going to have to get creative with that for another night. There isn’t enough for two. Planning suppers isn’t always easy, but once I know what we’re having, things come together pretty good.

While the last of supper was cooking, I took Susan's
advice and cut up the small peppers for the freezer
The price was right but I can't eat them fast enough before they go bad
Now, they are diced and ready for use when i need them

the sausage spaghetti sauce

Fitting over spaghetti squash noodles

We did dishes, Bill made his lunch and we climbed the stairs to our room. We’ll think we’re in a 5-star motel when we return to the Suite simply because of the few stairs we’ll need to climb! Ha ha, the exercise doesn’t hurt us. I went into the other room to watch Jeopardy at 7:30 and because NCIS isn’t a new one tonight, , we spent the remainder of the evening ‘alone together’. Sounds like an oxy-moron, doesn’t it?

Still at Silent Valley RV Park, California
Feb. 2, 2017

Good night!

Thank you for taking the time to check us out today!

PS: my 3 favourite January things.

1) New Years Day dinner with my sister

2) A new granddaughter,  Hadley 🌹 

3) Read 6 great books


  1. Brrr. An even colder walk today, but lovely photos. I've heard those hats like the one you had on are called "mad bomber" hats. I like the name. So there you are, the mad bomber walker of Paisley. (I don't know where the name comes from. Hope it's not bad. Ha.)

  2. Just looked up the name, and this is what wikipedia says: An aviator hat, also known as a bomber hat, is a usually a leather cap with large earflaps, a chin strap and, often, a short bill that is commonly turned up at the front to show the lining (often fleece or fur).

  3. It really warmed up this afternoon here in E.Ontario. Dog and I walked the bush road. I had to take my toque and mittens off and unzip the jacket a bit. It's uphill going in so we got our exercise.

    1. The sun does amazing things. I often find that I'm taking my mittens off and unzipping my jacket a tad too.

  4. It's weird how it was so nice to stay home one day when I was working. I always stayed busy. Now when I stay home all the time, I can never find enough to do. Your puzzle is beautiful!! I can certainly see that framed on a wall. Yup Bomber Hat ... and it looks good on you!

  5. I wonder if that isn't a squirrel's nest. That's how they look around here.

  6. Love the new header picture! The puzzle is wonderful! Our neighbors are planning a move to Fairbanks Alaska in the near future. I keep that location on my weather app. -22 with a feels like -33 this am..going for a high of -17! Personally I think they are nuts LOL but your hat will seriously be needed there if they get to go outside! We had spaghetti last night too! Looked almost identical to yours except I used ground chicken breast as the meat. Luckily Ken loves the spaghetti squash noodles! Have a wonderful day!

  7. The spaghetti sauce looked so good. I love having peppers in the freezer ready to go.

  8. My it looks cold. I don't know which is prettier; the girl in the puzzle or the puzzle 😀. But I like it either way.

  9. We had lovely sun yesterday. Not so much today, the temperature fell and kept falling all day, the wind came up and snow started to fall. Still I did walk up for the mail, but did the majority of my walking buying groceries and on the treadmill today.

    The puzzle is gorgeous, you certainly finished it quickly.

    God bless.